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  1. Having seen the movie, I'm going to call this thing a success and something that I would be terrified to run into at night.
  2. Massive respect for being able to create something cohesive at that scale. I can tell what each main body part is, and from what I can tell it looks solidly constructed. Normally, with so many colors I would complain about the color scheme, but you can tell easily what it's main colors are and the rest don't show up nearly as much, so it doesn't really feel too cluttered. I suppose my only complaints have to do with the lower body. I can tell where the torso is, but it seems (and this could just be the tail in the way, I can't really tell given the main picture's position) like it just goes directly into the legs from there, and the feet are pretty small.
  3. It does look pretty great with the cape on, but you've heard all of the complaints I have from everyone else. The blue on his hands really bothers me, unless you're trying to go for the purple gloves he had on his first suit. That said, I really, really do like the head and the overall look with the cape on. Very Batman. The Batman Beyond suit says "Hi."
  4. Set-wise, I think so, from my limited HF experience. Story-wise (Actually binged the HF story at some point for some reason), we'll have to see. This is what, month 5? If it's alright, I'd like to take a minute to go back to a previous line of discussion. I don't think that's true. The best example I've got to pull out of my bag of tricks (bag of holding, maybe?) is a Dungeons & Dragons thing. Let's say the players are going through a crowded street. As the Dungeon Master, you'd have dozens of minor NPCs around, with nearly no details to them. You'll only want to introduce details about those NPCs as they become important, usually through players doing their usual thing and talking to every NPC you never plan on them needing to talk to. It's not important to name a character or give them many other details until, for whatever reason, those details become important. Who an innkeep is doesn't become important unless the players constantly visit that inn and strike up conversations with him/her. This is beneficial because you can pull any NPC from that crowd and make them exactly who you need to be. To try my best and pull this back to something a bit more relevant, in MNOGII, they kind of did have to include the bare minimum for all of those characters who never showed up again. The game would have felt much more empty without those characters just being there and doing their thing. Sometimes, a name, a face, an occupation, and a line or two of dialogue is all you need. tl;dr: While sometimes you'll have to include the bare minimum of detail for otherwise unimportant characters, blank slates deserve a bit of credit themselves. You can mold them into what you need from almost nothing, which gives you some flexibility.
  5. Personally, I like CCBS more. I wouldn't say it makes G2 more for kids, it's just easier to build off of parts. It's easier for me to MOC with (when I actually want to MOC), so I don't really have any problems with it.
  6. I voted that yes, I love it, and that includes everything except the animations in my vote. That's not because I don't like the animations, but because that includes the story. It's not to say I don't like what we have of the story so far, but I can't really make a judgement until we've got the books and other stuff. As for everything else, I think the fact that I even got the one set I thought I wouldn't like and still have tons of fun with it is a pretty good indicator of the winter wave's overall quality. I really like the art style of the animations and the other artwork. The animations' style is simple but efficient, and the rest of the artwork so far reminds me of the really nice art we got back in G1. The contests are also nice, though I'm never really one for entering. I like the Mask Hunt a bit because you have to think outside the box for it.
  7. Well, if this were based on universe-saving potential, then I'd go with Matoro. But it's not, so I think I'm going to go with Kopaka. I liked both set versions of Nuju, as well as Nuju as a character, but we never saw too much of Kualus in the story, and I'm just kind of nostalgic for Kopaka Nuva's set. The first one, at any rate. I liked his weapons, his mask was one of the less hideous Nuva masks, and I just remember having a lot of fun with it as a toy. His personality resonates with me, too, with him being one of the more aloof and logical Toa. The 2015 rendition of the character as a set, if you count that, is pretty awesome as well. That's not to dicount Matoro, though. I liked both sets of him as a Toa, and he was nice, I think, for not being as cold (the pun's unitentional, I swear) as other Toa of Ice. Plus, you know, he saved a universe and made a heroic sacrifice in the process.
  8. For Protectors, I voted Ice. He's got no elbows, which isn't too great, but I really like the saw-blade and how his blaster has a bayonet. His color scheme works really well, too. As for the Toa, I pretty much like them all equally, but if I had to pick a favorite, my bias says Tahu. I've always liked dual-wielding characters, though that means I could just has well have picked Lewa, I feel like Tahu's surfboard works better than Lewa's glider things. I didn't think I'd like the Lord of Skull Spiders because of how few poses you can put it in, but the function works really well, and it's kinda fun, so in the end I actually like it as a toy. I've never had one of the '01 Rahi, but from what I understand, it's a bit like those.
  9. So, is this still getting worked on? It seemed fairly interesting; sadly, I don't think I'd be able to help at all. The only experience I've got with tabletop RPGs is a grand total of 3 sessions in an on-going campaign of 5th edition D&D as a DM, and since the system you're going for isn't too similar to what I'm used to... yeah.
  10. I've been playing Life is Strange and Dark Souls II lately. I was slightly disappointed with DSII, though that's not to say it's a bad game. It's just that it's known for being really, really, really difficult or something, and all I got was a bit more of a challenge than I'm used to. Besides that, it's a brilliant game from what I've played so far, 32 hours in. I haven't actually managed to play Dark Souls I or Demon's Souls yet, but I'd like to try them at some point. Not quite sure how to put what I think of Life is Strange into words. I think the first two episodes are fantastic, yes, and oh would I recommend them in a heartbeat, though that's not to say the game as a whole isn't flawed. The main characters are actually a lot like people I know: Teenagers who swear a fair bit more than they should (though I don't think they over-did it like some other games might), use dumb internet-slang offline, and are just generally more relateable for me because I'm like them. The lip-syncing on the dialogue is, to be frank, terrible, and I'm sure a lot of people would find the dialogue itself terrible (myself not included), but that's really all that I can hold against it right now. Well, that and the fact that it's episodic, which means I have to wait, and I want more yesterday.
  11. I voted female, since the Protectors are pretty much the Turaga all over again, but if the "father to son" thing was taken more literally than I'm imagining, then I'd be open to that, too. The Protector of Fire walking up to Tahu hunched over with a robe and staff in the animation is definitely a reference to Vakama, so I've taken to thinking of the other Protectors in the same way.
  12. Sounds like the topic got significantly derailed... I picked that Journey's End was the end, but this sums up my feelings on the first part of the poll more accurately: I will acknowledge things like the Red Star and Velika being a Great Being, because it's pretty clear to me from pre-2010 stuff that they planned to do stuff with that.
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