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Hello, I'm Katanga and I've been a fan of Bionicle ever since 2006. I joined BZPower over a year ago upon hearing the news that Bionicle would be rebooted in 2015. I have fond memories of the original line of LEGOs and I'm sad to see it go yet again. However, I am very pleased to have had the chance to collect Bionicle sets again.

My first Bionicle set was a canister containing three Krataa, though my first real set would have to be Ahkmou. Through '06-'09 I collected a ton of the sets, managing to complete the entire 2006 and 2007 years (Save one or two playsets, Thok, and a small set from '07.) I also have sets ranging from '01 (Yeah, even a few Tohunga.) to '03. As for second generation sets, I have every fire and stone related set along with both forms of Ekimu, both forms of Umarak, and few other random sets.

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