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  1. hmmmm, I like it! Maybe I'll try my hand at a clean design too.
  2. thanks for y'all comments and feedback. Please check out the protector of water remake that I just posted
  3. Gamut Good day, This is my remake of the mod I did for the protector of water, the Leviathan. Feel free to let me know what you think Build I tried to make a dragon themed protector and incorporated elements that would make her exemplify qualities of a Leviathan: An undersea creature that is difficult to escape from underwater. A being that is so inseparable from the sea that she is more comfortable under than on dry land. The claws on her feet and dragon tail at the rear are meant to give a deadly, inhuman feel, such that even though she is a protector, she is somewhat of a beast at the same time. Some other dragon points I tried to bring out are the sort of layered scale design for the chest (a la the blue/white Y connectors), and a rhakshi carapace on the tail to give it a weightier appearance. No hidden chest launcher this time though. Pose with Wings outstretched- Normal standing front view- closeup of chest/head sideview with rhakshi carapace tail backview with wings stowed Group photo with the six protectors!-
  4. Good day, it has been a long time since my last MoC, but here it is!! I present a remake of my protector of Ice: the Yeti that I posted a few months back. Yeti was the first in this series; and once I had gone through other MoCs, I found his quality to be sorely lacking. His story is linked to the other protector mods. You can check out their links in my Sig. Gamut This series is dedicated to the previous protectors, those who looked forward to the Toa, but never saw the prophecy fulfilled. Those who fought the desperate struggle against evil in the Toa's stead. Protector of Ice - The Yeti's Background story The frigid plains of Okoto are both a haven and a deathtrap. It holds the lowest concentration of skull spiders, but if the spiders don't kill you, the environment will happily take up the torch. Due to this, the denizens of that era took to living deep under the snow, where they found protection against the cold, wild beasts, and spiders alike. This made yeti the most well-traveled of the six, as he could often leave his village knowing that his brethren are relatively safe. He was primarily a frontline fighter, possessing almost no ranged options save his launcher which he modified to function as a shotgun. Build I have been playing quite a bit of bloodborne lately, and I was fascinated by the transforming weapons, especially Gherman's sword/Sycthe. Therefore to pay homage, Yeti has two forms. The first is what he struts around with, and the second is his "emergency" measure. Let me know what y'all think. Should I keep to extremely short backstories, or move back to the long ones that I wrote for Jungle, Earth, and Stone? Front View Side Views: Showing the weapon sheath system on his back, and the swords behind his legs Swords Out: 2nd Form
  5. hmm hmm, I like this. Every one has their own unique flair.
  6. this embodies what I loved about original bionicle. Such complexity. If only us ccbs-overload users could learn how to do this. The combination of system with technic and bionicle is just.....clean. Ahhhh, looking at them warms your heart.
  7. Wow, I'm sitting here looking at my updated Protector of Ice mod, and I'm honestly embarrassed to post photos of it now. This Moc has so much character to it. It isn't just pieces slapped together for the cool factor. Much thought was put into it.
  8. truly, backstories are great fun to write.
  9. mm, inter-team conflict is best story conflict.
  10. MMmmm, I like the use of the Metru Nui sets. I think that the blue, silver, and white ones are rather good, but giving them signature weapons would be cool. EDIT: I didn't see the flickr album. Disregard whatever I said. This is a great team O.O
  11. I got a 404 not found. I personally use photobucket. If you upload in PNG format, you can directly place the photos into your post using the Image URL that photobucket gives you.
  12. Purely aesthetic. I didn't even know that they were called acid shields or that they had acid powers until you told me, and I googled them.
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