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  1. That is awesome! I wish I had so many Kranas!
  2. Hey guys, I think it would be awesome to open this topic about collection distribution and cleaning tips for your sets. How do you conservate them? Do you keep them on a closed or open space? I've a couple of them out of their canisters, mainly Glatorians and the Star sets. I dont have any sets from the new generation yet. I'm mostly focused in other hobbys right now. I'll start with mine here that I've updated recently: I've installed some LEDs as well. As you can see, not everything is Bionicle, I've some Gumpla kits that I really love too. Hope you guys like it!
  3. The mystical, hi-tec, indonesian paradise tribalist is what appeals more to me.
  4. No, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one that thought that. Again, that's my point of view, mostly because our critic sense grow with our age, and I consider myself not too old or young enough to assume it. I didnt know that the target public was 3-5 years old. Now, it makes more sense, but as T1Shadow said, their marketing seens a little bit low compared to what it used to be.
  5. There's no problem with you disliking the webisodes. Really! That's a legitimate and totally cool opinion. But saying that the storytelling is "poor," especially without giving any reasons why, feels pretty unfair to me. I personally thought that the approach of the animations was very solid, taking from the tried-and-true narrative of inexperienced newcomers who must be inducted into a fantastic new world to become its savior. The Toa themselves were oozing with character as much as 1:30 shorts would allow. They certainly aren't perfect, and the limited runtime is a definite weakness that cost them, but saying that the storytelling quality is poor seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of the issues they have. It's also rather weird that you're intimating with the topic title that 2015 doesn't have a story. Just because you don't like the webisodes, doesn't mean they don't "count". I apologize for what I did in the topic title, again, It was a personal approach and I ended up putting fuel on the fire for no reason. But backing up to the discussion, I think that the limited runtime is a decision from their part, not a issue. They have set up those rules when they decided they wanted a web series. Do you remember the early flash animations? They werent perfect at all, but for that time, you can see that they had special care in adding ambience to the world and visual/ character storytelling in the overall shots. Again, it was a different approach, that worked for that time, but didnt caused a estrangement for the narration side of things. Exactly, that is the point I want to mention here, seems it's lacking effort from their part. And that ends up in the overall quality.
  6. Yes, your point is relevant. But the Casual fans can be seem also as a entrance door to become a hardcore one, with this actual policy, they kill most of its base for that. Maybe they really dont want hardcore base anymore. A brief explanation doesnt necessary demands cheap storytelling. You can be straigh to the point and have quality to the final product at the same time. Maybe they dont want to invest the money. I just think that, having a web series like this, it's even better to not have a web series at all then.
  7. No exploiting, no hyping without a reason, better storyline. But again, those are just dreams.
  8. So I've just watched the episode 18 here: I'm going straigh to the point, I'd like to know your thoughts about it. My personal point of view is that this is just awful. Why? Well, there is a huge gap from what LEGO made with the franchise 14 years ago and what it is now. But I truly think this is exploiting. Not that they werent doing that since the start, but the storytelling quality here is definitely poor, and that dont just justify the target audience, 6-14 deserves better.
  9. Here's some node tests to the rocks, HDR map and composition result.
  10. Hello guys! So, long time no see since last time I've posted here. I'm coming back to showcase some personal project I've been working on for the last months and now I can share with you! It is an 3:00 minute long CG animated short with a release schedule to be launched on November 23th. Here you can follow the development blog: http://wipvault.tumblr.com/ I'm up to hear what you guys like and hopefully get some feedback apart from the technical stuff. I'm using Blender to modelling and Xnormal for baking maps. Cya!
  11. Have any one started playing it? What you guy think of it? I had plenty of fun so far, for me this is the game Lego Universe should have been. Here're some links from the game and my creations: http://store.steampowered.com/app/332310 http://steamcommunity.com/id/sir_kerub/screenshots/?appid=332310
  12. All my Bionicles will be buried alongside my body.
  13. Yeah, nice you guys liked the shelf! Talking about the stand, I've also installed some LEDs behind it so I can light then all at night: Ooops, Just fixed it! I'm also planing to do some stop motion with them in a distant future when I get some time for week releases, but only ideas for now. The feeling I have everytime I enter my room is like:
  14. Hey there, a few days ago some of my friends asked me to showcase how my bedroom feels like. So, I'm taking this oportunity to showcase all my Bionicle sets here as well! Enjoy! Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muJK17OKmaY&feature=youtu.be UPDATE: I've installed a new Shelf!
  15. Thanks! That was indeed the overall intention with his design.
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