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  1. Lately, I've had the idea of seeing the Brickheadz style of head converted into a ball-jointed head for CCBS bodies. My idea stems from seeing a lot of system-based action figures, but also wanting to take aspects of the Brickheadz design into less statuesque expressions. Pictured here is the white Brickhead from the GoBrickMe set converted into the hypothetical ball joint assembly, worn on a blank CCBS buck .https://www.flickr.com/photos/161780943@N02/45137405575/in/dateposted-public/
  2. "This morning one of your fellow villagers tried to convince me the moon is a face." ...'Nuff said. This story is amazing.
  3. "2) I don't know it's name or designation, but the black/gold Iron Man stealth suit." I think Iron Man Armor Mk 41(Earth 616) is what you might be referring to. This actually might make a good Minifig. However, Its not really a stealth armor but rather a suit for testing new technologies. On Earth 616, the stealth armors are Mk 7,21,34, and 42 Speaking of which, the Mk 50 and 52 suits are on my wishlist, as well as the members of the All-New All-Different Avengers that have yet to appear in Minifig form.
  4. ...I don't like the concept of The Simpsons in the Minifigures line all too much, But I do wonder if the line is going to be branching out for other licenced themes. If so, Marvel characters sounds like a nice idea. If they read my mind/read this topic, these are a few characters that,I think, would be good for such a series. 1) The Bombastic Bag Man...(look it up). Yes, of all of the Spidey suits that I would suggest, I chose the most rediculous. The namesake paper bag could either be a new headgear mold or a variant of the minecraft cube head. 2)Pirate Deadpool. This costume or any other suit worn by The Merc with The Mouth requires no further explaining...NEXT! 3)Lawyer She-Hulk The cousin of Bruce Banner in lawyer garb sounds good to me. A formal green hairpiece,lime head,printed tile and briefcase all sound collectible to me. I will add to this later. Any thoughts?
  5. New comic in honor of Kanohi Force Month! Comic 8 Enjoy
  6. When I Think of stories made by BZP members, stories of self-Insertion comes to mind, where storytellers usually ask themselves, "What would I be doing as a resident of the matoran universe?" Now, A fun thing to think about is what YOU Would do in the Toa Empire Reality.
  7. Hmmm..... A swordfighter, brawler ,and gunner... My only complaints among them is that there isnt that much color difference between the gunner and sword fighter. Minor complaint.
  8. "Suspicion?" Sounds more suspicious... Anyway! RIP Batman #Issue 40(What happened to it?), Thats a really cool News-Table thing(It took me a moment to notice the "H"), and my favorite character is Gorongu(He never talks, but imagine what kind of things are going through his head!). #1, I remember the comic being uploaded around the time Veteran's Day, so I find the Batman #40 reference somewhat appropriate. #1.5, Originally,The RIP reference was going to Donatello from The Ninja Turtles( see TMNT #44 ) but Batman Worked better. #2, I'm glad Gorongu Is your favorite! I plan for Him to take the spotlight as the series unfolds.
  9. With the Arkham series reaching it's gritty and glorious endgame,pun intended,Let's talk about The Dark Knight's LEGO games, shall we? Why I ask the question above is because the LEGO Batman games are becoming less focused on the title character's environment,As evidenced by the 3rd game's title saying, "Beyond Gotham". One could argue that Batman's name on the title is still fitting due to Batman being a central character,But on top of that,Again,Batman is out of his element more and more as these games are released. Don't get me wrong,I Love the direction DC is going by giving more spotlight to their characters that go mostly unheard of. I just find it unfitting to not give the games the Justice League name. THE FLOODGATES OF DISCUSSION ARE NOW OPEN!
  10. ....No news you say? Let's change that. http://www.brickshel...on1/comic07.jpg
  11. Congrats on joining the Kanohi Force, Meyres! :D

    1. Meyres of Drifting Huna

      Meyres of Drifting Huna

      Thank you Mr. Ghidora. I'm glad to join you!


    2. Tahu3.0


      Came so late but good new Kanohi Force member.

  12. Hello again, 'gents and ladies. Thank you all for your compliments and critiques! I return bearing more stuff to whet your appitite! http://www.brickshel...on1/comic05.jpg http://www.brickshel...on1/comic06.jpg EDITING NOTE: There is also a character sheet surrounding the Theta 6 team.I'll pull it up later
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