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    Bionicle, a little bit of anime and manga. My goal is to own all the canon Makuta. Although it would be rather difficult about the MOCs like the Melding or Miserix (no current instructions). And some collectibles like the golden and silver Kanohi and other exclusive sets.
  1. Krika I think, the poor guy was betrayed but his own kind.
  2. Wow that's amazing, I'd like to build this fellow but I lack the hability to do so.
  3. I still have problems finding a Toa Mata Nui set, but just because the money I'd have to spend on it.
  4. I'm not much of a fan of vehicle sets, I prefer a solo character like Takanuva o Tuma, but Vultraz took my attention and I prefer him and the vehicle, same story with the Jetrax T6. I don't care that much for the Ussanui or Toa Lhikan really, I'm talking as a set of course.
  5. I'm glad I don't find collectibles quite interesting. Otherwise I'd be sad because I could not afford them (the trans-orange Kraata or the Silver Krana). Although I'm ok with some Kanohis like the pearl gold Kraahkan.
  6. They were sold with some Bionicle shoes I think. I just know that currently they are over 55$ in Bricklink.
  7. That's interesting, though I want to ask you if you'll just gonna try to build only the Dark Hunters or some canon MOCs too.If I understood well you want some pics to build a figure. I've finished the White Makuta but the torso was a bit unstable so I decided to build it again, I do have some angles from the pics of Brickfair. The only thing that needs to be finished is the torso. Also thanks @Wiariamu for posting that list of pieces, I'd definitely gonna help me with my JTO Makuta.
  8. I don't like that Mask Maker construction, the legs with balljoints were large from the legs (in my opinion) and he even didn't have a weapon shooter. I prefer the Ekimu structure with trans purple and the MoC instead of the MoCre, sadly the chesplate doesn't exist....
  9. Wow that's awesome, it's one of the few times I've seen some method to build a Dark Hunter.
  10. Oh yeah, I read it too. Although sometimes I read something like "Toa Puto" which at least in some languages sound funny.
  11. Nice, although for some reason when I see the wings, chestplate, those trans-purple ribcages and the MOUP I thought it was the Overlord Makuta.
  12. Well in this video the review is well done about how to build the JTO, at least for me.
  13. I may be wrong but I think there are reviews of some of the sets. I read somewhere that there are deleted pages of BZPower, no idea about why though.
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