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  1. Timak was starting to consider asking a second time, the guard having been rather vague about whether the Akiri was accepting visitors or not. They were keen not to make a bad first impression though, so they simply turned their gaze to the floor and scuffed their feet idly, becoming lost in thought... completely missing the growing crowd that gathered way behind, at the docks. The guard noticed, of course. Timak was stirred out of their daydreaming by the guard's sudden entry to the hut, and looked up at the mention of "dragon". Dragon?! How in the world did I miss that? Must have happened while I was walking over here... A familiar face burst through the open door. “Timak? Have you been waiting out here this entire time?’ "Oh! Well I didn't want to interrupt anything important, I was just hoping to introduce myself to the Akiri since.. well, I'm new in town. But I suppose that goes for half the population now, right?" They turned to look at the growing crowd in the distance. "I take it you're off to see what all that's about?" ooc: @Vezok's Friend, and @ARROW404 ? (if you're still hanging out with Leah)
  2. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro "Vines and flowers? That sounds pretty," Timak smiles, "I'm sure I won't miss it then. Thanks!" They raise the half-eaten bread. "And thanks for the food as well, I feel much better now!" Turning on a heel, they almost skip away in the direction of the market, feeling in such a light mood. But, they don't, remembering that that's probably not a normal thing to do. Suddenly a thought crosses Timak's mind and they turn after a couple of steps, calling back with a wave - "I owe you a favour, catch me again next time you need anything and I'll do my best!" Now, turning to the route ahead, Timak finds themselves walking at quite a good pace, long legs striding through the crowds with an eager bounce. Things were finally starting to come into place, and they couldn't help smiling at the idea that they would soon be making themselves useful. Whether that idea came to fruition remained to be seen, depending on what happened when they introduced themselves to the Akiri, but that didn't stop the Toa's hopeful mood. Unable to keep their eagerness in check, their pace sped into a jog, briskly bounding along across the lilypads and boardwalks. After not too long they came across the thoroughfare, and slowed to admire the scene, passing by the memorial flowers and sparing them a respectful glance, unable to actually stop still, but thinking to themselves how well those honoured fallen must have succeeded, considering the beautiful state of the village at present. Eventually coming into the park with the Akiri's hut, they slowed to a walk once more, looking for the hut with the guards. Spotting it, Timak stopped to shake out the excitement; settling into a calmer demeanour and clearing their throat. Then they approached the guards. "Good evening.. I'm a new arrival on the island. May I speak to the Akiri? I was sent here without my memories, but I want to offer my help in whatever I can." ooc: Thanks @Mel ! And - hello @Vezok's Friend @ARROW404 @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl feel free to bunny Timak into the house if it makes things flow easier e.g. "guard says yes. X watches Timak wander cautiously into the hut, looking around at the odd scene before them"
  3. [IC: Timak, East Ga-Koro Fishery District] Timak takes the yucca bread gratefully, smiling. "I hope I didn't make a nuisance of myself. I'm really grateful for you introducing me to this village in such a meaningful way." They think for a moment, taking a bite of the bread and chewing slowly. "Ko..? I'm guessing that's Ko-Koro, like Ga-Koro? It sounds nice, but on balance, I think I'll go meet up with Leah Maru and Kimala at the Akiri's hut since I'm already right here. The Akiri is the boss here, right? I would hope they might be pleased to hear of a new Toa in their town, even if I'm pretty much a blank slate at the moment... but then again, maybe that's a good thing." "It's that way, right?" - Timak gestures vaguely with the bread, back in the direction they came, secretly hoping for more than a 'yes' to help them on their way. ooc: @Mel
  4. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro East Fishery District Surprised by the sudden outburst, Timak takes a step back, concerned. "Are you alright? Did you burn your hand...or, did I say something...?" Seeing the look on her face, they come to a decision without waiting for an answer. "I should change back. This is obviously stressing you out." And with another few seconds of mask-glowing, the Toa was back to their normal height and appearance. "Well, I know one thing. I'm not a real Toa yet. I'm just a tall gray matoran without a clue what they're here for." They sit back down, and finish off the last few mouthfuls of their soup, thinking. "I want to talk with someone in charge.. maybe they can give me something useful to do." ooc: @Mel
  5. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro Fishery District Timak thinks about this for a moment while chewing on a chunk of fish. "Well" - picking out a stray fish bone and flicking it into the water - "I suppose I must have come from overseas, given that I arrived here in a canister, but I can't make out any memories of the places I've been.. or even... even any people I might have known." They tipped the half-full bowl of stew from side to side, watching it move about, but really their mind was very far away. "It's hazy but... I was by the sea. I remember finding that canister somehow... and in that moment, in my head, the only correct thing to do was to get into it. I think the Great Spirit wanted me to. The canister was ...bigger then ..." - they look at their hand holding the bowl, seeing how it fits more easily into one palm compared to Talli's - "or, was I smaller?" The tall Toa sits incredibly still beside Talli, staring out to sea, the stew forgotten. "How can that be? Did I become a Toa... inside the canister?", they mutter, raising a hand to their face and feeling for the first time the unfamiliar shape of their mask, more angular than their blurred memory of it... ".. Why? Mata Nui... what did you send me here for?" They stand slowly, having enough presence of mind to place the stew carefully on the pier beside them. They look upon the Ga-Matoran with a new sense of recognition. A deep breath, eyes fixed on her face... and Timak's mask begins to glow brightly. The shapes of their limbs and armor become indistinct, shimmering like the waves beneath them. Their mask itself shifts, softening, as their entire body appears to shrink to the height of a Matoran, silver armor giving way to gray and black. Their buried memory resurfacing and revealing itself through the Toa's mask power. Standing before Talli now is the image of a De-Matoran, their gray Noble Mahiki painted in an expression of relaxed thoughtfulness. Timak opens their eyes, smiling a little as they look down at their body. "Yes, this is who I ... was. How could I have forgotten?" ooc: @Mel
  6. With a mouth full of soup, Timak looks up, hastily swallowing to reply, "Oh! Yeah sure. I was kinda... not thinking." They stand up, clutching the bowl, and eyeing the pack of bread and plantains curiously. "Lead the way Talli, I'm sure you know the quiet places around here." The Toa stands up and awkwardly casts a smile towards the Matoran who cooked the food, gesturing with the bowl. "It's good. Thanks!" they say quietly, before shuffling off in whichever direction Talli goes. @Onaku @Mel
  7. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro (East Fishing District) Nearing the shop, as the crowds around them became more consistently short and blue, Timak began to feel more and more like a fish out of water... which was ironic, given present company. They took in the sights, smells and sounds of the local trade. Mostly the sounds. Their attention flitted from the unique tramping noise of matoran feet on lilypads, to the lapping of the sea against the leafy boardwalks, to the odd slopping noise of Talli's catch as she turned in her spoils. Lots of wet sounds here. Timak supposed that made sense. Approaching the stall with the red lantern, they found themselves drawn in by the scent of stewed fish. Timak couldn't remember the last meal they had, and right now they couldn't imagine anything better than digging into whatever produced that delicious aroma. They came close to the stall, standing right behind Talli to the point of almost touching, bent forward and curiously taking in all the details. Their looming silhouette clearly caught the attention of the shopkeeper. “Talli! What’s this? Finally got yerself a boyfriend again?” said the elder matoran. Timak straightened, muttering "Oh, I'm not a... uh", glancing between Talli and her friend while the conversation continued, then stepping back and looking to Zadred, watching her face for a reaction, in an effort to avoid the cook's eye contact. The words "Tall, dark an' handsome", however, cut through this defence like a hot knife through butter, and being at a complete loss, Timak simply sat right down on the spot. At least now they weren't the tallest one in the group, they thought, as they stared ahead at a blank patch of lilypad, blushing furiously. Being handed the cup of stew snapped them out of the stupor, though. They gazed up at Talli, offered a quiet but genuine "Thank you" and took the bowl eagerly. They sipped at the broth, all cares melting away in the warm, salty yet aromatic goodness that flowed from the cup, and started to relax. Happily sitting there on the floor in the middle of a crowd of strangers, eyes lost in the mixture of fish chunks and herbs swirling around the bowl. ooc: @Mel @Onaku
  8. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro Outer Village The lanky grey Toa thinks absent-mindedly about their recent history (all 30 minutes of it) and wonders about their forgotten past, whilst ambling along behind the the two shorter ones, feeling suddenly out of place in the small group. Standing a head taller than Zadred and a good bit more than the other, Timak feels themselves slouching to compensate, trying - ineffectively - to avoid sticking out too much as they pass through the village. They decide to soften the awkward situation with some attempted small-talk. "So uhm.. " Timak immediately trips up as they realise they don't know the Ga-Matoran's name, " uh... Miss... " gesturing open-handed to her and smiling, " I don't think I caught your name? But I was wondering what you do around here on a normal day. ".. they look down toward the Skakdi, "Same goes for you, Zadred, I suppose?" ooc: @Onaku @Mel
  9. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro Timak nods, moving to follow Zadred and Talli. Then just before leaving, they turn to Kimala and Leah with intent. "I really want to be of use now that I'm here. Once you've spoken to the Akiri, where can I meet you again?" @Mel @Onaku @ARROW404 @Vezok's Friend
  10. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro Timak looks uncertain for a few seconds, torn. They already agreed to eat with Zadred, but Kimala seems very kind and the thought of missing an opportunity to train with her and possibly Leah was troubling. Not to mention, from the sound of it, The Great Takea would not be the best place for them right now... "Isn't there any other place we can eat?" Timak asks the group, "I'm really not sure I can deal with a crowd yet..." They squint through the busy village, looking to see if anybody is selling food on the street. Ah, how relaxing it would be to just sit on the edge of a lilypad, feet dangling in the water, staring out at the ocean while they gathered their thoughts and filled their stomach. Somehow, given the atmosphere and the pressing matters at hand, Timak doubted they would get such a chance, but they daydreamed anyway. @Vezok's Friend@Onaku@Mel@ARROW404
  11. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro entrance Timak looks up at Leah and marvels at the confidence with which she talks about the Rahkshi. There are more of these things? They find themselves hoping never to meet a living one - at least - not before getting some sort of practice in to work out their own powers and skills. Coming straight out of a canister right into a fight is something Timak was very thankful didn't happen. “You look pretty new...but not like the Dasaka that just arrived. Any memory of where you came from before? No worries if not, it’s a pretty common occurrence. " "You're right, I uh.. just washed up on that beach about 10 minutes ago." Gaining some confidence, Timak relaxes a little, and their Mahiki glows faintly once more as they return to their natural height. They notice it happen, this time. "Ah.. sorry about the involuntary illusion thing. I guess it must be some sort of nervous tic I developed. Wish I could remember how... Come to think of it, I really don't remember anything before being in that leaky canister." They gesture to Zadred, smiling, "I'm just glad this one was here to point me in this direction. I dread to think what sort of trouble I might've found otherwise." "I am Leah - Leah Maru." "I'm Ti--" "Welcome to Ga-Koro!" Timak stops and looks around, having been too caught up in the conversation to pay attention thus far. They notice the many eyes watching, and swallow loudly. "Timak... I'm just Timak" they stutter, distractedly. ooc: trivia time - Timak's subconscious instinct to visibly shrink at embarassing or frightening moments probably comes from the fact that they were a matoran upon entering the canister, which is the last time they were conscious. @Vezok's Friend @Mel @Onaku @ARROW404
  12. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro Gates Timak took in the scenery while Zadred explained to them about the Dasaka. Admiring the view of the bay, and taking in the mass of silhouetted ships that dominated the landscape of the village itself. They are so taken in with the sights that Zadred's voice starts to fade into the background a little, and as a side effect, Timak notices the three others a little while before she does. Who are those? They're carrying something... dead. Hunters? They continue to approach the trio. As the distance begins to shrink and their new companion shows no signs of slowing down, they begin to worry a little, eyes politely keeping contact with the skakdi as she talks but nervously flicking across to the trio on the collision path. Is she ... is she gonna stop..? They just about manage "Uh, Za - Zadred?" right before she abruptly stops in her tracks. Timak visibly shrinks behind her without thinking, making themselves appear to be the shortest Toa here by about an inch, their Mahiki giving off a little shine. "R-Rahkshi attack?" "Is that what that dead thing is? ... " Timak peers at the thing over Leah's shoulder. ".. What did it do?" ooc: @Vezok's Friend @Mel @ARROW404 @Onaku please do/say whatever you want to Timak
  13. IC: Timak, Naho Bay "Zadred. Zadred. Thank you. ... And wow, you're right" - they look uneasy - "it's just dawned on me how hungry I am!" Timak enthusiastically follows her lead as she sets off towards the village. Something else the Skakdi said bubbles up to the surface in their mind. The Toa, ambling along a couple of steps behind her, quickens their pace to make eye contact and queries, "You said dangerous... What should I keep an eye out for?" Ooc: @Onaku -and also, would be cool to "bump into" the rahkshi-hauling crew when we get to Ga-Koro? Am i allowed to say that here?
  14. IC: Timak, Naho Bay Timak was looking the other way when they heard the Skakdi's voice. Turning to face her, they spend a moment to take stock of the stranger, stepping towards her and waving a hand in uncertain reply. "Hello.. you're right, I just got here. I get the feeling I would have arrived sooner had my canister not developed a fault. Nearly drowned in there, I did." Timak has never seen her race before, and looks to be pondering whether to drop their guard or not. Something inside their head wanted them to be wary, but she had such a friendly tone... After a moment of thought, they stow their sword and extend a hand for shaking. "My name is Timak. I'm glad you noticed me out here before I made a fool of myself... to be honest I'm not quite sure what I'm here for." ooc: hey @Onaku!
  15. Was it me? Sorry if so, I'm new. Which would be the better topic?
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