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  1. The most I have ever see a Pearl Gold Kraakhan go for is $1000.
  2. It sold for $724, that $300 lower then the last one. I believe the most pricey one was 1k.
  3. I believe that I have seen this color before, there are companies that counterfeit, most are on AliExpress. Before Gen 2 came out you could get a lot of Gen 1 knockoffs that look super real. Now all the knockoff are Gen 2 parts.
  4. Lego 8596 Takanuva, Bionicle Mask, Avohkii, Molding Error, Rare https://www.ebay.com/itm/174933678255
  5. Pearl Gold Kraahkan $405 https://www.ebay.com/itm/185036477537
  6. 1. Find a damaged mask 2. Use Wood Filler on chips marks 3. Use Sand Paper to polish the spots that were filled 4. Spay mask with Black Gloss Spay, wait 10 hours 5. Use a Molotov Chrome Pen to paint the mask, wait 10 hours. 6. Spay with a UV-Resistant Clear Gloss wait 10 hours and you’re done.
  7. Just letting everyone know that they sold out on Kraata over labor day weekend.
  8. I cannot afford to buy their entire stock it would be a major investment on my part. What they have on display is not their full inventory. If I buy 80 they will discount the price to $1.75 = $140
  9. 3-D printing and 3-D design services. Hello, I am offering 3-D printed custom designed parts that are compatible with Lego Bionicle, such as masks, weapons and armor. Almost any design that can be found on sites such as www.thingiverse.com can be printed with my service. I reserve the right to refuse any design. My own designs which can be found on shapeways are also available for 3-D printing with my new service. Standard shipping is restricted to the continental United States. All fees Include PayPal Fees Service Fee’s 1 Item 6 Items Printing NA NA Air Brush Gray Primer Optional NA NA Air Brush – Primer, Color, Sealer. NA NA Shipping - USPS Priority Mail Flat $8.50 $8.50 No Returns – Only Shop Credit The following are examples of masks and other items that have been printed from my personal online portfolio as well open-source masks found on www.thingiverse.com. Hau Mata Krana Fussed Hau Mata Mask of Light and Shadow Mask of Partial Beam Travel Mask of Power Mask of Life -Thingverse Mask of Growth -Thingverse Armor Stand Armor Stand Equipped Swords And Spears
  10. There is a store near me that is selling its Kraata for $2.
  11. I plan to sent him on the BZPower convention circuit for 2021, if there is one. I am also working on chroming his swords and a Hau Nuva mask. The swords he has now are 3d printed glow in the dark parts.
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