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    My name is Caleb. I grew up playing with bionicle and Lego Star Wars (pre-pink face era) while my older brother was a Lego castle fanatic and bricklink store owner. I played, bought, sold, traded, and modified to my heart's content until college kidnapped me.....now I am an avid jogger, Hedgehog owner, and husband of the most prettiest woman in the world. Nuff said.

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  1. I am selling roughly 70 pounds of Bionicles (I stood on the scale to figure it out). Short story? I grew up playing/collecting/trading/etc. but I haven't played with them in years and I do not have time to individually list them on Bricklink and go to the post office every other day. There are roughly 100 figures in this lot. I have instructions (as pictured) but that isn't a good gauge for the lot. For example, I do not have the gold color piraka mask/spine. I traded it when I was 14 with a friend for who knows what. Also, there are at least 2 Sidoraks in there, but I can't find the instructions. And so on and so on. I got some of the sets via clearance, ebay, bricklink, garage sales, Christmas, begging, prayer, etc. I am 99% sure all of the broken and modified pieces are separated from the lot. I went through to make sure. I am also 99% sure that all of the pieces have been washed at least once (my mom was a germaphobe). I was the kind of kid that liked to build figures and put them on the mantle (no joke). Occasionally I would enter them into our local fair's hobby show, but that is off the point. (Now note, the rubber bands have fallen apart/dissolved due to age) Rare masks, some instructions, good condition, LOTS of pieces, etc.I am looking for $750. Make offers, negotiate, discuss, ask lots of questions, etc.Because of the size of the lot I was planning on covering shipping. I have no idea how high it will be and that will depend on the buyer any way. I am NOT wanting to trade, divide the lot, etc. I am wanting some spending money for my wife this Christmas. $750 might seem steep; however, I grew up with an older brother who ran a bricklink store for years. Because of this I would help package, list, count, price, etc. Through those experiences I got a feel for pricing and $750 is reasonable, not a steal, but reasonable.Also, on ebay a pound of Bionicles seemed to go for about $10 a pound for plane jane pieces, so 70 x $10 of not so plane jane pieces + I'll cover the shipping = my reasoning. lol. Anyways, please ask me questions.
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