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  1. You have the programming skills, but need art assets? Have you perhaps blocked out a prototype or demo of the game you are attempting to develop?
  2. I could just say I dislike things, but that just takes out all of the emotion of the issue. This is is interactive media, that emotion is important. This also isn't a waste of my time. I am a student of game design, so naturally I like to dissect and discover what there is to enjoy in games whether or not I enjoy the game itself. I like to write them down and get my thoughts straight, then toss them when relevant to see what happens. So! Why do you like The LEGO Movie Video Game? What compelled you to complete the game half-a-dozen times over? I would very much like to know. Edit-because-I-don't-like-posts-containing-only-thank-yous: Thanks for the reply. It was very informative.
  3. Are you talking about those captions that say things like "Use (character) to (character ability)"? I'm honestly not sure if that's possible. I personally don't have an issue with it, and simply ignored them after a while. I haven't played any other Lego games to know if this is a common feature, so you'll have to ask someone else about that. Has anyone else enjoyed playing this game? I'm sure I can't be the only one around here. No. I'm talking about the fact that every little itty bitty step has to be narrated by a character before I do it, or has to have a fat arrow point to it. I'm talking about the building puzzles that don't involve any intuitive understanding of how LEGO works, but instead have you match images of bricks. Let me tell you about my experience with the LEGO Movie Video Game. I hated it. This wasn't any sort of disappointment or disgruntlement. I seriously felt wrathful after 2 hours of that game. After I gave up and stopped playing, I paced around my room for several minutes yelling at my PC, game developers I don't know, LEGO, and the world in general. Sometimes when I think about the game, I have to take a brief walk to calm myself down. That game is the antithesis of everything I believe in game design. When I get back to my dorm room where I can have some solitude, I am going to stream myself playing that game, and entertain my friends as I lose my mind playing The LEGO Movie Video Game. I'm not joking. Worst game of 2014.
  4. Question: Is there a way to make the game shut up and stop giving me direct orders for every itty bitty thing.
  5. Rock Raiders is subjectively tedius and has frustrating AI. It still has a niche due to its interesting puzzle-rts design and modding possibilities. I cannot enjoy the Traveller's Tales LEGO Games. They lack challenge, they lack depth in their game mechanics. The TT LEGO Games are great games for kids who are enamored with the visuals, humor, and don't need a deep game on top of that. For me, however, they are boring, and the LEGO Visuals and humor do not help the issue enough. As a LEGO Fan who cannot enjoy LEGO Game as they are currently developed, it hurts. I could go on about what could improve LEGO Games for me so that I could enjoy them again, but the solution has already been mentioned perfectly.
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