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  1. Well all my old bionicle books are falling apart, and I really want to keep them with me. So I am currently working on transcribing my old books to a digital format, so I can reprint and bind them into tomes for each saga. Trying to get others to help me with this project as well, but so far it is just me.
  2. In late 2008 I had an assignment where we needed to 3d model a toy. Since this was the first time I had 3d modeled I decided to do something simple like a Mctoran. Then decided to with simple and model Makuta Krika. During that assignment I realised that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I don't think it would have been as clear to me if I hadn't loved bionicle as much as I did.
  3. For some reason, I don't know why, but for some reason I thought I saw somewhere that Artahka wore the Mask of Creation from 2015. The description of Artahka's mask does fit the one from 2015. But since it seems that Okoto is in a separate timeline, I don't think we know what Artahka's mask actually looks like. Since we have seen very masks in G2 we don't know if it is just the Toa's masks that look similar, with the exception of Lewa and Gali's.
  4. Definitely Artahka. For most of the other characters we know what they look like from competitions or descriptions. But artahka's description was rather vague and I would love to see something official for what he would look like. Also I feel like he would come with some really cool exclusive parts.
  5. I was one of the people that thought it came from the words Biology and Mechanical. Interesting to know that I was wrong.
  6. Finally finished 'Tale of the Toa." Is there anyone that can help with 'Beware the Bohrok.' I will get through all of them myself at some point but would still love any help that I can get.
  7. The thing is I am not trying to scan them and put them out online, that has already been done here. Some of the books are over a decade old and were obviously not designed to last that long. It saddens me, when am afraid to turn the pages of some of them, because they will fall apart in my hands. I have a century old poem book, that is in better condition than some of them. If I could I would buy new versions of the books, but I can't because they are no longer in print. I am trying to provide a way, to renew the books that are getting to the point, where they can no longer be read. I could buy another online but I have no guarantee that they will be in any better shape than the ones I have. And I would much prefer to have the books in my hands rather than read from a screen. Finally, I have always been very shy and that is the reason I never joined the site. So I want the first thing I do here to benefit others, and help me get to know the community. I want to share what I love with others and give others the chance to read some of the stories they missed out on. No one is going to get hurt, or lose money if this is done, and in the end we will be helping to preserve the stories. P.S. I do appreciate your concern, but Lego seems to be fine with people freely sharing what media came from the first generation. If we can freely share all the games, videos and comics from the first gen, why should the books be any different.
  8. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

  9. I got in contact with Lego and Scholastic to try and get permission to do this project with others. Their reply was; that they were happy for me to do it myself, but were unable to approve any collaborative effort to do this on a larger scale or for myself to distribute my efforts to others. Since it seemed no one was interested in helping me anyway, I am going to continue this by myself and Post images of the finished results. Just not any of the Text. I am going to leave this here and continue to update as a checklist for myself. Right, I am going to get right to the point. Many of you like me will have noticed that your old bionicle books are beginning to fall apart. To get around this, I am attempting to transcribe the books to a digital format. To make it available for others that don't have access to the books. But those of you like me that prefer the feel of the actual books in your hands. Once all the chapters of a tome have been completed, I am going to print them out and bind them. I will post pictures of books when completed and if anyone else would like one I will be happy to make one for you. (At cost of production) This is going to be a huge undertaking by myself, and this is reason I joined BZP. I need your help, to complete all the chapters. If there is a chapter that you want to help with, that isn't being worked on, please comment and I will change the checklist. Or contact me on Skype. Green are chapters have been completed. Blue are chapters that are being worked on by myself or others. Orange are not being worked on by anyone. Books that are 100% can be downloaded from my drop box Tome 1: The Mata Nui Saga Tome 2: The Metru nui Saga P1 Tome 3: The Metru Nui Saga P2 Tome 4: The Voya Nui Saga Tome 5: The Mahri Nui Saga. Tome 6: Karda Nui Saga
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