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  1. If I was still invested in Marvel I would have been more interested in there but as it stand I'm probably just going to let them pass on by. I would much rather wait for a non licensed wave. Onvermel
  2. Saw this recently and I gotta say I love it. Such a clean and smooth moc. I really don't see enough melded Teridax mocs around. However this makes up for the lack of them. Great job. Onvermel
  3. Let's just say the MANY orders didn't make it easy. As well I may have cleared out the last several red throwbot bodies off of bricklink. Yeah seemed to have gotten one way. Although this is an old thread. Okay time to end this side tangent. Also are items on this list still available?
  4. A very good first set. Also welcome brother. Onvermel
  5. Always a painful experience. Nothing is worse than instant regret.
  6. I like the idea of three-three. However I feel as if ice and water should be different as both technically control water so have one foreach gender and have earth and stone also have separate ones. Fire and air can also do the same. So for me I would be interested in seeing, Water, air, and earth-female and ice, stone, and fire as male. Give both side a earth and water "bender" in a sense. Onvermel
  7. I agree completely with this. However unfortunately brown sets just didn't appeal to kids. Pohatu despite being my favorite toa is cursed with brown just not being a colour most people would chose. He is the only 2001 set I remember seeing on shelves for a lengthy period of time all the way into 2004. This was so prevalent in my brothers childhood that it became an inside joke.
  8. Thanks! I might be willing to show how some of these are made. An particular ones you were curious about?
  9. I fully agree. Although I am also the guy with 7 mata Pohatu canisters. I am making "The Dream' a reality for me. I think all the toa I have double of their canisters as well as bohrok. Although one reason I have doubles and such is because some canister are different such as European canister compared to north American. Plus their are all the CD variants. Onvermel
  10. I say it counts. Also that is pretty much how I operate when it comes to buying canister sets. Well did as I got the last one not to long ago.
  11. This is great. Such a nice flow to the whole model. I particularly love how the skull mask flows with the torso. Also a very interesting backstory. -Onvermel-
  12. Hello everyone! So I too am in the search of the least of the kraata I need. I am mostly looking to just purchase as I don't have any extra kraata to trade. I have some krana if that interests you for trade as well as some mask but not a lot. Looking for -Stage 1- Plant Control (Copper/Black) -Stage 2- Density Control (Green/Metal-green),Electricity (Blue/red), Confusion (black/copper), Stage 3- Chain Lighting (Metal-bue/metal-green),Cyclone(metal-blue/silver), Statis field (metal-blue/pearl dark grey), -Stage 5- Chain Lighting (metal-blue/metal-green), Gravity (pearl dark grey/metal-green),Silence(lime/pearl dark grey),Cyclone(Meatl-blue/silver), Vacuum(yellow/lime), Dodge(yellow/dark gold),Molecular Disruption(dark gold/copper) Stage 6- Insect Control(yellow/black), Cyclone(metal-blue/silver), Accuracy(Red/blue), Vacuum(yellow/lime), Invulnerability(black/dark gold), Confusion(Black/copper) If anyone can help that would be groovy! -Onvermel-
  13. yeah I took the back labels of a most my Rahkshi. Cool to have them with the clear back but I wish I had kept them on. Nothing sus. I believe you
  14. I'm pretty sure I can chronologically list every Bionicle set in order I got them. Don't worry I won't do that. However the first set I got was Turaga Onewa which lead to basically every years first set being the brown ones. I am only missing one set at this moment so I know what my last one will be. Thornatus v9. I am waiting to get a sealed one at some point as to enjoy experiencing a brand new Bionicle set for the last time. I have never even held one in person. It will truly be a momentous day. Funny thing is both my first and last will both be tan sets. -Onvermel-
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