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  1. Wow, GG Lego. That's a massively disappointing thing to read. I followed G1 from the start and loved it, to see G2 go like this just gives me a gross feeling inside. Seriously, only 2015-2016? That's it? Wow. I don't really know what to say.
  2. I want to buy my WMKK back. That and I want all the common 2001 era masks; misprints would be a bonus if I can find them.
  3. I'm going to hold on to them and display them when I can. I regret selling off my entire original collection, so I won't make that same mistake twice.
  4. Nowadays I just have 3 shadow kraata. One stage 1 and 2 stage 5's. Nothing else I own is really rare. Back when I had my old collection though I had a WMKK, orange Vahi, transparent green Miru, stage 3 shadow kraata, VMKK Yo, and a few other things that I'm forgetting. I sold everything a long time ago and I almost wish I hadn't.
  5. Thanks for the replies, everyone! I apologize for not being more on top of things recently, but I appreciate all of your replies. I think I'm going with Air/Jungle for my Gen 2 character as I feel like I connect most to to that element type.
  6. For some reason the title got cut off and I don't know how to change it. Anyways. This is a bit of a strange topic, but I thought it was interesting enough to post. Which of the basic six elements do you feel most connected with, and why? Which element would you give to an original character that you made? Was it the element of the first set you've ever gotten? Or is it for a different reason? I'm mainly asking because I'm having a hard time figuring out this very question. I want to make a Matoran original character for Gen 2, but I'm unsure of what element to give him. I chose air last time for Gen 1, but that was over 11 years ago.
  7. Grab some of the Bohrok if you can.
  8. My favorite years were 2001 - 2004 along with 2015. 2002 is probably my favorite year overall, though. My least favorite year was 2006. That was the year I lost interest in the original line because the story and sets took some weird turns. It didn't feel like Bionicle anymore at the time.
  9. I wish there was some sort of data readily available to look at right now. It's impossible to know unless we see actual sales data or lego straight up tells us.
  10. These are definitely some very creepy prototypes, that's for sure. I'm glad they came out with Bionicle instead.
  11. Probably back in either 2001 or 2002. Hard to pick. One fond memory was getting Gali back in the day and playing the MNOLG. Just getting immersed into the story was really cool; I got Kopaka shortly after from a close friend. The other was getting Nuvhok and Lehvak and being excited about building them. I still love the Bohrok to this day.
  12. I know it's not really doable, but I'm a sucker for canisters. Canisters would bring back a lot of memories for me.
  13. I can't really be too critical as of yet, as it's barely started. However, a couple of things; some of which people have already said: - No mask packs, or collectibles - No mask variety in non-Toa characters - Needs more eye colors - Needs something similar to the Mata Nui online game. Something for people to explore Okoto and to learn of its lore. - Animations need to focus more on the other Toa.
  14. - More transparent parts, because those are really rad. Especially the purple parts. - Mask packs and regular non-protector-non-transparent (villager?) masks, even just for MOCing. It's hard to build a new character or a Toa or whatever when you only have one color per mask. - More eye colors. It's kinda dumb but I actually miss all the different eye colors from 2001.
  15. It's because it's just one guy doing all the voices. I think others have said that the episodes are being told like story (i.e a parent reading a book to a 'child'). Ahh, okay. Makes sense then.
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