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  1. throwing my two cents at this: BIONICLE G2 failed and I honestly think it's way too soon to bring the series back, officially or unofficially. it's simply overwhelming that we're getting teasers of a potential continuation that's made by Faber surely, but all it's gonna do is probably make BIONICLE's reputation worse - people on /biog/ said it, I've said it on multiple discord chats and people are trying to be at least critical for once. However there's a majority of people who don't realize it's simply a waste to bring back BIONICLE as both a brand and IP. now I don't wanna bash you guys for wanting the theme's return but there's a greater reason why G2 failed and cemented its impact at the hearts of many and especially LEGO themselves. Faber, whatever you're doing, don't capitalise on nostalgia. make something new and fresh - I really enjoyed Rebel Nature and it could've been way more interesting yet doing these BIONICLE teasers is not going to help anybody, in fact, it's going to make things worse as time goes by. regardless, I wish you'll enjoy working on this project.
  2. I already did, but this just coming up on my google search results is just plain out weird. but I'm 99% sure this might be a ruse or some stupid april fools prank, but if it's true then now what? ccbs since G2 was dying and probably wouldn't last for long, sw ccbs is a prime example of that. the system in itself is flawed sure, but same goes for technic G1. the thing here is just that lego was going full on with this (remember the announcement where they told us to raise awareness of said theme?) and that seemed to die utterly. on one side, I'm glad that ccbs is going out, on the other side though, no constraction would probably be better for the time being.
  3. https://brickset.com/sets/theme-Bionicle-Reboot?query=2019 real , but tbh if this even happens, don't blame me for making this place active again lmao but honestly, BIONICLE coming back is less likely than me getting a gf so what gives...
  4. finna nut over bzpower being dead

  5. it taught me to make lewd mocs and to be a stupid moron
  6. gee' i wonder what would happen if lego continued with the kal formula and see if they'll still exist...
  7. I ship myself with
  8. what you did here was brilliant! by that I mean, it's honestly pretty great. the thing I've always wondered about if anybody here has ever done anything with mixing both system and ccbs, which is imo, the definfite way of making really great looking mocs AND essential for lego if they want to see constraction rise - with all of the naysayers of ccbs these days it's kinda weird to see people try and see if they can do something here in a simliar fashion as yours. with the human head, it honestly comes down to how you're going to use it or not because tbh, they look terrible. heck even galidor of all things has better human molds than sw ccbs, shocking I know but as always, great moc and I hope it'll go through!
  9. yo it's that time for the year again, asking bzpower as usual which kind of G3 do they want and why. for me at least, I want to see a new building system that kinda mixes in both ccbs and the old technic joints - whilst improving on both and doing something different, something like KK2 - but without the posability flaw. because by looking at it, it'll please both parties of naysayers of ccbs and people who like ccbs. the story however, would be either similiar in fasnion to G2 or something brand new. but tbh, as some people here, what I really want to see is something at least giving the same sorta feel as bionicle g1. not a contiunation no-no, simliar in concept, but not the same thing. so yeah, go for it I guess.
  10. yeah, I'm actually being serious here. So who's your waifu? Mine's macku, but y'all know that love isn't canon. so yeah go for it i guess
  11. AccODDING to mt Uncl3 b0nkles are c0mng bacc in 2020 well get 28329 movies, 7281 books and 27 games ang wishiny games its truuuuuu
  12. Hey there, welcome to the site. Let me know if you need any help.

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      Thanks! I used this account mostly for lurking the forums though, but this time I'm gonna be active!

  13. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

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