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  1. This is a fantastic build, and I wouldn't be surprised if a model like this was released in a future wave. My overall favorite part is the clever use of the shooter in the center.
  2. Gives a whole new meaning to "Til Death Do Us Part"
  3. The Black ones are harder to remove. I only have three of them and I can't remember where I got them. They have more friction than the blue ones
  4. Memory problems prevent me from being nostalgic. Though when ever I do get into a new set line, I still get involved. It's always fun building a new set. Then dismantling it five minutes later
  5. I have a feminine figure, my hands are no exception. I have small fingertips and nails to help take certain pieces apart. As for pieces I can't get? I have a tool I built using one of Gali's hook pieces. An axel, extender, and the hook. Press it into the hole I want to remove the peg. If it's an axel hole, I get the axel out, then pull on the hook to get the tool out. The tool is also very useful in removing other pieces. Such as system bricks. If you want I can post the tool's build in the MOCs section
  6. I have a similar problem. I can only create a moc by first Imagining it as a human. Too much work on World of Eres fixes that in my head.
  7. I don't want to sound negative when saying this, but I think Gen 2 Bionicle is going to flop. I've seen the summer sets, and have seen highly mixed feelings about it. Mostly with negative feedback on them. I don't think it's going to go well. I'll still buy sets, and still support Bionicle through and through, but I just don't think it'll last very long.
  8. Good luck. And to fishers, I can't download any new apps. My phone is stuffed. I trust my sister, and I always will. (We're twins ^π^)
  9. You don't have Windows Movie Maker? That comes standard with all windows systems, I thought. For Macs, pretty sure iMovie is beast. I don't have a computer either. Just a droid and 3ds.
  10. I think you lot me on this one Lass. While I know plants require Water and usually some form of Earth to protect the seed then roots as the plant grows. Though why air and fire? I mean I guess air relates to Oxygen and plants create that in photosynthesis? So they create it, they don't actually need it originally. But still one does not really need to manipulate all these elements to manipulate a plant but I guess one could try to hinder one via these elements.Controlling plant life requires not only moving plants to your whim but also making sure they are sustained while being used. Fire, Water, and Air would be used to accelerate photosynthesis. Earth would be used to give the faster growing roots room to expand. However, the control would still be incredibly limited. Only having enough power to make flames dance or wind make small gusts. Not powerful enough to be used on its own.
  11. "Are you ever going to get that How-To video done??" "I will when my nap is over." "You've been napping for two weeks."
  12. I would only see a toa of mud if the element was more complex. However, it's only a combination of two elements. If you want an example of a complex element, you have Plant life. Where you need to have small control over Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, in order to properly control the element.
  13. Gen 1 ends with the Toa Mata being sent off of Spherus Magna and landing on a distant planet.
  14. They're not the same, if they were then Matoro would still be alive. While I admit they do have similarities, they aren't taken the same way. In Bionicle, fusing is more mechanical, being only a feature. They can fuse to benefit a goal. In Steven Universe, Fusing is a type of intercourse. It requires communication and consent. The crystal gems use fusing as an emergency protocol due to the more powerful forms. But that is not the intended case. Fusions are for a permanent romance. Especially noted with Garnet and Stevonnie A kanohi can be removed from a toa without harm. If you remove a gem's gem, the body of light dissipates. When a gem is heavily damaged, its body retreats inside the gem. *insert Matoro picture here*
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