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  1. I'd go back to 2009 and grab Toa Mata Nui back when he was only $50, if only to grab the golden Ignika at that price (I could care less about the overall build, though it does look cool, if a bit lanky). Nowadays, that mask alone is really pricey and I can't justify spending that much money on a single mask. *sigh* maybe one day.
  2. Before Ninjago, LEGO already had a ninja line (similar to castle I think, correct me if I'm wrong). I have no idea how popular that ninja line was, but I do know that there are some who remember that ninja line with fondness. Ninjago possibly could have been released too close to that line finishing for it to have been the smash hit it is today. I think both are right where they were meant to be, to allow both to shine when the time was right.
  3. Hau Btw, can I just say thanks guys for keeping this thread alive? It's been a blast coming up with new things every time.
  4. Like what if Teridax was the name the "Melding" Universe Makuta went by?
  5. Indeed! (I made a moc once using Hewkii's mask on a Piraka head, and the end result was quite the sight...) Those two would definitely be exceptions to their respective set rules (toa vs piraka).
  6. Hewkii Mahri's mask can't be removed unless you remove the pin through his head as well. Vezon's head can be completely removed by the same method as well, yet he only has a mask over the back of his head. My original statement was supposed to be playful banter btw, I wasn't trying to cause an argument.
  7. I was referring to the fact that you can remove the Piraka's "face" and there's a head underneath it. To the best of my knowledge, they are the only characters that can do that who don't wear masks. (Glatorian don't count, they wear helmets lol)
  8. I really enjoyed the first season, I think in addition to all the very epic builds, Will Arnett really sold it to me as a fun time all around really excited to see the next season!
  9. Technically the piraka heads were detachable
  10. *glances at username* gulp lol I'm fine with either to be honest, while Teridax helps him stand out from the other Makuta, having the title "The Makuta" is definitely a more menacing title. And it rolls off the tongue better too.
  11. The Piraka were their faces also. The Piraka also aren't able to even use masks (except for Vezon) while the Barraki were able to before their mutation at least.
  12. To this day, it still bugs me that half the Kal came with mismatched krana... I still have mine swapped out to make more sense lol
  13. Are the purple krana light or dark purple? If they're light, I'd be interested in the Xa and the Ja. If dark purple I don't need any. Otherwise I might be interested in a few of the Krana-kal, I'll put together a list of the ones I'd be interested in later on. Regarding masks, I have a gold Kaukau, and a trans neon green Miru that I can trade.
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