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  1. How do you make games like this?
  2. Good idea! I might add it in my next book!
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. I know you might say that it's because of the sales but why the sales were dropping? I know the story was complex but, I think it's that the story was based on the mask of life. The idea was good but it was the same thing each year. It might also be the build. It was the same body build and the same weapons each time! When BIONICLE started, it was a "Mask Hunt" for the Toa and the kids. In 2004, the story was more of "Disk Hunt". Then, it was just the same "Mask of Life Hunt". I think that BIONICLE's ending was supposed to be because of the same purpose of the heroes. What do you think? Reply to this post about your theories!
  5. Good question... Greg! Come here for a sec!
  6. They should make something that says who read the reply...
  7. Lol i downloaded the wrong version Don't you remember the BIONICLE Mata Nui Adventures topic? the first book is released and I replied to your reply
  8. Hey, i thought i should help you out with the BZPRPG. When the character is speaking, they use parentheces. Like this: "HELLO?! Anyone here? Yes? No? I'm lost!" Instead of using the OOC tag. OOC stands for Out Of Character, and used when not speaking as the character. ;)

  9. IC: Alphuga did not hear any response from the village. But he did come to the great foyer. He screamed for help: -HELLO?! Anyone here? No? Yes? I'm lost!!!
  10. Hi! I'm a New RPer! I'm now RPing in Ko-Wahi
  11. IC: Alphuga traveled to Ko-Koro, without idea where he is. He heard a voice from a hut. OOC: Hello? Is someone there? Help me! I'm lost!
  12. IC: Alphuga Alphuga gets up. Confused, he has many questions. He doesn't know what to do. so he called for help OOC: Help! Anyone here? I'm lost!
  13. IC: Alphuga wakes up on the mount ihu after being unconscious for 2,550 years. he doesn't know much about himself
  14. Name: Alphuga Species: Unknown. Matoran with special powers Group: Ko-Matoran Element: Gravity Mask: Powerless Kakama Powers: He can use kanohi masks. He is able to perform many jobs. He can also use gravity powers. Weaknesses: Antidermis and shadow Tools: Different matoran tools. Mainly kohlii sticks and bamboo disks. History: No one knows, even Alphuga, what he was before. The only think he remembers is his last words that he said: -"And that's the legend!". He was unconscious for 2,550 years on mount Ihu. He never was in Metru Nui. The reason of his body is unknown. He thinks that he has greater powers. He does not believe he is a Ko-Matoran. Location: Mata Nui, Ko-Koro Picture: my profile
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