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  1. Its one of those situations where there will be complaining about it being/not being from both ends of the scale. Let's say Bionicle doesn't come back until 2039. How many then will still want G1 to carry on?I'll carry the torch to my grave
  2. I think so, but I think it was more Tahu Nuva.
  3. However, I do not necessarily expect them to rise to the ridiculous aftermarket prices of many event-exclusive licensed minifigures. You're gonna be disappointed. Anyways, time to dig out this pic again: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Kongu389/Rares/rares.jpg I've since added an NYCC clear Hau and a trans-orange Hau. A couple of other treasures might be making their way into my collectinon soon as well. The interesting pieces are in the far-right column. From the top down: Hau Nuva misprint, Strakk helmet prototype, Zamor prototype, WMKK, metallic purple Akaku (Flintsmith custum) and trans-orange Miru (also Flintsmith). -Letagi Where did you get the Hau misprint? Edit: Large-ish quoted image linked. -Wind-
  4. What? You think it could be actually backstory?
  5. Exo- Force Lego Movie (Realms Concept has been explored before) Bionicle Lord of the Rings Minecraft Star Wars Agents/Ultra Monster Fighters? Clutch Powers Castle
  6. Yeah same for me. Complete set over masks anyday.
  7. This is the 3rd trans mask. Avalible at comic con http://bzpower.com/galimage.php?galimage=/Imaging/stories/2015-07-07_SDCC_Mask_Reveal.jpg
  8. Comic-con 3rd promotion- not a minifigure! http://bzpower.com/galimage.php?galimage=/Imaging/stories/2015-07-07_SDCC_Mask_Reveal.jpg
  9. I like Pohatu. But I don't like his price!
  10. Kopaka looks gr8. I like him with the red eye stalk.
  11. I keep my sets together and then take parts off them when I want to make a moc. For example. 2015 Gali will be a limbless husk for a while.
  12. Any idea on how to tweak summer sets?
  13. Why not the giant legion of spiders? Your no fun. (Does anyone get it?)
  14. Kulta, huh? So we are finally getting story. How much do you want to bet Kulta's in the new books? Scorpio is a pet, makes sense, considering he combines with him. Maybe they can combine at will? Dosen't explain much tho. Also theres those stupid leaks flying around
  15. I remember when the the Stars were leaked. I actually can't find any 2010 leaked pictures though. I remember the disappointment and hate and hatred in 2010.
  16. This is a topic about things people speculated, leaks, or assumptions,or theories that turned out to be false. I remember when people thought Makuta was wearing a Krana in a leaked image. I remember when people thought Elves was a Castle sub theme. I remember when people thought Gen2 was a continuation of Gen1.
  17. he he he ha Edit: Please try to add more substance to your posts! -Wind-
  18. The glove out of Bionicle parts I made.
  19. So, we thought the cover was going to reveal something. IT'S JUST TAHU'S BOX ART! Wow. I'm not disappointed, but wasn't expecting that.
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