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  1. I have used world edit before on other projects. The problem is the buildings get too geometric when i use it. Takes a long time to make them more "natural". I'm thinking about making the knowledge towers with them though.
  2. So i've been making Metru Nui in minecraft. It's not much so far, messing with designs and stuff for the chutes and whatnot in another world and messing with the biomes more than anything, but it's there. The main trouble i'm having right now is the size. See that grid it's on? Each of those is a 2048x2048 meter map. The entirety of the place is 28 of those. It's huge. I'm a bit in over my head. If anybody wants to help work on it, I would appreciate it because on friendly estimation it would take 12 years for me, using my free time, to complete this.
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