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  1. 3 Things I hated about Gen 1: "Good Guy", Mata Nui XL, 2010.
  2. Ok here is just a little thing that I noticed when I was rebuilding Vezon. Where did his cape come from? Did he just defuse from Vezok with it? Or did he buy it on Voya Nui on his way to the Ignika? If Greg Farshtey answered this then please let me know because the idea that the cape is a part of Vezon, literally, is just terrifying.
  3. I remember from 2001 the combination sets from all toa being built together. They were called Actually and Walrus. Whoops I mean Akamai and Wairuha, the toa kaita. But instead of having them in 2015 we have ... extra weapons for the toa, I mean masters. So seeing how I'm Canadian and the sets haven't arrived in Canada yet (guss they haven't finished the ancient chant yet) I'm leaving it up to you, yes you, to build the toa kaita so leave what you have built in your comments. If you don't then the toa of valor and wisdom will have been let down by you, yes you.
  4. So the first sets have rolled out and little bits of what the next line of sets will be has leaked out via, well leaks. so it is time to theorize on what's going down roughly 4 1/2 months from now! Personally I think that the summer story will be about the Lord Of Skull Spiders getting his dirty, umm, Mandibles? on the mask of creation and using it to rebuild himself and his army into stronger forms in order to find, collect and use the mask of ultimate power to take over Okoto. You guys can theorize on what happens to!
  5. Two problems Roman Torchwick, Vultraz is stuck in a parallel universe and Ahkmou was never really evil nor brain washed just told otherwise by terridax.
  6. Just as a suggestion for batch three could you maybe create one of two things, question mark. (Srry my key board is messed up É) either the great spirit robot or the baragh with the neck function.
  7. Wait a second! Krana are living beings themselves, Intelligent ones at that, and are presumably being ... ground ... up... HOLY SWEET MATA NUI THE MATORAN ARE GRINDING UP HELPLESS LITTLE FACE CREATURES!
  8. I am surprised how the topic got as much attention as it did while I was on Christmas vacation. And just so you guys know ALL matoran that are still alive or not trapped on the red star (Seriously Greg should finish that story) could make great toa teams and every single person who has commented on this topic is seriously awesome! and also another optional thing to add on to your lists of matoran from gen 1 that you would like to see turned toa could have a leader that isn't a toa of fire. Lessovik managed to get away with it so can you.
  9. Name: Makuta Styrka. Weapon: Enhanced Rakshi staff (has all of the powers of all the Rakshi staffs) Story: Styrka was the Makuta of Daxia before Teridax purged all of the Makuta that sided with Mserix. After the order of Mata Nui and Teridax began to kill the rest of the Makuta, Styrka buried himself under one of the southern islands and put himself into stasis until he naturally woke up. When Mata Nui killed Teridax the shockwave that followed woke Styrka and allowed him to escape, plotting on how he could conquer Spherus Magna. Picture URL: https://www.flckr.com/photos/129620064@N02/1572113448/
  10. Well I have allot of other thi... Oh forget about it your one tough customer. And I respect that
  11. Fine I will also give unglued bike a blue toa mata body and head with yellow eyes. okÉ also there is something wrong with my key board explaining the É.
  12. Hey I didn't mean it like that!
  13. Alright I didn't really think this would be as big of a deal as it is but in case ungluedbike doesn't get me the cape or the head parts then sure munty I will accept your offer. Just to clarify that is only in the case that unglued bike won't trade.
  14. Sorry I'm not very active or anything but School and such however I have lost my Silver ignika so sorry bout that. However I do have the Kanohi olmak and an orange krana xa (or if that isn't its name then the leader krana) So Ungluedbike Will you take the trade
  15. Now if only one Lego official would make this canon... maybe someday this story might actually be canonized. Lets all just hope it can be.
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