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  1. IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef) Oliphko did as Ferron told him, standing behind him and waiting. She stared at him in visible confusion as he reached out for something in the water. It was already bad enough that her mentor was acting strange, but all the wetness around her made her uneasy as well. She had never seen so much water in one place, having lived in the dry desert valleys of Po-Wahi for her entire life. The sight of the vast ocean was overwhelming. She heard Ferron mumble, but didn't hear what he said. Her anxiousness was getting the better of her, so she spoke up: "...Ferron? Are you alright over there?" OOC: @Geardirector
  2. IC: Dartakh (Ko-Koro, near the Lieutenant) He stood like a statue and continued to quietly follow the conversation. It was hard to keep track of everything that was said to the point where he started to grow tired of it. Besides, no plan survives contact with the enemy. He was starting to feel like many of the people around him would not be coming back home from the trip to the Dark Walk. Having stopped listening to the conversation, he made a simple informative statement directed to the Lieutenant: "Because I specialize in close combat, I should be near the front. I have a device that can counter the elemental powers of a rahkshi, but I will use only when necessary. I also have a helmet that shields me from psychic abilities. I've heard some rahkshi have those." OOC: @Leaf
  3. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Wahi) What the Vortixx said almost made him chuckle. Did they have a positive reputation anywhere? He realized more and more just how badly the Brotherhood had ruined the reputation of the faithful. They had gambled everything on their alliance with Makuta's servants, only to lose it all. Now they were alone and forsaken, himself included. He smiled faintly. "Do not worry, I know. I have heard the news. Yet I fell in battle defending the Koro, so I expect them to be at least somewhat grateful for my sacrifice." There was brief silence as he looked into the distance, towards his home, even if he couldn't see it from so far away. "Farewell then, stranger," he said quietly and walked past him. OOC: @Whisper
  4. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Wahi) He frowned when he heard the Vortixx call the outpost his home. Perhaps it wasn't so abandoned after all? When the stranger appeared to be eager to end the discussion and move on, his frown deepened. "Wait, before you depart, I must tell you that the Outpost is not empty. You may find three individuals there. One of them, the Le-Toa, was my travelling companion. But the other two... well, let me simply say that they are either honest treasure hunters or lying murderers. I do not know if they can be trusted either way, so beware." He respected the Vortixx' desire to move on, so he turned around and, with a simple motion of his hand, solidified the snow in the stranger's path to carry his weight better. "There, this should make your journey easier. Stay safe, and may the light of Ak'rei'an shine upon you." OOC: @Whisper
  5. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Wahi) The stranger waved back and even exclaimed a greeting. It was a good sign, so Dahkapa continued to descend and approach him. Once he was close enough to be heard without having to shout, he bowed and began to speak in a friendly, yet somewhat reserved tone. "This humble servant of Ak'rei'an greets you. It is a pleasant surprise to meet someone out here in the wilderness. Are you headed to Ta-Koro, perhaps? I am coming from there, on my way back home to Ko-Koro." He turned to look behind him, in the direction of the outpost, as if to make sure that he wasn't being followed. OOC: @Whisper
  6. IC: Dartakh (Ko-Koro, near the Lieutenant) He stepped back as new arrivals appeared, all of whom were apparently eager to join the suicide squad. "The more, the merrier," he muttered to himself dryly before the Lieutenant began to speak. When he did, he listened closely and quietly. Hearing about their true objective made him raise an eyebrow. Why hadn't he been informed of it before? He thought this would've been a simple scouting mission, but now they were going to look for some dusty tome? Dartakh cared little for the book's contents, thinking more about the possibility of getting extra pay for having to do an extra task. But he was a fresh recruit, so it would be unwise to go begging for anything. He'd have to prove himself first. He considered mentioning his previous experience visiting the tunnels at Kini-Nui, but that had been an uneventful and short trip. There was no point in talking about it, so he waited to see if anyone else spoke up. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Wahi) The blizzard around the Knight died down with a single wave of a hand. He had used it to cover up his tracks so it would be harder for the suspicious Toa and Skakdi to follow him. It was better to be safe than sorry, after all. As the shining sun above was unveiled, he continued his journey back home, walking on top of the snow without falling through the surface. It was good to be back in Ko-Wahi, to be surrounded by his own element. The burden of imprisonment in the heat of Ta-Koro was already fading away, and his spirit was lifted. As he travelled, he spotted a figure approaching in the distance. It was no Rahi, but rather a Vortixx. He frowned as he wondered if they were a friend or ally. It was still possible servants of Makuta were lost in the wastes, having been expelled from Ko-Koro. But there was no way to tell if he was right. Perhaps it was merely a lone wanderer, or even a kindred soul. He stopped and waved to the stranger as they climbed up the slopes. OOC: @Whisper
  7. IC: Oliphko (Onu-Wahi Tunnels) She followed Ferron, unsure of where they were going, but nevertheless trusting the Turaga. He probably knew a good spot for meditation. Her first doubts only appeared when they appeared near the coast, with the silence of the tunnels being replaced by the crashing waves of the ocean. Covering her eyes as they adjusted into the brightness, she stepped outside, still following him despite feeling more uncertain than before. "Um, Ferron, where are we going, exactly?" OOC: @Geardirector
  8. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Obsidian Outpost) He nodded. "Understood. Until we meet again, Joskander. May the light of Ak'rei'an guide your way." Briefly, he turned to face the Skakdi and the De-Toa. "If Joskander does not come to meet me, I shall return here and find out why. You have been warned." Then, without saying anything else, he walked out of the Outpost and headed into the frigid wastes of Ko-Wahi, soon disappearing into a blizzard. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)@Geardirector@Wotz also open for interaction while travelling i guess
  9. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Obsidian Outpost) While the conversation continued, Dahkapa wanted more and more to simply move on, as his desire to see his home again was far greater than the desire to dig a hole for a corpse. He handed over the shovel to Joskander. "Well, it appears that I am the only one with no interest of remaining in this abandoned complex. My home beckons for me, so I'm afraid I shall depart by myself." As he put the widgets in his grasp back into a bag, he wasn't sure if leaving Joskander behind with two possible murderers was a good idea. So before he moved anywhere, he asked him: "Are you sure you want to stay?" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  10. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Obsidian Outpost) Dahkapa frowned as the Skakdi suddenly lost interest in the very thing he had asked about, and hesitantly took the shovel with the hand that wasn't holding widgets. He guessed the shovel would be more useful for digging a grave than excavating hidden treasure. He wasn't sure what to believe, with the Toa's statement about the other Skakdi freezing to death conflicting with the... damaged form of the corpse. He wished he knew how to raise the dead like more senior Brotherhood members did. It wouldn't reveal anything about what had truly happened, but at least a perfectly usable body wouldn't be foolishly wasted. As Joskander asked the strangers to come along, he didn't say anything. All he wanted was to see his home again.
  11. IC: Oliphko (Onu-Koro Tunnels) There was an awkward silence as Oliphko expected Ferron to elaborate, before realizing that he wouldn't. "Oh, um, well that's good... I hope it's just a feeling that goes away." She didn't want to talk more about it either, so the rest of the journey was silent. OOC: @Geardirector
  12. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Obsidian Outpost) After stepping out of the cable car, Dahkapa remained motionless and silent, listening to the conversation. He already had widgets in his hand -- the one that wasn't grasping the handle of his weapon -- and kept them there even when the Toa said there was no toll after all. If tensions escalated, he could simply appease them by paying. It indeed seemed to escalate when Joskander pushed the Skakdi. Usually, it was not a good idea to push the members of that species, even gently. He stepped forth closer to Joskander. "What did I tell you?" he said, "we do not want any trouble with them." He turned to look at the Skakdi. "I apologize on his behalf. We have no interest in treasure hunting, as we're headed to Ko-Koro." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Wotz
  13. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Cable Car/Obsidian Outpost) He wasn't surprised when he heard the news, but he did wonder what had happened to the mercenaries while he was gone. Not that he genuinely cared much for a band of thugs. It didn't make any difference, as in the end they'd have to pay the toll either way. Joskander's suggestion made him frown. "We should avoid unnecessary conflict," he whispered. "I'll just pay him so we can go on our way. If you want to ask about the body, do so at your own risk. However, the Skakdi's fate matters little. Remember that death is only the beginning." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  14. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Cable Car/Obsidian Outpost) Dahkapa frowned. He didn't remember seeing Skakdi at the Outpost last time he was here. Why was he calling it an "official toll gate"? Were the Outsiders still in control of the place? Who was the dead person? Just in case, his hand shifted to the handle of the war hammer hanging on his waist. His body became tense, ready to spring into action if necessary. "Do you have widgets?" he said quietly to Joskander. "I can pay for both of us if you do not. I pray that money is the only thing that Skakdi wants..." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
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