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  1. I made a video regarding a Bionicle Themed Minecraft MMORPG Server Check it out The Server has been in process since 2014, Developed by only 3 people who put over 1000 hours of work invested into Terraforming, Building, Server Programing and creation of Custom textures & Models.[/size] Empire of Toa promises to bring a breath of Fresh Air into the Minecraft MMORPG community, as most Minecraft MMOs follow the same aesthetic of an Medieval Fantasy World filled with Orcs, Undeads and Magic. Empire of Toa follows a theme of a Tropical Island with Biomechanical creatures and Powerfull Warriors whose power comes from their Masks.[/size] At the beginning the player will be able to pick an elemental class (Fire,Water,Air,Stone,Earth & Ice) and starts his journey on a random coast of the island, Quests will be mostly given by the the Villagers of the island known as the Matoran, who awaited your arrival as part of a prophecy to stop the Dangerous creatures that have been attacking their villages. The leveling experience is based on questing, completing co-op Dungeons and unmasking the dark secret that lies beneath the island.[/size]
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