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  1. ROUND HAS FINISHED! Everyone gathered back together in the main hall. No one had found anything suspicious going on in their rooms, but there are a lot of rooms to cover. The killer is still lurking around. The people sent to bury the bodies have returned and have completed the dreadful task. The head count seems a little off. NEXT ROUND No special event is occurring. Everyone send in what rooms you are going to investigate for this round.
  2. You haven't changed much.

    1. B0ss Manducus

      B0ss Manducus

      Can’t say that I have, but it sure does feel good being back again

  3. What the... How long was I gone? The root is a tree!

    1. Sybre


      You were probably gone for a year or so! I grow up so fast.

  4. SPECIAL EVENT END! The people had decided that out of all of them, the unlucky few to bury the bodies would be Schnee TT Sir Sean Connery, voted sexiest man alive in 1989. They picked up the shovels and dragged the bodies outside. They would be busy for the rest of the round since they would have to find a nice spot to bury them in all this rain. As for the rest of the people, they decided to split up and look for possible clues. The killer was possibly still among them, or possibly out there with the other unlucky souls, helping them get rid of his dirty deeds. Everyone needs to now PM which room they want to visit except for the three above. You won't get to take any actions this turn, but you cannot be targeted. Everyone else is fair game. Split up gentlemen. May you not die tonight as well.
  5. What the... No guys... That... I have the names on the list updated with everyone's fake names. You have to guess from there! Gracious it was going to be even more ridiculous because I was about to allot the votes to each player's fake name, would've been revealing and I won't accept that. THERE NEEDS TO BE CHAOS!!!
  6. ROUND 1 The bodies have been placed outside. We don't need those two stinking up the joint. Anyway, there is now an even bigger threat to the rest of the patrons. Who killed them? Everyone could be a suspect, but who is the real killer? It's not best to stay together since most things won't get done this way. The people decide to split up. There has to be some sort of clue here that may give a hint to the killer. They just have to look hard. However, there is more than one force here at work and they have their own plans to accomplish here. The killer isn't the only one with an evil motive it seems. However, lets not metagame this and pretend that we only have one killer to rid ourselves of here yes? NOW! It is time for everyone to split up. Peruse the mansion and get to doing whatever it is I told you that you can do. Find the killer and bring him to justice! SPECIAL EVENT: Three people need to bury the bodies. Everyone vote for the three they want to send out. These three will lose their actions but will be safe from actions taken by others.
  7. At first I thought your avatar was good ol' Obi Wan Kenobi sporting his Episode 2 mullet.

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    2. Ride Another Day

      Ride Another Day

      Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde.


      Or just Geralt of Rivia, The Butcher of Blaviken, The White One, White Wolf, Gwynbleidd, Ravix of Fourhorn, or sometimes called by common folk as Whitelocks.

    3. Onaku
    4. Ride Another Day

      Ride Another Day

      I'm a nerd when it comes to this. Expect craziness.

  8. Well, lets start with the fact that no one knows anything about anybody except that there is someone killing them. In their panicked states, who wouldn't pull out their personal firearm that they should definitely keep on their persons and start pulling the trigger? Silly Nato. Everyone knows that poisoned water shippments is the best method. Silly Tesara. Shipppments is with three p's. BTW, AGAIN We're still waiting on people's names. Rahkshi has reported in soooo... I'm sorry for the delay again...
  9. Well... I wanted to start it now but I still don't have everyone's names in yet. I will now call them out to shame them. Eh-hem... 1: Rahkshi Guurahk 2: Valendale 3: Makuta Luroka Now I know that life is kinda hectic and BZP has apparently seen a drop in membership so things are probably hectic here and out there. I mean, I came back and apparently some people have been banned that I once knew and apparently more people have just left... so yeah. Anyway thanks again for coming to play my game and I am thankful for you all for doing so. I really want to get it started so we can enjoy the party. First I need to just start pestering those three for names. Also I feel bad for going awhile not posting anything more informative about the game so here we go for a preview of what is to come. The mansion is a huge place. 12 rooms to be exact. During each round, Players will pm me which room they wish to go into (simply by saying a room number). Then special roles can make their special actions if they can in their rooms (EX: an innocent and the detective are both in a room and the detective can check what the other players role is). Sometime other actions cannot be executed if there are more in a room (EX: The killer and two others are in a room. The killer can't kill the other person without letting the third person know they did it). Multiple actions can take place during a round and things may escalate very quickly, but such is the way during a stressful situation. If an action happens (such as a gunshot) all players will converge to that room where the gun was shot. Players will be given a quick description of the scene, and can then vote to either execute or tie the shooter down. HOWEVER, if a person is killed secretly by another player, their bodies will be left in their respective room. They will remain so until someone enters the room again or if the player who killed them just starts to say so. I will pm those who find the body in the room. They then shout it out here. ALSO, when a player dies, their role is not revealed to the public. The only way the roles will be revealed is if the cop arrests a man, or if the detective has discovered their role and they are publicly executed. Now you may be saying "But what about the killer? Don't we win if he dies?" NOPE! (okay yeah maybe) You are all wearing masks. How could you know that he was the killer? How do you know that he isn't the killer? How do you know you're not the killer? You can't trust anyone here. "But, how does the game end then?" The game ends when no one can kill each other, or if there is only ONE survivor. For all we know, it isn't just the killer trying to leave this place here all by themselves. This game will only end through bloodshed my friends. This IS the most splendorous, most spectacular gala that the world has ever seen. (if you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask).
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