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  1. That is the Kardas Dragon which is an actual set with instructions. they are referring to the Kanohi dragon which was a canonized fan made MOC that is here https://bionicle.fandom.com/wiki/Kanohi_Dragon Ive attempted it, but no good angles exist, so I wound up doin as much as I could but filling in obscure parts that I know are false.
  2. Looking to buy the pen pack listed here https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?G=P1701#T=S&O={"iconly":0} No items for sale right now unfortunately. Please PM if you have one you can sell.
  3. I think it's obvious. Only one one being would have that kind of knowledge about the pirakas personalities and the comical sense to rap about them....it was performed by Vezon himself...
  4. I really want to buy an SSKK with card. Please message me if you have one you’d like to sell along with how much you would like for it (I’m very open to hearing any and all prices). Thank you for any help.
  5. Yeah, probably a knockoff. The reddish looking specks on the back are probably left over from the casting process. It is still really cool though and is a great find!
  6. I think they're wondering whether a powerless, weaponless, inexperienced toa vakama would have been enough to help lhikan fight off nidhiki and krekka so that he effectively never would have gone to prison. Then maybe he might have been able to alter the timeline enough to have never died. Personally I think vakama would have been less than useless to help lhikan fight off nidhiki and krekka, and they would have both ended up trapped. Then, without vakamas visions, the other toa wouldn't have collected the great discs so that the morbuzukah would have won. I suppose lhikan would have survived because the morbuzukah would have killed everyone else and teridax would've won....
  7. I think it's faster to hand stones to each matoran and let them change later. Plus if he had changed vakama when he found him, nidhiki would have probably suggested catching him too.
  8. It was definitely canon. I think it was canon for the sole reason to explain why the metru matoran looked like lhikan and why takua turned into something looking like a toa nuva even though he never underwent nuva transformation. As to why matua didn't look more grand, maybe you look like what you expect a general toa to look like, not like what you would expect YOURSELF to look like as a toa. So he looked like his thought of the average toa, but was disappointed he didn't look better than the average toa.
  9. Sadly Peri is right. I've been searching for it for a very long time. No luck =(
  10. The difference between the olmak and a legendary mask is that legendary masks do no just control an element, they are the element. So, the mask of time doesn't manipulate time, it is literally the force of time trapped in a physical structure, which is why destroying the mask would destroy time itself. Theoretically you could argue that the great beings could create a second mask, but I disagree. At least I don't think you could trap the same force in different items without weakening the power of both. While the olmak is an extremely powerful mask, it just manipulates a force, it is not the force itself. Just like the mask of gravity is also an extremely powerful, Uber mask, but it is not the abstract thought of gravity itself. These are just very powerful great masks, not legendary masks. Any Pokemon fans out there might compare it to pseudo-legendary Pokemon vs legendary Pokemon. These masks are pseudo-legendary, like tyranitar, not legendary like Mewtwo. Can a pseudo legendary do really powerful, insane things, yes. Does that make it legendary, not at all. Edit: those arguing that 6 is a huge number in Bionicle, so there must be 6 legendary masks, remind me again how many virtues there are in Bionicle? Also even if we allowed there to be a legendary Suva, I do not think it is comparable to the infinity gauntlet, since the gauntlet wields all 6 stones at once. While the Suva could hold all 6, any wearer could only hold one at a time. Even if they swap masks very quickly, they could still only wields one mask at a time.
  11. Can you take a picture of the back? If it has the markings all other krana do, then it's likely a misprint. If not, it might be a knockoff part. Either way, very cool find!
  12. Hello. I have been hoping to buy a Sterling Silver Krana-Kal for a while. Would anyone be willing to sell one? I currently have about $2600 that I can spend. Please let me know if you have one and are willing to sell. Thank you.
  13. The number one reason I’m still on here is to read end of a universe, birth of a kingdom. When that finishes I’ll probably stop checking back as often. A secondary reason that seems seems more like a fantasy than anything else, is that I’ve always dreamed of having an SSKK. I’ll probably never get one, but I can make my post in buy/sell/trade and keep dreaming.
  14. Is anyone willing to sell one? Please pm me with how much you'd like for it. Thank you!
  15. Unfortunately I'm down to my last copy of that issue, so not willing to sell. Just trade.
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