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  1. You threatened me, I don't take threats lightly. I demand a paragraph long apology RIGHT NOW. Or else you and I are gonna start on the VERY WRONG foot.
  2. I think this guy needs to have that done, so he can really be sure of the difference. (mean jokes). I think you need to shut up. Because what you just said is gonna make you my enemy.
  3. That is the point. It has been answered so many times that many of us are tired of seeing it asked over and over again. We have all explained it to you the best that we can. Honestly, the story team never gave us an official description of why the elements are different, so we've had to come to some general agreements on what makes the most sense about it. One more time: Stone--sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic material that is super-dense, solid, and dry. Earth--loose, grainy, moist material including soil, clay, and mud. Plants grow and thrive in this stuff. That is the difference. Have we answered your question? So now you're giving me non-cannon information? Don't waste my time.
  4. Bruh, like wha.... Did you even read the title of the topic?! Positives, positives +'s +'s.... Sorry, just expressing my freedom of speech. A positive of it is that it's got some cool designs. But the rest sucks, it sucks so much it makes so angry i'm very mad I HATE G2.
  5. I'm pretty sure the planet is more dense than some rocks on it. You can't explain that. Also quit trying to censor questions. Nazi's liked to do that. If you're going to ask a question, don't insult everyone that tries to answer you. I did not say "planet," I said "material." We're talking about the element of Earth, which is the soil and clay that living things grow in. The element of Earth does not mean "The Planet Earth." If it did, then it would mean a Toa of Earth commands literally everything. And it's not censoring if it's been asked time and time again and we're all sick of seeing the same question asked over and over again. If you're sick of seeing the question than you answer it. You don't talk about blocking MY THREADS. I won't be talked down to like that.
  6. I'm pretty sure the planet is more dense than some rocks on it. You can't explain that. Also quit trying to censor questions. Nazi's liked to do that. I second this. So, Earth day is Rock Day. Hm... Not how I remembered it. Earth day is about consumerist shaming, nothing else. I don't see how the irrelevant sentence has ANYTHING to do with the topic.
  7. This isn't a good enough explanation, next time, try giving me a real reason outside of rhetorical . Earth is NOT dirt.
  8. G2 sucks Seriously, CCBS is a bad system, it's so shallow like it's for babies Play the real game, play G1.
  9. I was wondering, what's the difference between stone and earth, IRL (in real life) they're basically the same thing, so it's a little stupid. So i'm really confused , i'm more of a casual watcher, I sometimes browse this website and would really like to get in on the lore. (Dual moniter set-up)
  10. You're soooo entitled. You know that?
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