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  1. Last time we ever heard from this amazing alternate dimension, Tuyet, its ruler was killed and the matoran were leading a rebellion against the toa empire. What do you think happened? Did a new empire rise and take its place? Was the rebellion successful? Would toa still be guardians like the main universe or perhaps would another species take their place? 

  2. I think that it was smart of them to incorporate minifig forms of the heroes, it is something that I have wanted for a very long time. But, the story ending was just horrible. There were so many cliffhangers that went no where, the brains under the factory, the villain at the end of breakout and the beginning of brain attack and the lame cacoon in the hero pod at the end of invasion from below.  I feel the HF system had more potential, but HF did not have the budget for tons of new parts every year like bionicle did, especially in the beginning, making a whole new build for each new line each year.

  3. Personally, I am really disappointed with the "series finale". I though it was good but, it had a lot of flaws and so did some of the sets. I had some ideas that could have made it a whole lot better.


    Here are some reasons why the series finale stunk:

    1. They never gave Sibress, Saraw, General Sirox, Vultrix, General Crokenburg, Breezor (Who's design was horrible by the way), Trakkar, Tazar, Bulkar, General Icerlot, Iceklaw, Icebite or Icepaw any appearance or story relevance. 

    2. The Ice Bears had little importance in the story, they just show up and none of them even have speaking role.

    3. The Tiger's Mobile Command (My favorite set for the 2015 wave) only appeared for little more than 5 seconds. And like the ice bears have little importance.

    4. Strainor's Saber Cycle never appeared.

    5. Their is no explaination for how Tormak get his Shadow Blazer, it just shows up all of a sudden.

    6. Since Bladvic got Fire Robes and painted his face, he will probably appear like that in 70227 Bladvic's Bear Mech. So we probably won't get Bladvic's original variant in a set.

    7. Many of the characters from the show never appeared in any sets. For example, Queen Crunket, Runk, Rukus, Scrug, Bezar, Balkar, Reegull, Ripnik, etc.

    8. The design of Breezor was horrible, they didn't even create a new mold for him. They just used the Yeti body, which does not even look remotely like the beavers from show. It doesn't even have a tail.

    9. I don't think the hunters being healed by the illumination is good ending, plus Sir Fangar was the only one who was shown getting healed.

    10. They are just going to let the hunters off the hook... really? They tried to lock Chima in an endless winter, I think that's punishment worthy.

    11. The mood at the ending was perfect until Cragger ruined it when he was all, "Uh, quick question. How do we get down from here?".

  4. At the end of episode 41, the phoenix ascend to their "mother sun", the hunters are healed, all of chima is restored and everything is peaceful in chima. Not only that, but almost all of 2015 sets appear in episodes 40 and 41 (Except 70220). Does this mean that Chima is over? What do you think? Do you Chima should be continued or cancelled?

  5. Takanuva has to be my all time favorite toa, he is just an all around awesome character.


    1. He took the Makuta on his own (though I think he let him win because of his plan?)

    2. We got to follow his journey as a matoran and really got to love the character before he became a toa.

    3. His side stories in the alternate dimensions are awesome.

    4. Not only is he a Toa of Light, the ultimate weapon against darkness. He is the only Toa of Light in the Main Universe


    Really hope that they give him some form of appearance in the reboot later on. 

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