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  1. I've noticed that being a problem in the past 5 years or so. Most of the 2001 parts that I needed replacing are the axle holders that you are speaking of. For some reason the Bohrok-Kal's broke first, the black ones lasted a long time, but eventually wore down. Since at the time they were 15 years old, I'd say that's a pretty good run overall. Better than breaking almost instantly like 2008 onward.
  2. Hi, I'm selling a few of my extra sets. They will range from 2001-2006. Feel free to browse below to see if anything interests you. I'm based in the US, but I can do International, but obviously the shipping will be a bit higher. Orders will be first come, first served. Thanks! Sets: 2001: Toa Mata: Very good condition, no canister or Instructions, $10 OBO Lewa Turaga: No Instruction or box, $7 OBO Whenua - fresh rubber band included. 2002: No canister or instructions, $9 OBO Toa Nuva - Very good condition, includes all extra pieces to change out their gear functions. Onua Nuva Pohatu Nuva Tahu Nuva - His Lava Swords were slightly chewed by a dog, still look fine, but there are a few toothmarks on the broad end. Came to me with a half chewed mask, can include if desired (see pictures for details) He will have a normal Hau Nuva as well - $8 OBO 2003: Rahkshi - Fairly good condition, no canister or instructions, $10 OBO Vorahk (black) - Complete with Kraata (stage 3, can be swapped with stage 1 or 4 from kraata list below if desired). Panrahk (brown) Complete with Kraata (stage 4, can be swapped with stage 5 from kraata list below if desired). Lerahk (green) - Complete with Kraata (stage 3) Guurahk (blue) - Complete, but without Kraata - $8 OBO Warrior - Very good condition, No box or instructions. Takanuva - All parts there, taken from Bricklink, including glitter Avohkii, Grey Hau and fresh rubber band - $75 OBO 2004: Very good condition. No canister or instructions Toa Vakama - Complete with Red Toa Disk $10 OBO Nuhrii - Complete with his 143 disk - $7 OBO 2005: Very good condition. No canister or instructions $10 OBO Toa Hordika Vakama - Complete with 2 silver Rhotuka and ripcord. 2006: Piraka - Very good condition, includes instructions, no canister Vezok - Complete with all 4 green Zamor spheres, eye battery works, $15 OBO Hewkii - Complete with all 4 yellow Zamor sphere, sword barttery works. $15 OBO Masks: Prices are OBO Trans-Neon green Miru - $10 Golden Kaukau - $12 Infected Hau (very good condition, paint not scratched) - $10 Green Miru - $1 Krana - $3 Orange Za Kraata (these are separate from the kraata included in the Rahkshi listed above): $3 each Fragmentation: stage 5 Hunger: stage 1 and 4 Confusion: stage 3 Electricity: stage 5 SIlence: stage 2
  3. I'm betting that the calendar, windmill, and the lego store will probably make it to full support. Other than that I'm not sure really.
  4. So I had a question about the Bohrok shields, I found one that seems to have a larger red area than normal, are these rare at all, or were the amount of color in the bohrok shields so varied that this happened all the time? Thanks!
  5. I can't find the link right now, but Greg also confirmed in on of his "ask Greg" sessions that yes, they all look like that.
  6. Very cool, the background definitely helps add to the overall look! I approve!
  7. Hey, congrats on getting featured (though I knew as soon as you posted this you would)
  8. Hey, since you seem to really like that scene I did a quick photo edit of the "I am nothing" moc of the actual scene just for you. Added it to the thread ^_^

  9. Very well done! You just need to add a yellow/orange background and you'll capture the feel of that original scene perfectly!
  10. Hmm I know someone on here likes that name, can't put my finger on it... *glances at username* it'll come to me
  11. Wow that's a lot of chrome! (me likey!) Where did you find this prototype? I'd buy it being his canon appearance (even though his current appearance shows him with a silver Kraahkan)
  12. I started out as Iron_Man5 because I loved Iron Man. That was my username across most sites for a long time. Eventually I got more into gaming and my gamer username was TERIDAX941, picked because of ol' Terry's quote (see sig below for full quote). After a bit all to keep it consistent, I changed all my social media usernames to "teridax941".
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