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  1. All Matoran elements have a gender split of 50/50.
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    Music Questionnaire #3

    Oh wow, that's so cool. I've been using Spotify since the end of 2014 and it more or less turned me into a hard core music lover. To play this, 1) copypaste my list into a comment (or a word document which is what I do), but remove my answers 2) Grab a playlist (I don't know how many you've made or if you prefer the saved/library features, but you can use any playlist with at least 19 songs in it) 3) Hit the shuffle button on said playlist 4) Answer each question with the song title and either wait for each song to finish or just hit the"skip" if you want to go faster (but artists only get money if you listen to at least 30 seconds of a song so you know...) 5) Once you've answered all the questions, copypaste the result in my blog (or your blog or you can keep it to yourself, which is fine too) 6) ???? 7) PROFIT!
  3. JAG18

    Music Questionnaire #3

    @Bambi Wow, you actually got some good answers (or at least some funny ones). Doesn't always happen with these things.
  4. I’ve done this a couple of times here before (although I didn’t mean for 6 months to pass before doing another one of these, oops) so I won’t explain it again. You can see my past two here: Back To The Future If Life Were A Movie And I’ll be using my playlist of music from 2017 (557 songs) for this one; share yours below if you want to. The Future: 1. What is my life’s philosophy? “Fine” – Tayler Buono (not good or bad, just fine) 2. What will my last words be? “Ground Control” – All Time Low; Tegan and Sara (So my death’s gonna be plane related? Ominous) 3. How am I Feeling today? “Want You Back” – HAIM (ha, ha, NO) 4. What is my Theme song? “Totalizer” – Charly Bliss (uh…*checks Genius* alright, next) 5. What song will be played at my wedding? “Give Me Your Word” – Bella Goldwin (I’ll take it) 6. What song will be played at my funeral? “Life Goes On” – Bailey Bryan (well, not my life, but good advice anyway) 7. How will I be remembered? “Just A Crush” – Grace Vanderwal (whoa) 8. What is some good advice for me? “Big Girls Cry” – Mimoza (wrong gender, but sure) 9. What’s my life’s dream? “Empty” – Olivia O’Brien (what?) 10. What’s my kind of lady/man? “Something To Tell You” – HAIM (no comment) 11. How do people see me? “High Enough” – K.Flay (um, OK, next) 12. How would I describe this page? “Bleachers” – Jillian Jacqueline (another what?) 13. How would I describe my best friend? “Bloom” – Marnie (uh, ok) 14. What’s in store for this week? “No Love” – Olivia O’Brien (OUCH) 15. How would I describe my parents? “Sleep” – Timothy Heller (ha) 16. If I had one wish, what would I wish for? “Too Many Love Songs” – Maggie Rose (probably not) 17. What do my friends think of me? “(Not) The One” – Bebe Rexha (I think that’s a good thing?) 18. What is said about me behind my back? “Oh Love” – MisterWives (no comment) 19. What do I think of this questionnaire? “Fly high” – DREAMCATCHER (cool story) Favorites: 2, 6, 11, 14 -JAG
  5. Didn't think it was, but regardless, it looks really cool. Aero Slicers
  6. This is a serious test of my memory, but I'll give it a go. 2001: Pohatu 2002: Tahnok 2003: Turahk 2004: For some reason I lost interest in Bionicle during this year. Go figure 2005: Vakama Hordika 2006: Piruk 2007: Morak or Pridak 2008: Lewa Phantok 2009: Zesk 2010: Tahu Stars and Piraka Stars (Nektann) 2015: Narmoto or Skull Slicer 2016: I didn't get any sets from this year.
  7. ...'Cause I would have played them non-stop. So, needless to say, I wasn't a very happy teenager in high school and back then (as is still true today) when I feel sad or down I tend to listen to sad songs to cope and every once in a while I come across a song that make me thing, "Wow, I really wish I had this song back in high school." Although being honest, my music tastes were a lot more narrow back then so I'm entirely sure if I would have liked these songs even if I had heard them at the time, but regardless here's a short list of the songs I wish had existed in high school. (Also, I've still never learned how to use code so get ready for giant screen stretching videos.) “Normal” – Sasha Sloan Choice Lyrics: "So keep on playing that song that I don't like I just wanna feel normal for the night Keep on kissing that guy that's not my type I just wanna feel normal for the night." Gotta start with a song from the sad girl herself. This song is from early 2018 and I discovered almost the day it dropped. The desire to want to change bits of who you are or to like things that you wouldn't normally in order to gain some level of acceptance by others is, of course, a quintessential part of high school and is actually still something I really connect with to this day so this is a song I've listened to quite a lot. “Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)” – Sky Ferreira Choice lyrics: "Nobody asked me if I was okay No, no, no, no, no, no, no Nobody asked if I was okay," Cheating a little bit, 'cause this song was released in 2013 when I was still in high school, but obviously I wasn't listening to Sky Ferreira back then. Anyway, is this song repetitive and super on the nose? Yes. But, that does that mean that I don't like it and wouldn't have sung along so hard to it back in the day? Karzahni no. “Jesus Christ” – Luna Shadows Choice lyrics: "Or do I divide and fall apart Cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark," Alright, to kept it straight. This song was released in late 2017, I didn't start listening to it until early this year while I was on a super Luna Shadows kick, but the song itself is actually a cover of a song from 2004 so yeah, that's that. The funny thing about this one, is that I think what I connect to the most in the lyrics now is different then what I would have connected to when I was younger, which is some interesting food for thought I guess. “mad at God” – Sarah Saint James Choice lyrics: "No I don’t wanna be bitter, or come across as a quitter But I’m getting kinda tired I’m mad at God Causе if he exists why do I still feel like this?" So this song, is actually pretty new and what made me want to do this blog entry in the first place. Other than that, I don't know what else to say about this one, 'cause like Sky Ferreira's song it is pretty self-explanatory I think. Perhaps something funny to mention is it that I mostly listened to Christian music back in high school and I'm pretty sure that this song would not have gone over well with Christian music fans either then or today. And that's my short list. Share in the comments below if you can relate to anything in this entry or maybe share some songs that got you through high school. -JAG
  8. Yeah, I did. Around that time I was watching a lot of videos on Youtube of some guy making weapons in his garage and I was like trying to get into the hobby as well. The only thing about pvc bows is I'm pretty sure no matter how you make them the poundage will always be high; I know the one I made I couldn't pull it back to full draw with a normal grip and the only way I could actually shoot it was having my palm facing away from me. Oh wow, yeah I guess that's definitely a possibility when you're firing sharp things. Maybe it's a good thing I never tried firing real arrows.
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