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  1. One of the Glatorian Arena games was officially allowed to download by anyone. Sadly my old laptop hard drive died and I had not backed up the game.
  2. Well, I think I know exactly what I would be, based on my SelfMOC. Once I have edited the backstory, I will take photos. But basically, my SelfMOC is an honorary Toa. A Toa of Destruction. Black, Gold, Gunmetal and clear Purple. His weapons and two B****** swords and a hammer. Mask is Mask of Control. Expect to see him soon.
  3. I started asking friends to give me a color scheme, element, weapon and mask, and I build them. My friends were very happy to see their characters made into a physical character. I think its a nice challenge, and it gives me practice. What about you doods?
  4. I thought it was strange that in the 2015 animations, Onua is far taller. I am considering making him taller one day.
  5. In that case there is a comprehensive guide to cover basic photography needs for good results. I suggest giving it a read. https://www.shopify.com/blog/12206313-the-ultimate-diy-guide-to-beautiful-product-photography Thank you! I will give it a read this weekend.
  6. Yeah, I went to make my MOCs look great in photos.
  7. I would really have loved if the Bionicle music CD actually was produced.
  8. Down Right Spiffy is here! Very detailed. How long did it take to make?
  9. The sad truth is that medication and doctor visits can't fix it all. I am going to live with a lot of my problems for the rest of my life. But I am happy to build MOCs and write stories.
  10. I will not tell the whole story, but I will tell the necessary parts. When I was younger, I had just started getting the Lego magazine, after getting the smallest Lego Ninjas set. I was was mainly into Throwbots, which seemed to be the coolest thing. I was reading through the latest Lego club magazine, and saw Bionicle. I thought "wow, this is cooler than Throwbots". My Dad was working at a toy store, so I had him pick up Tahu for me. Then that Christmas, I got the Nui-Jaga. And sadly, that would be my last Lego set before my mental disorders got bad. My life got turned on its head. Instead of Lego, I started spending my time on games more than ever because I was to depressed to build anything Lego. It was like that for years. I ended up in the hospital three years later. And then, my first Lego set after that was Skrall from the Glatorian wave. I rediscovered Bionicle, and started buying lots of Lego things. Not longe after, I found out about the Cancelation of Bionicle Gen 1. It hit me hard. I then started MOCing for a short while. But I could not build anything that nice, so I gave up on it. I started buying Lego Factory sets, even though it was not as great as Bionicle. When I found out about Gen 2, it was like I refound an old friend. then at the beginning of 2016, I started MOCing. And I finally was able to make something I could be proud of. One day, I was looking at youtube videos while my brother was playing Fallout on my PS4. I saw a TTV video that mentioned Bionicle was cancelled. As I clicked on the video, I was hoping to myself it was a joke. as I watched the video, I was hit hard. It was like I lost something that day. I went to my Mom, and told her what happened. I told her the the thing that lifted my spirits after my hospital stay was Bionicle. A week later, I saw how people were not giving up on MOCing and writing stories. I decided I would focus on writing the stories and making the characters that were moving around in my head. I really wish we will get Gen 3 one day, but until that happens, I will do my own thing. Bionicle was my last set before the worst part of my life, and the first Lego set after my hospital stay. It will always be a symbol of my recovery.
  11. I try to get sets every so often, but my focus is pieces for MOCing.
  12. Actually, my current SelfMOC used to use a 2016 torso, a unity piece, and a second unity piece to connect his wings. Now the only torso-ish piece I use is the hip piece from the metru/Inika build days. I still use torso armor, but I do that for appearance, not simplicity.
  13. Would you honestly trust him with your laundry? I wouldn't. You'd never get the Kraata slime out of the fabric. ugh... It's the ultimate evil plot.
  14. I want a Makuta Teridax that turns into a washing machine. ^_-
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