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  1. The existence of powerless and noble Kanohi are pretty silly to me as well. I'm glad somebody else pointed it out.
  2. The Red Star was meant to revive certain species and return them to the GSR so that the GSR would never run out of workers to keep it operating, even if the workers perished. It's existence makes perfect sense to me, in fact I've always viewed it as a necessary part of the GSR's functions. It's like the human body's ability to recover from a wound. We just never see it functioning properly in the story. What did he say about the Kakama? Also curious about this >.> I still haven't seen an answer on this.
  3. I say this all of the time. Though to be fair, I really do collect them at this point. I never actually mess with my sets unless I'm changing their pose or photographing them.
  4. Just curious if anyone here at BZP is currently playing Lego Worlds? I'm playing it on the PS4 and I've found it to be mostly enjoyable. Wondering if I could find anyone to play with though
  5. I think it's odd that the old Agents theme is being used, but I won't complain. I wonder if Lego will introduce more DLC based on older themes. Could we possibly see an Exo-Force DLC?
  6. Is no one going to mention the $3.99 Lego Architecture set?
  7. I'll definitely be getting Fun at the Beach. Fun at the Park was a fantastic minifigure pack.
  8. It's your standard chatting app. Entirely free. Aside from chatting with specific people, public and private groups can be created to chat with multiple people. There doesn't seem to be a public BZP chat, so I was hoping to maybe get one together if enough people were interested in participating.
  9. Hello! Kik recently reintroduced public groups with one of their latest updates and I was wondering if there were any BZP members present on the app that I could chat with? Kik is a much easier platform for me to access, otherwise I would definitely be around the forums more. However, I would still like to have more people to talk with about Bionicle on a regular basis.
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