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  1. For me, a successful G3 would probably be a continuation of the G1 Bionicle storyline from 2010, as one thing G2 failed to do was to attract both older and newer fans since the reboot was pretty dull story-wise, so there was no foundation storyline for newer fans to endulge themselves in and older fans still loved G1 more. It would need to feature a new Toa team with different characters that are still as memorable and unique as the Toa Mata, without copying them. There also needs to be a new villain, or possibly even better an older villain who did not play as huge a role in G1 as Teridax did, so for example, The Shadowed One or Karzahni. But most certainly the Toa Mata should not make another return. We saw them as the main 'good guys' in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2010 (At least Tahu), 2015 and 2016. Time for a refreshing new team.
  2. This is really cool! The website is designed really nicely. It definitely adds a bit of flavour to what would otherwise be a white wall of text on a PDF. Much appreciated. +1
  3. Welcome! It seems like the Glorious Good Guy is an exception to your rule
  4. From my experience, Bricklink is the better option for specific sets and parts, however financially, Ebay is definitely the way to go. Unlike Bricklinkers, Ebayers are generally not AFOLs and are not sure how to price Bionicle sets, so you can grab some brilliant bargains if you're patient. Of course everything on Bricklink is 'Buy it Now' as well, whereas Ebay auctions offer chances to buy sets at stupidly low prices (I bagged a sealed Vezon and Kardas for £50 on Ebay). Don't forget there is a buy/sell/trade section right here on BZPower, so be sure to check that from time to time. There are plenty of Bionicle collectors on here with cool stuff they're willing to part with. As for actually displaying, I have my sets in cabinets with glass doors and lights, which makes them look nice and keeps the dust off of them. You do need quite a bit of space, and it generally looks best if you separate sets out into different years, for example, have one shelf dedicated to 2001, another 2002, etc. If you don't have much space, it's a good idea to just display your favourite/most beloved sets. Try not to overcrowd your shelves though as it will start to look like storage not display. And of course, displaying sets preserves them much better, so they will not break down like they would in a bin/box. Of course its all well and good advising you on the best possible display, but if you're not willing to spend ludicrous amounts, you could be better off investing in some basic shelving units, perhaps with a light strip running along the back, to display your favourites, whether it be the Toa Mata or Rahkshi or whatever. Hope this helps
  5. I did see this and there is also this poster: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?G=4329462#T=S&O={%22iconly%22:0} Which is similar but doesn't have the mask chart on the back and unfortunately Bricklink doesn't let us know how they were released as far as i'm aware. Perhaps those posters you mentioned were only released in France and the Netherlands? That still doesn't tell us how they were released and I still have no idea about the version I mentioned.
  6. Do you know exactly which sets it came in? From what I have seen the only item other than the pieces and instruction booklet that came with the 2001 Rahi was an advertisement slip, but no poster. The Toa came with their own posters as far as i'm aware, but not sure which set this individual poster would have come in.
  7. Hi, I have recently come across a particular Bionicle poster originally released in 2001. Most of the people on here will have seen it before or perhaps even own it but my question is: How was it obtained? Did it come with a comic? Did it come packaged in a set from 2001 like some of the other posters? I would really like to know. I did notice SuddenlyOranges (Creator of Reviving Bionicle) has a copy framed in his house so i'm guessing it's not super-rare but I could be wrong. I am aware there is an alternate version with a blue Krana-Xa buried in the ground instead of the Miru, as well as a Turaga version featuring the 6 Turaga instead of the Toa but for this 2001 Toa Mata variant, I am not sure of the origin. If someone could let me know it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  8. eBay and BrickLink are the only effective sites for getting bonkles. I use BrickLink for specific sets and eBay for bargains since Bricklinkers know the worth of what they sell a lot better than eBayers. But before you worry about eBay and BrickLink, you will need a lot of space to display them. My collection has eaten up three 6 foot bookshelves and some other shelves along my wall, and I still have about 1/3 of all the sets to go. Displaying sets by year and wave looks a lot nicer than having a bunch of random figures jumbled on a shelf. I also recommend bookshelves with glass doors to prevent dust building up and cabinet lights is a nice touch, but keep your budget in mind. Even with the bookshelves, 1/3 of my collection is gathering dust as I haven't got the room to install any more bookshelves with glass doors. But once you get it set up, it is oh so satisfying to look at.
  9. WorldEdit is a good mod which allows you to create massive structures in seconds. That might help speed up your project.
  10. Probably the best post 2003 Bionicle game.
  11. It could happen but I very much doubt it would be successful. G3 Would need the support of it's older fans to succeed (Something G2 didn't get because it used CCBS) and transforming Bionicle into a system theme would leave a bad taste in the mouths of most of its older fans, so they wouldn't buy it. I certainly wouldn't.
  12. All of 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Missing the Turaga and Tohunga from 2001 Missing the Boxor and 5 Toa Nuva from 2002 Missing 3 Metru Nui Matoran from 2004 and 2 Toa Metru Missing Rahaga and Toa Hagah from 2005 Missing all sets from 2006
  13. If you mean upscaled for the regular canister sized toa, then that would be a very expensive set. Expensive but awesome and creative
  14. I still want a Toa Terrain Crawler to scale with the Toa Mahri Figures
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