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  1. I and both of my brothers each got that set for Christmas one year, and we had a blast with all the different varieties of Rahi one could make (Sorry @Bionicleforever 12 for us hijacking your post)
  2. Gee it got quiet around here for some reason. Well, time to spice it up again! Kau Kau Staff
  3. "Honey, I shrunk the Piraka!" In all seriousness, he looks great! His spine helps flush his build out, and I love the feet and hands you used. His sword is very nice too! He be small, but he be fierce!
  4. At the very end of its lifetime, Bionicle's story was basically attempting to survive without the toys, between The Powers that Be and The Yesterday's Quest. I found those stories very good (while they were still going) and I would have been happy to see them continued. It was just a conflict of interest with LEGO and Greg that made it difficult to finish. So I think that yes while the toys got the ball rolling, the story would have been just fine without them.
  5. I'm tempted to make it my personal head-canon that while Vakama was trying to create a Mask of Clairvoyance, it shattered on him (like his failed mask of time did so many times) but he got pieces of it lodged in his own mask. When he became a Toa, not only did his Huna become a great mask, but those shards of the Mask of Clairvoyance did too, and he got very limited access to its powers as well. His visions act very similarly to how that particular mask works, yanking him into a vision and showing him the future without him being able to control it. But hey, it's just a theory...
  6. I did too, but I did enjoy the Mahri Nui Matoran's head being more poseable. I would've like those guys to have colored eyes like the Metru Nui Matoran, but I guess we can't have everything
  7. Happy Birthday BZPower, and happy 20th! It's been great getting to know you guys slowly over the last few years, but it's been a blast!
  8. I find it interesting that in this lighting, Pohatu looks like you built him out of Keetorange rather than his normal orange color (not a bad look I dare say, he matches Hewkii and Dekar that way!) And I like Pohatu with orange eyes anyways, the whole "green eyes = good guy/ orange eyes = bad guy" got old rather quick. I also like how you did Chirox, especially giving him hands, he always seemed lacking in that regard. Good job overall.
  9. This must've been before my time on the forum because I can't quite recall every seeing his work. He sounds like a cool guy, and it is very nice of you to create this homage to him.
  10. Very cool (and I'm very envious of your pearl gold Kraahkan as well, I have the dark gold one as well, but I always liked pearl gold a little more personally). You did a good job with the warhammer, and the color scheme is very accurate to the original model. Very well done!
  11. "Rhotuka spinners, being pure energy, make very little noise when they fly. Even if the one Roodaka launched had, Nidhiki would never have heard it over the noise of his own thoughts. All he knew was the black pain when it struck, the world spinning in front of his eyes, the bizarre sensation of his muscles shifting, altering, becoming something alien." - Narrator, Birth of a Dark Hunter I was so excited when the BIONICLE Encyclopedia first came out, I bought it immediately when I found it at my local book store. I started reading it immediately and when I got to the end, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the short serial at the end of the book. About Nidhiki of all characters (one of my favorites from 2004)! It was the coolest thing, learning about his adventures with Lhikan as a Toa, his betrayal of his fellow brothers, and his eventual mutation by the hand of Roodaka. It easily became one of my favorite serials, and this is what I decided to theme my submission on for the BBC 78 Contest. I realized that while many people have made extremely good MOCs of Nidhiki as a Toa, I've never seen one of him somewhere in-between his old and new body. I wanted to capture the moment in time of him mid-mutation, body shifting from a heroic Toa's stance into his new monstrous form. Hope you guys like seeing this new twist on this character, and let me know what you think! Thanks all! Roodaka's Rhotuka striking his back Back view without the pesky Rhotuka
  12. @Tufi Piyufi I had a question as well, am I able to submit more than one photo of the creation in the link you attach to the form (such as a dropbox folder with 4 pictures or so), or can I only submit one? Thanks!
  13. I would've kept Tahu as a Nuva. Golden Armor is cool, but I loved his Nuva look, and I like to keep the Nuva as a complete team, not 5 and a tag on. I also would have let Krika survive, maybe let him assist the heroes during their rebellion against Teridax.
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