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  1. IC: Nale Vella - Memory Crystal (Nynrah) The island of Nynrah so far reminded Nale of her own home, and simpler times. Less...violent ones. She realized that, like Aurax, she had appropriately returned to her Matoran form within the memory. Her blue had returned to gunmetal and black. Her adaptive armor was now a simple garment resting on her shoulders, with intricate patterns. Her spear was primitive-looking, hanging from her back. She watched the Iden-wearing Ghost phase through Knichou and look over the cliff. She wanted to ask his identity, but figured she would find out soon enough. @BULiK@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua
  2. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Ruins ("Datrox Plaza") Nale remembered when Stannis and Knichou had looked into a memory crystal, although it occured to her she had not taken part nor seen what was inside for herself--it was just retold to her. Knichou's garb made this seem like a more elaborate ritual than she had assumed. She sat next to Knichou and took his hand. @BULiK@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua
  3. IC: Triage - The Taku (Bridge) The medic thought for a moment. "It's been a long day," he replied, his chair turning slightly, now facing towards the other end of the ship. "The people here can help everyone from Ko-Pou get settled in. Just rest for now." @BULiK@Snelly
  4. IC: Triage - The Taku (Bridge) "Yeah, Rose knows all about that one," he replied to Vashni. He looked back to Berys once the Taku touched down and placed a hand on the Le-Matoran's shoulder. "Good landing. Now, I'll take the radio..." The medic's voice came over the ship's loudspeaker. "Taku, this is your doc...captain...speaking," he said, "we've arrived at Tobduk-Koro. Feel free to disembark." IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku Rose stretched and left the bridge, making her way towards the ship's ramp. "Up and at 'em, people." @BULiK@Snelly@Daniel the Finlander@everyone else on the ship
  5. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Ruins ("Datrox Plaza") The Aqua Sphere. That had to be it. It seemed everyone was after something there. Nale was somewhat surprised, however, by Knichou's request. Maybe not so much after experiencing the power of the Avohkii, but still impressed to see the Nynran repair his relationship with someone that, up to this point, he had openly hated. The Fa-Toa briefly smiled to herself at Knichou calling Aurax "brother." She then looked back to Caedast. "You chose us?" Nale asked the Aspect, genuinely curious. "Us all meeting, coming together now...was never coincidence. Were you planning this even in Onu-Metru?" @BULiK@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua IC: Jutori - Elemental Ruins of Water "Ah, right." He first donned his new Rau and waved to their Toa of Air companion. "Good luck, Skyra. It was...nice meeting you." Jutori had almost forgotten about the slabs. He took one and had barely come into contact with it before it became apart of his new form, now an extra layer of armor that was reacting to his surroundings and adjusting. The presence of water nearby seemed to be making the adaptive armor change shape in case the Toa of Gravity would need to take a swim. He caught up with Kilo to the entrance. "So you want me to help you pilot that thing?" @pokemonlover360@Snelly
  6. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Ruins ("Datrox Plaza") "I see," was all Nale could manage to say, bathed in the light of the Avohkii. Given understanding by its rays. Enlightenment. It was like the sunshine after a storm, cutting through the dark clouds and revealing blue sky. A weight had been lifted off of her in the moment. Her past didn't matter, the now did. The world had to be healed. The Aspect before her, her perception of him, would never be the same. But that was because she had seen reality, unhindered by personal views. Truth. Any indecisiveness she had towards him was gone. Her adaptive armor finally relaxed, resting against the familar form of the Toa of Magnetism. The Avohkii's light faded. "So this is how we fix the world. And make sure the world doesn't have to be fixed again." @BULiK@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua
  7. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Ruins ("Datrox Plaza") Nale did not return Knichou's gaze, instead transfixed on the form of Stannis and the legendary mask he now wore--or Caedast, as her partner had called the Aspect. Nale couldn't form the name on her tongue, too used to calling the being before them by the name she had always known him by. She was conflicted, in a way she never had been before. But she was not going to look to Knichou, or Stannis, or anyone for guidance here. Nale no longer knew what to think of him. Hiding his true form from her had already affected her trust in Stannis, and it left her shaken on what to do next. But time was ticking. Her lips kept parting, like she was going to speak and answer the Aspect, but nothing was coming out. Her adaptive armor was just as confused by what she was feeling, not knowing whether to prepare itself for battle or relax for an ally. Her fists tightened. But her optics didn't leave the form of Stannis. "...and what would you have us do, then?" It was no agreement. Not yet. @BULiK@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua
  8. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Ruins ("Datrox Plaza") Nale began to shake her head. Disbelief. The way this voice said her name, this entity that had taken over Aurax...this could only be... "...Brother Stannis? It can't be, how...?" "How" was her first of many questions. @BULiK@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua
  9. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Ruins ("Datrox Plaza") Nale stepped forward, confused. "That isn't funny, Aurax." @BULiK@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua
  10. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Ruins ("Datrox Plaza") Nale's optics shot towards a nearby derelict building to hide them widening in surprise. This was Knichou's bargain? Forget about Ehlek. He would undo whatever spell Stannis had the false Barraki under--more evidence towards Stannis' status as something more. But this was their best shot at stopping the world ending again, and her partner was right--how can you save the world if there is no world left to save? She looked back to the pair of Toa and the machine. Speaking of, what was the Exo-Toa even doing here? One of Aurax's soldiers? "Well, I was thinking we could just carry you piggyback and jetpack you away," she quipped. @BULiK@~Xemnas~@Snelly IC: Triage - The Taku (Bridge) "...can you repeat the last one?" @BULiK
  11. IC: Nale Vella - Elemental Ruins of Ice (Flight Test) "I know you will." Nale took everything Knichou had said in. He always managed to turn things into an intimate moment--even giving flight advice. She took a confident step forward, the words please fly and please don't fall the only things on her mind before the Fa-Toa leapt into the air. Like Knichou before her, boosters formed on the end of her limbs with a pair of thrusters on her back. Her armor adjusted to flight, becoming even more aerodynamic, and forming a yellow-green filter over her optics to protect her vision. And she flew. She reached an apex high above Knichou and the Ruins, her heartlight racing. She was doing it. Although she wasn't quite graceful, she was still managing to control her flight with ease, moving left and right as she rose. Nale was ecstatic like a Matoran on Naming Day. She felt like she could fly all the way to the stars. Her joy, however, was interrupted by an orange glow on the mainland. She paused to hover in the air and get a better look, and realized it was a wildfire of incredible size, almost carving a path through the island with burnt land. Nale returned to the ground, looking shaken. "Pilot training is over, I think. We have to get moving," she said the moment her boots touched the ground again. "Not only is the island disappearing, it's on fire." @BULiK
  12. IC: Jutori - Elemental Ruins of Water Despite the pain he had just felt, Jutori forced himself to stand triumphantly. Steam rose from his new form, and he began to investigate for any changes. Jutori's hand touched his mask and he realized it had melded to his face. Was his face, now. Just like he had been warned of before. He turned to Kilo. "It's...fine," he said, wincing. It wasn't. "I've dealt with a lot up to this point, I can take it." Something told him that, despite his changes, he could still access the power of his Mahiki. He managed to walk over to the Kralhi and rummage through the lootpile himself, pulling the distinct shape of a Rau from it. Holding it at his side by the eyeholes, he turned to face the golden light behind him and take in Skyra NUVA's new form, raising an arm to protect his optics. "Welcome...back." @pokemonlover360@Snelly
  13. @Unreliable Narrator I knew something was missing, I guess that's what happens when you haven't updated a profile since the first game. Let me know if the one I added is adequate.
  14. IC: Nale Vella - Elemental Ruins of Ice "Then I suppose the sooner we get to Mi-Kiri, the sooner we get some answers." Maybe it really was denial, since Knichou's words had done little to change her mind. She had wanted to discuss it more, but with so much happening the Fa-Toa was preoccupied with the more important situation of "saving the day." Once they reached the exit of the ruins, Nale turned to Knichou again. She gestured to her back. "So do I just think it, and the jetpack appears?" IC: Triage and Rose (MC) - The Taku (Bridge) Rose was still there. She returned to the bridge, excited by the new armor she now wore. She noticed that Triangl--no, that wasn't right. What was his name? Triad? Topiary? More words that start with T? She shrugged at herself. The doc. He was sitting in the most important-looking seat, now. "Nice upgrade, Tri-Guy." Sort-of ignoring Rose, the medic turned around his seat to face Berys, lifting his arms up in surprise. "Buttons? I almost--what are these for?" @Snelly@BULiK
  15. Name: Jutori NUVA Proxima Species/Breed: Toa of Gravity Faction: Refugees Description: An overall heroic frame and appearance, Jutori's armor has had a slight change in shade, the purple becoming lighter and the black now resembling a dark grey. It also appears iridescent at certain angles and lighting, revealing a slight blue hue--a possible side effect of the radiation from the light of Tren Krom. His mask has fused to his face, and now is his face, with emerald green eyes peeking through. Jutori's height has increased slightly after his power-up. Equipment: A sledgehammer given to him by Knichou, now transformed into a Toa tool to focus his element. A Kanohi Rau, Mask of Translation, taken from the loot piles in the Ruins of Water. Replacement for his fused Mahiki. Powers: Can create and control gravity with increased mastery. He can share his element with up to two other willing creatures in his line of sight and elemental range. After fusing to his face, his Kanohi Mahiki's powers are now a breed quirk. He can create optical illusions and shapeshift into another form. He can change the way others see him and imitate voices, but cannot copy any powers the original has. Personality: Fulfilling his life-long dream of Toahood has given him a new sense of purpose and bravery. He has become more determined after his experience fighting Arkius in the Earth Ruins, and is now more comfortable with his role as a Toa. Background: Originally believing he had been dealt a bad hand in life, Jutori thought his destiny was to become a heroic Toa. Joining together with a group of varied individuals (who could possibly be referred to as an "odd company"), they discovered the Onu-Metru great disk deep in the Archives, and then merged with the crew of the Taku to uncover Po-Metru's disk. Whether his belief was true, or it has all simply been a matter of circumstance, Jutori has now gone from an odd Matoran to a heroic-looking Toa of Gravity, and now seeks to defend Metru Nui from ruin. Following the impact, Jutori reunited with the Odd Company and explored the Ruins of Stone, discovering the power of NUVA. Once they acquired a Great Disk, Atamai and the Toa of Earth Arkius were transformed, although Jutori was left skeptical of the power-up after personality shifts in both Toa. Afterwards, the changed Arkius took him, the Toa of Fire Katrin, and Kilo on a quest through the Earth Ruins where the three Toa fought when Arkius was angered upon Kilo wanting the power-up (intending it for Jutori and Katrin). After a brutal fight, Kilo and Kat were transformed, Arkius was split in two (as the "good" Onaku, and the "evil" Arkius), but Jutori remained the same. Injured and weary, Jutori stayed in the hospital in Kini-Koro for some time alongside Kat, missing out on an entire Riteborn attack and left debating his next moves. Eventually, Jutori realized there was no use in doing nothing (and the game was about to end), and returned to action to reunite with Kilo, meet the hyper Toa of Air Skyra Daring, and finally accept the call and take on NUVA Proxima himself. Flaws: Still somewhat stubborn, and his greediness for power as a Matoran has developed into a greediness in combat--there's a good chance that if he believes he has the upper hand, he will go all out to secure victory. Past injuries that have not been given time to heal properly has left him more of a glass cannon in combat, strong but vulnerable.
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