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  1. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Somewhere In The Wastes Savrehn removed his backpack (with a relieved sigh) and sat down. He pulled out his own flask and took a large swig. “Your pet—the Hapaka,” he pointed to their watchdog, “he’s a smart one. You’ve trained him well.” He took another sip, then casually offered the flask to Atamai as he continued speaking. “I assume it’s a mutual thing. You provide for eachother, and in turn look out for eachother.” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
  2. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea “Quick?” Nale asked, putting down her glass after investigating again and finding, yes, it was still empty. “Uh, well…” She thought for a moment, but found it hard to come up with anything coherent. She also found it a bit hard to explain who Makuta was, since she was so used to him being common knowledge. Nale took a deep breath. “Well, I guess you could say there’s a few aspects of Makuta. He’s Mata Nui’s brother. But like, his really ###### brother who wants to make everything dark. Like his opposite. Or, uh, yeah. He’s pretty scary. Or, was, or…” The Fa-Matoran shuffled in her seat and almost knocked her glass over. “Oops! Uh, where was I…oh! He’s the biggest of the bad. Every time someone just mentions his name I get all shaky—am I shaking?—and reeeally nervous. But maybe not as much now because of the cider. Yeah.” She looked around the table and blinked a few times. “That’s Makuta.” OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta
  3. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea Nale lowered her hand she was going to enthusiastically raise in response (“Of course it does!”) and rested her head against it to listen. OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta
  4. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets His expression changed. Even if Kohra had not meant it, her outburst reminded Datrox that he was beginning to take this conversation less seriously than he should have been. He became more stern, nodding along as the Vortixx recounted what she could remember. More like a Koro guard taking a witness testimony than a stranger trying to get to the bottom of another stranger’s muddled memories. It wasn’t much, but it was something. “It’s alright. I can tell you’ve been through a lot,” he said, trying not to wince at himself for stating the obvious. “I just…don’t know what any of it means.” Just who are you? All that stuff you said was kinda…scary. “Look, I’ll speak plainly, ma’am,” Datrox then said, slipping back into his persona of a lonesome drifter. He pulled back his cloak and placed a hand on his chest, just beneath his heartlight. “I want to keep helping you—however I can. Because the alternative is, well, I walk away and you stay confused as to who you were. And that just doesn’t sit right with me.” If Kohra looked, she could see it in the Toa of Fire’s optics—he was being genuine. He wasn’t doing this because he expected anything out of it. “But that depends on one thing...do you want to remember who you were?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  5. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea “The sashimi,” Nale answered Lekua, “and if you’re thirsty the cider isn’t half-bad either!” She raised her glass and grinned, before going to take sip and realizing it was empty. “Oh, I need a refill again…” OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta
  6. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Somewhere In The Wastes He was being more talkative than usual, now that he thought of it. Savrehn figured it must have been his nervousness. He gradually became more quiet, letting the Wahi do the talking as they progressed. The alpinist figured Atamai would appreciate him not giving the Ta-Matoran a hard time, anyhow. At least for a bit. After some walking, he spoke up again. “We’re getting closer, but we’ve been walking for a while.” He adjusted his shoulders, beginning to feel the weight of his backpack. “Might do some good to find a spot to settle. Take a quick rest, then move on.” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
  7. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets “You have to remember something,” Datrox said, tapping his temple with his index finger. He had noticed her odd change of expression. Had he said something wrong? “Can’t be all bad. These images—what do you see?” He wasn’t sure where this was going, or even what he hoped to accomplish. He really just wanted to figure out Kohra’s deal. At first, Datrox had assumed her to simply be a vagrant, down on her luck. Maybe something closer to what he was. Someone with nowhere to go, looking for some place to be. Instead, he had the feeling he had stumbled into something he wasn’t meant to. Like he was trespassing. “It might help, you know. Help you figure out who you are, or what you were doing before you got here. And, well, you can’t blame me for being curious when you talk so cryptic.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  8. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets “It’s that sort of thing, huh?” Datrox nodded, as if he understood. “Rough past? Did some things you regret now? I guess that would explain how you ended up like this.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  9. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Somewhere In The Wastes He chuckled, the snow crunching beneath his feet. “My eyesight is as good as it’s always been. The fresh snow must have covered it up already.” Savrehn’s demeanor then changed to gravely serious as he looked to Atamai again. “But we are in their territory. Keep your eyes open. Maybe you can bore one to death with a history lesson.” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
  10. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets He cocked his head to one side in curiosity. Had she forgotten his name already, or did she think they had met before? He was certain they had not, but when you spend most of your life back and forth between Koros your memory eventually has trouble keeping everything straight. “Datrox. Well, Datrox Karvan but I don’t give out the full name as often now. Most people just reply ‘who?’ so it doesn’t have much effect.” The Ta-Toa gently placed a hand on the Vortixx’s shoulder to try and help keep her steady. Even after quenching her thirst she still seemed broken, and Datrox was beginning to remember he wasn’t very good at fixing people. “You wouldn’t know me. Nobody knows me. Just the way it is when you can’t keep your feet in one place for too long—hard to be social.” He paused, and his hand started to slip off her shoulder. The expression on his Huna became distant. “But as long as people remember you in the first place, I guess the name they remember you by doesn’t matter.” Datrox was suddenly focused again, now looking concerned as ever. “You have somewhere to stay? Or are you more like…me.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  11. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea She smiled at the Le-Matoran that had winked at her and gestured to the table. “We ordered more than enough to share around,” Nale said, her concern for Nara’s wallet now under a deep pool of cider she had drank. “I’d love to hear your story after making an entrance like that. I’m Nale, by the way.” OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta
  12. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Somewhere In The Wastes The Ko-Matoran was at home out here. His real home, not a cozy hut back in the Koro or anything like that. In his element, although perhaps not as literally as he could be as a Matoran. He wondered how Atamai was holding up so far. Maybe he was regretting this excursion already. Savrehn checked the map often. He didn’t need a reminder of where they were going, nor was his sense of direction so poor he was afraid they would get lost—he was becoming more nervous, the question marks they were heading towards making him feel an odd sense of dread. Maybe it was because they were bringing along a newbie, and if anything bad happened to Atamai out here it would be on the alpinist or Kreigero. Maybe it was something else. He looked over at the Ta-Matoran. “Watch your step there,” he said suddenly, pointing to a random area of snow. “Muaka footprints.” There weren’t any, but he did want to make the Ta-Matoran jump. OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
  13. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets “You’re telling me.” Datrox looked up at the buildings, the walls, around the pair. He remembered the old Po-Koro. He remembered what now felt like a different time altogether. It was not nostalgia, just memories. “I barely recognize the place. But hey, it’s all in the name of progress, right?” He looked back to Kohra. She looked better, kind of. “I’m glad I could help out a little. Not really sure why I came here today in the first place, actually.” Datrox half-smiled. “Maybe it was some good luck we crossed paths.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  14. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea Zataka’s rear? That was a new one. Nale shrugged, seemingly not bothered by the appearance of the Le-Matoran and his Kahu. “You’d be surprised,” she said to Eita. “People around here always know how to make an entrance.” She raised her head to look over at the newly-arrived patron. “Nice landing!” OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta
  15. IC: Nale - Ga-Koro - Great Takea “Sounds interesting,” Nale said. “Being able to go inside other people’s minds, I mean. Might end up seeing more than you want to some times, though.” OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel
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