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  1. Onu-Koro is essentially empty. where did everyone go? (no joke, there haven't been any replies or comments on it in months.)
  2. I am 1 billion percent behind this because this means i can FINALLY rp as Azi without having to dilute or censor major parts of his character to fit the story! Whoever's idea this was, I'm currently trying to find a way to hug you through my screen!
  3. IC: Azureus "This friend of mine used to be my Team's leader. he was a Toa of Fire, at one point in his life at least... before the team had formed, he had a run in that ended with him being a Shadow Toa. Nobody knows how, but this Toa to this day continues to fight in the name of Mata Nui, even after his transformation.... Heroes can last, and Ahi is living, breathing proof of it..."
  4. IC: Azureus Azi looked over at the Skakdi, hearing what he had just said. "Trust me, you don't know how wrong you are with that statement, friend. A teammate of mine is living proof that heroes can last..."
  5. IC: Azureus Azi took the Toa's hand, pulling himself up as he dusted himself off. "I'm fine, thanks!" He grinned. "Sorry about that. When you're going that fast, it is reeeally hard to stop!"
  6. IC: Azureus Azi finished reading the book, and returned it to its place within the library before leaving. Feeling rather thirsty, he darted in the direction of one of the two bars, accidentally plowing head-on into another Toa, knocking the both of them over. He rubbed the back of his head, looking over at who he had just run into. "Um... Oops?" OOC: Azi interacting with Gairu
  7. IC: Azureus "Thank you." He walked over and grabbed the book off of the shelf, sitting down to read it.
  8. IC: Azureus he smiled back. "hi there. i'm familiarizing myself with Onu-Koro, and i want to learn more about the island. think you have anything for that?"
  9. IC: Azureus Azi walked into the library, looking around as he walked up to the front desk.
  10. IC: Azureus "Thanks." He had already been to four of the six locations on the Map, the only ones he hadn't been to were the library, and the Ussal Track. He decided to go to the library first, waving goodbye to the receptionist.
  11. IC: Azureus He circled the top three under 'Reason for Application' and Y Y N for the three questions involving his workspace. He also wrote Physical for which type of labor, and checked 'training assistant', 'delivery', and 'messenger' before filling out his reason for joining the Ussalry as "why not?"
  12. IC: Azureus He looked over the sheet for a few seconds, before filling it out. Name: Azureus Time on Mata Nui: about 3 to 4 days, unsure Previous Koro of Residence: Ga-Koro (unofficial citizen) Race: Toa Mask power where applicable: Kakama Element where applicable: Lightning General Description: I like booze, I'm fast, and I can throw lightning bolts whenever I please. I know a fair amount about repairing technology as well. Past Military experience: no military experience, but I was on a Toa Team prior to being washing up. Past criminal activity: Unknown Once everything was filled out, he handed it back to her. "Here you go. A job as a consultant sounds good for the time being..."
  13. i always thought that the Great Beings were similar to X-Men in the sense that their unnaturally high intelligence was a genetic mutation....
  14. yep. it's gives him that level of mess-your-pants-out-of-fear kinda scary that only Heath Ledger's Joker, Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and a handful of others could reach....
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