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  1. I should really check in here more often
  2. Yes to both, once the new arc gets going I fully intend to bring back both Cyramar and Wasuka, and at least one of those needs the Araka to still be a thing XD
  3. Oh god I entirely forgot to check here for the past several months; has much happened in that time?
  4. Whoops, forgot this was a thing again. I'd write a wrap-up post but I don't really know who or what to write. Arankhe presumably fled Ko, and from there doesn't really know what to do with herself, and everyone else of mine was kinda inactive. Might bring back Elaadis and Cyramar once the next arc gets going.
  5. This seems like a busy time of year for a lot of people. I think Ko-Koro has slowed down due to a combination of that, and the fact there are a lot of people acting and it's left it a bit unclear who is where and what's happening where. I know I'm unsure lol
  6. Yeah. All I have in Ga is a hydrophobic Vo-Toa waiting and open for literally any kind of interaction, but hey ho XD On the note of deciding where to drop Arvas, frankenstein's Toa Cyramar also sorta went MIA after the train heist in Po, so i guess i could drop him somewhere too.
  7. IC: Arankhe Arankhe's armoured visage simply acknowledged Krayn's order with a nod. Kale held in the crook of her shield arm to keep her sword free she advanced--or rather, withdrew--towards the Gukko, heavy footfalls going mostly unheard in the cacophony of battle. She sharply turned to raise her shield, the bolts of a Legacy soldier's gun ricocheting off into the ceiling. Superficial scorch marks. She'd have to polish those off later. Always annoying getting into the narrow cuts of the runic carvings, however. Trigger still held down she pressed on, finally thumping her way to the bird. She glanced at the oncoming reinforcements, and then to Krayn and Skyra. "Is miss Skyra alright?" she called.
  8. I wanna bring Arvas back after he vanished once the rahkshi hunt concluded, but idk where to drop him.
  9. Haha, I think I tried to join this a year or so back. Never really worked out though. Absolutely no idea what's going on here as of current, though I've sporadically considered taking another go at getting involved.
  10. I have a pair of characters who haven't done anything in a while. Elaadis in Ga and Arvas, who vanished after the Rahkshi Hunt and as such can basically be dropped anywhere.
  11. IC: Arankhe Everyone had, for the moment, seemingly chosen to ignore Arankhe's presence in the warehouse. More the fool were they. She had planned on joining the apparent offensive dogpile her allies, and a handful of other newcomers that had arrived to help, were making against Lantz. That was, until Kale became a ragdoll physics display sailing through the air. Her priority here was keeping her allies on their feet, not taking anyone down. That was secondary, and there was already several enough people fighting. Arankhe jolted into motion, boots thumping into the ground as she reached out to catch Kale with her sword arm, making sure her blade was angled nowhere that could hurt him. Skewering her own allies was both humiliating and counter-productive, after all.
  12. Eisen's day gets all the more troublesome by the minute.
  13. IC: Arankhe To call the Cry-Lesterin disgruntled was an understatement. First a cacophonous nightmare, fortunately directed a hundredfold at her enemies, and now Skyra had plunged headlong into the enemy. Fantastic. Well, Arankhe had admittedly been itching for a fight, and she'd rather everyone on the team leave the Koro alive as opposed to most of them. "I'll try to make sure they don't get killed!" was all that Praggos and Krayn heard from Arankhe as she sprinted after Kale. She wasn't quite as fast for sure, bogged down by the weight of her armour, but each thunderous step left a crater in the snow, a disoriented and deafened warrior stumbling in her way only to be bashed off his feet by the speed and mass of her shield. She paid even less attention to the fallen soldiers around her than her allies had, at one stage stomping on a downed one's chest only to have thundered on before he could even cry out. They were of no importance. There was one thing that mattered in the swordswoman's mind right now. She leapt through the building's entryway, taking only a few more steps before skidding to a halt next to her allies as sparks left her armoured boots against the cold hard ground, raising her large, round shield in one hand, broadsword in the other ready to strike, her muscles screaming as they fought to hold the former still against the fiercely humming energies of its charge. Her arm would be sore tomorrow, yes, but whoever she unleashed the waiting blast on would be feeling a whole lot worse.
  14. I'm excited for the next arc. I regrettably missed most of this RPG's history, so I'm looking forward to being there when it moves forward again. Nice to see people coming back, might get some traction back in the group.
  15. IC: Arankhe To describe the Cry-Lesterin's situation as unpleasant was an understatement. Even if the audiokinetic assault was directed at her enemies, sound did this wonderful thing of not wholly doing what you tell it to, even from just behind and well off to Krayn's side. Everything trembled. Her helmet shook on her head, making her entire skull positively buzz, and it was the least she could do to stop her teeth from chattering. Her armour vibrated, and indeed every muscle felt like it was about to shake right off. Tensing up only made it worse. She could almost see her sword vibrating in her hands, making it unpleasant to hold even through her glove, if the buzzing of her helmet and the high pitched ringing, drilling deep into her skull, was less of a distraction than it was. Still, under her helmeted visage she grinned as she maintained her stance, ready and attentive. Knowing the force occupying this city was experiencing it far, far worse amused her. She giggled at the idea of all the exploded eardrums they'd have to fix, though she never heard it, drowned out as soon as the sound left her lips. She shrugged her shoulders and tightened her grip on her sword. She had no fancy tricks like her companions, but she had no doubt someone would be trying to ruin their day very soon.
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