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    this reminds me of middle school
  1. I'm not really surprised just really bummed we aren't getting a final year or at least a final wave of sets. I really would have loved a makuta set. That Titan build in JtO is awesome and when I saw the contest video, I got really excited to get that next year. Oh well. G2 was a good run. I really did enjoy the last two years. It was nice to relive an important piece of my youth as an adult. I'm glad we got the sets that we did, they truly were incredible.
  2. Whoa where is that falcon thing from.
  3. Yeah it's been talked about amongst the community. It is definitely Tahu Master and not Uniter.
  4. Yup found all of them at my local TRU in Connecticut. Looks like they're at most TRU locations in the US
  5. Sidorak has always been my favorite. His color scheme is super typical of a bad guy, but it was perfect for his character. He was a bad guy even amongst bad guys. I loved his one blade hand arm. I loved his claw hand that could actually hold the rhotuka down. His feet always really impressed me. Definitely my favorite. Some others are Brutaka, Takadox, roodaka, keetongu, nocturn, karzahni, maxilos, krekka, nidhiki, and the Toa metru.
  6. All of them if the first place I can get them has them. I'm pretty hyped on umarak and stormy. This is a good year for bonkles.
  7. Oh snap so much hype!! Gonna hit up my local TRU tomorrow AM
  8. Okay I hate to spread potential misinformation, but I overheard a very peculiar conversation in a Lego store on Tuesday. Someone was asking an employee of the Lego store I was at about the Bionicle sets, and the employee said that sometime "soon" Lego is going to be pulling the Bionicle sets from the store and only offering them online. Whether or not he meant that store alone, or all stores, I do not know. I probably should have asked him what he meant myself, but I didn't for whatever dumb reason. The store is located in New York at the palisades mall, so I have no idea if this is just that one store, or this region, or whatever the heck it means, but I clearly heard him say they were specifically pulling Bionicle sets from their shelves.
  9. 1. For G2 to last at least as long as G1 did, if not longer 2. Bionicle as a whole to become a more respected Lego theme amongst the community 3. Karzahni pre-mutation set
  10. Tahu for me takes the win. He's one of the cooler looking of the bunch, I love his armor attachments, and his shoulders have the most solid connection of all the sets. His swords are also super fun and super intimidating.
  11. Am I reading the toy fair coverage wrong, or are we getting the summer wave in June and not August?
  12. Mata nui and Hal Jordan team up to fly through space and rek some bad guys. Really I have a whole fan fantasy of the green lantern corps arriving on spherus magna and getting involved in the core war. That would be a sick crossover comic series. The green lantern corps meets the Bionicle universe.
  13. I would definitely want to see more super heros. The ones that currently exist are kind of awful. I'd love to see them all re done and done better.
  14. I'm definitely going to get every set and I'm going to try to get every collectible I can. So far I have all the sets, the TOMoF, Tng bull skull mask, trans clear MoF, and the gold skull mask.
  15. I have most of my sets on display. Only a handful I don't have room for, and are thus in their containers.
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