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  1. Who knows now a days....i personally think 100 usd is fair too, and i got mine for less a few years back... But then again, i also got my pearl gold kraakhan for $50 a few years back and one just sold for over $700 on ebay...some of these price inflations have been insane to see.
  2. Vezok used to be described as a tactical genius. After the split though, Vezon got all the brains and and Vezok got all the powers and brawn. So if we think like this that one gets one defining characteristic, one part of Vezon's half would probably get the brains (but be even more insane) the other would probably get Vezon's humor (and be less insane) and would joke that he also got the good looks.
  3. Does anyone have a set of toa nuva pens they wouldn't mind selling? I'd be very interested in discussing prices. Thank you for any help.
  4. jchavoya

    LF: VMKK

    Hello. I’m looking for any Vacuum Metal Krana Kal you may have. Please message me if you have one you wouldn’t mind selling. Thanks!
  5. I'm pretty sure it was stated multiple times that they do have genders, and most elements are gender locked. The most direct reference to this that i remember is Orde in the Yesterday Quest, that confirmed all toa of psionics are female, except for Orde himself, who happens to be the only male toa of psionics. The only element where we actually saw matoran or toa of both genders (apologies for the binary assumption here) was the light element, where we saw matoran of light in both.
  6. That's impressive....i dont even want to know how much that cost. Dark gray pieces are expensive. I built half the rahi....using dark bluish gray which is much cheaper....i do have one original master builder set with correct colors though!
  7. That might unintentionally create gender dynamic issues. We have all the "hard solid" physical elements as male with that definition, and the "soft" elements as female. And yes, i think earth was defined as a soft element because Greg's answer to what is the difference between earth and stone was basically throw a rock at someone now throw a clump of dirt. One is hard, one is soft. Edit: personally id vote against gender exclusive elements to begin with, always found that weird in canon, but itd be interesting to have mixed personalities, not just peppy girly lewa, calm onua, and gali. So girl kopaka or girl tahu would be cool
  8. I get a lack of pure protodermis as being an issue why they couldn't make great masks, but powerless masks didn't quite need as high quality material. I feel like it would be just as tough to melt down and form a powerless decorative mask, as it would be to melt it down and make lava boards, tools, weapons, etc I feel like your IRL parallel is my comment exactly. We lost the process to make great swords because of lack of material. But we can still make imitations that might not have the same properties. The matoran lost pure protodermis, so cant make great masks, but they could make imitations without the powers and properties of great masks (which would be powerless ordinary masks). The powers seem to come from pure protodermis, but the mask making itself would just be a matter of shaping raw material.
  9. Did it actually ever say the water returned them to normal? I remember reading that it mutated them and made them bigger and stronger than how they were on voya nui, but i don't remember it saying that it restored them to their original forms. From what we know of the mutagen, this also seems unlikely that it would fix all voya nui matoran and restore them to factory condition but would horribly disfigure anything else (it also seems unlikely it would give all mahri nui matoran the same exact build, but that's a different argument).
  10. I believe you, i just don't remember reading that part. Was it in an interview, or actually in story somewhere? On another note, how could the art possibly be lost if one of the 6 leaders of the island was literally one the greatest mask makers of all time. Why not train people?!?!? Solid protodermis was mined in onu koro, and they used it to make goods. They probably couldn't make a great mask out of it without purifying it heavily, but i don't see why it wouldn't be possible to make ordinary powerless masks.
  11. On mata nui though, they went 1000+ years with no toa though. And because of memory loss, none of the matoran remembered toa. As we saw, masks also break and need to be replaced over time. So theyre making new masks all the time, and no great masks exist (they probably couldnt even make any because of a lack of pure enough protodermis). Why go out of their way to make marks to distinguish powerless vs great if 100% of their new masks are powerless anyway. So from that perspective, it makes sense that no one would even need to do markings. This is different from metru nui where people actively made both great and powerless masks. Metru nui even had giant storage rooms of great mask surplus (we saw nokama take some to hide for the future toa mata). I think it makes sense for the mask makers to put markings to distinguish between a powerless and great identical copy. A skilled maskmaker can likely tell the difference by holding them, but I'd think a normal matoran would probably have no idea the difference between them. Edit: voya nui, mahri nui, and karda nui also had no toa at all, so again, no need to distinguish powerless vs great masks since they likely only made powerless for personal use.
  12. Metru nui matoran definitely. Mata Nui matoran were explained as having body issues after being stuck in the sleep ball for so long Post bohrok mata nui matoran were explained as being rebuilt and upgraded using parts from the broken bohrok. Voya nui matoran were explained as being broken matoran that were very badly rebuilt by karzahni. Karzahni who was ashamed with his horrible skills banished them to voya nui. Mahri nui matoran all came from voya nui, so would have the same horrible body of being badly assembled by karzahni. Unmutated Karda nui matoran were the original matoran, so you can maybe think of them as being the original look, but they were different from matoran in the sense that they could use light element powers and turned into bohrok when they died. I think there's enough differences from them and normal matoran to justify them almost being an entirely different group that doesn't necessarily look like what the majority of matoran should look like. Mutated karda nui matoran like Gavla have obviously been mutated and would look different than normal matoran.
  13. That is the Kardas Dragon which is an actual set with instructions. they are referring to the Kanohi dragon which was a canonized fan made MOC that is here https://bionicle.fandom.com/wiki/Kanohi_Dragon Ive attempted it, but no good angles exist, so I wound up doin as much as I could but filling in obscure parts that I know are false.
  14. Looking to buy the pen pack listed here https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?G=P1701#T=S&O={"iconly":0} No items for sale right now unfortunately. Please PM if you have one you can sell.
  15. I think it's obvious. Only one one being would have that kind of knowledge about the pirakas personalities and the comical sense to rap about them....it was performed by Vezon himself...
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