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  1. So I know a 5 year old kid who is just getting into the Gen 2 Bionicles (ah, memories c:) and I had the chance to show him the original Toa Mata, which he found pretty hilarious and "wierd". He particularly poked fun of the original Miru (and to think we thought the Mask of Jungle looked wierd ). To top that off, he kept asking me questions of the Gen 1 story line. The struggle was real lol. Anyway, my point is it was interesting to get the perspective of Gen 1 from a child just getting into Gen 2.
  2. Just looked at the mini comics and noticed that this new wave parallels to the Bohrok-Kal saga:the toa have emerged victorious with newfound power face a new, unknown, more powerful enemy who work against them by stealing their direct source of power
  3. Perhaps one of these will be a reward to the winner of the Bionicle Target Tournament coming in April?
  4. Sigh... it is at this point where my firm decision to avoid Facebook proves to work against me. :/
  5. I am finding that watching these webisodes without audio or subtitles first is very amusing
  6. ~{ IC: Evix - Team Tarakava - Edge of the City }~ Evix noticed a stirring in the depths beyond the bubble; a small school of deep-sea fish could be seen darting about frantically. "Ah! Finally; Phase Two it is!" With this remark, he strayed away from the edge of the bubble back towards the city, the bright ring of flame still surrounding him as he kept his concentration on his Shredder Orbs. He found a section of it with small buildings and began to focus his elemental gravity in the center of one. The building began to creak and moan, and a few moments later, it collapsed inward on itself, compressing into a floating sphere of rubble. "This should do the trick!" Evix said as he lessened the gravity on the sphere and watched it float gently upward to a height, noticeable from a good distance. Evix positioned himself underneath it with an upraised fist, and then suddenly released his hold on it. The rubble-sphere came crashing down towards an unphased Evix until it finally met his fist. In that instant, he regained his gravitational hold on it, making it lighter so its weight would not crush him. Evix had absorbed all of the kinetic energy from the rubble-sphere, strengthening his elemental gravity powers through his ability. 'Hmm. Not quite enough power for Phase Three. A few more times will do.' he thought as he raised the sphere for a second go.
  7. ~{ IC: Evix - Team Tarakava }~ In an instant, he was... elsewhere. A city. A dome, no, a giant bubble. Underwater. As uneasy as it made him feel, Evix took in his surroundings and began to strategize. He looked down and noticed a cyan-colored sash of light around his torso, and looking around he noticed that others who had been thrown into the arena had the same manifestation. At a glance outside the bubble, Evix saw that the blue of the ocean surrounding the city was particularly dark, and an idea sparked to life. Evix casually started to walk towards the dark fringes of the bubble-dome. Along the way, he had seen that some of his fellow teammates were allying with themselves and noticed that one larger group seemed to be recruiting. 'Larger numbers would give a threatening edge,' Evix thought, 'but for now, I think it would be in my best interest as well as the others' to keep away from what I have planned.' He made it to the edge of the bubble and peered into the dark void of ocean. "Let's stir things up a bit, shall we?" Evix said with a grin on his face as he flexed his arms in preparation for "Phase One". As a start, he focused on the orbit of two of his Shredder Orbs, withdrawing the remaining one to its special pouch for later. The two orbs around him began to orbit faster and faster, their orbit widening all the while. Their speed increased to even greater heights, blindingly so, and soon enough, the air around the orbs' began to spark and crackle. With a flash of light, the two orbs suddenly burst into a brilliant flame, caused by friction with the air. "Now to wait," Evix said to himself as he activated his kinetic sub-ability, Energize.
  8. ~{ IC: Evix - Training Sector Entrance }~ That voice... yes, that voice had been one of the voices he had heard while unconscious! Round Two? 'So this is a competition then,' Evix thought. Though he had already a river at this conclusion moments after he had awoken in this place, he felt he needed some sort of confirmation. "Count me in!" he said in reply to the voice. OOC: Probs not gonna be able to post for a while so see most of you in the next event!
  9. Whoa there! Is this competition I sense in the kinetics department? If approved, this could be interesting for my character
  10. ~{ IC: Evix - Training Sector Entrance }~ Just as he had left the Training Sector, Evix heard strange noises from where he had come. As it had piqued his interest, he quietly backpedaled to the entrance of the sector. He peered around the corner into the room, but all he saw was the Toa that had been there before. "Must be hearing things." Evix muttered to himself. As he began to turn around, a slight shimmer against one of the walls caught his attention... OOC: To take advantage of all the incoming character profiles, I am going to tweak Evix's a bit
  11. Great. More characters for my spreadsheet :/
  12. OOC: Sorry, got tired of waiting ~{ IC: Evix }~ Evix slowly opened his eyes. Wait, had he been... sleeping?... standing up?! He noticed his Shedd Orbs had fallen out of orbit and had made quite noticeable craters in the floor around him. "Oops..." Evix said as he returned them to orbit. The Toa he had asked to train with still seemed to be looking around, and seeing as there was a lack of response, strangely, he left the area to explore the facility more and gather information.
  13. If you read back a few pages in the main topic, my character had asked if your character would like to train
  14. ~{ IC: Evix }~ After walking down the hall for what seemed to be hours, Evix came across a large door to the entrance of what seemed to be a training area. He spied a Toa of Lightning, who seemed to be looking around for something. "Need a sparring partner?" Evix suggested to the fellow toa inquisitively, eager to test his battle skills for what felt like the first time in ages. OOC: Evix would like to train with Fulmen
  15. ~{ IC: Evix - A Corridor in the Lower Level }~ "...elcome to Bionifight..." "...ll that matters is what you are here to do..." "...to fight..." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "...ime is drawing ne..." "...hope you're all exci..." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "...Three!..." "...Two!..." "...One!..." "FIGHT!" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Evix suddenly regained consciousness, startled at the things he had just... heard? dreamed? The voices seemed too real... The first thing he noticed was that he was stiff and ached all over, especially his spine. The second thing he noticed was that his face was planted squarely against a wall and that his back was arched in a most uncomfortable position. Quickly getting up after realizing his rather embarrassing predicament, he stood up in what seemed to be a corridor. He retrieved his three Shredder Orbs from a small pouch he carried, careful not scrape himself against their extremely course surfaces, and placed them into a slow orbit around himself using his gravity powers, as he was accustomed to. "Were am I? Who were those voices I heard?" Yet somehow, he felt he had known the answers to these questions for sometime now... but how? This place seemed... familiar somehow. He felt he had a purpose here, and that was to fight. At this thought, a slow smile crept across his mask. Puzzled as to where he was in this "facility", he started walking down the corridor, wondering what he might come across.
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