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  1. I agree about the writers disregarding the character's build up in previous media. However, I think that many Bionicle fans misinterpret the movie to be a direct continuation to the rest of the canon. In fact, it's meant to be more like what the Ninjago movie is to the Ninjago series; it's made to stand on it's own, to be a self-contained story. It's set in the same universe but the characters are totally different ones. And that was a right decision IMO. In order to keep up with the story of 2001/2002 you needed 3 things: 1. already be a fan of the series who explored previous story mediums. 2. have computer/internet connection - in 2001/2 to be a kid and have computer access wasn't a granted thing. You also needed to be old enough to understand how browsers work. I was 6/7 YO at the time and Google was at it's infancy. If you wanted to get into a website you needed to manually enter it's URL. Who would believe this in our age, haha. Point is, it was reasonably complicated to find this content as a kid. 3. The animations and games were not globally translated. So many English speaking people are not aware that Bionicle was an international craze. The games and animations were only available in English (and sometimes German if I remember correctly). The movie, however, was dubbeed into 26 languages. 26. F-ing. languages. Think about it for a second, while the previous media was only available in 1 or 2 languages, the movie came out in 26. Wouldn't it be disappointing if as a kids who spoke one of the other 24 languages couldn't keep up with the movie's plot becuase they didn't speak the right language? So while this movie almost completely ignores previous story mediums, I think that was the right decision for the franchise. Having Takua to be irresponsible again gave this movie an opportunity to have him develop during the course of the plot. To sum up, yeah, if you judge this movie as a part of the larger plot it could really be disappointing. But if, like me, you were one of the kids who spoke the one of the other 24 languages, all this would never bother you.
  2. That's just fake HD, an upscale of the DVD. Also they messed up the aspect ratio for some reason.
  3. I would commit all 7 deadly sins for actual HD verions of the Miramax trilogy.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! You are right. The writers had to reverse Takua's previous lessons and achivements for this movie to work on it's own. However, for me, the movie HAD to work on it's own. Maybe you could deduct as much by my spelling and way of speaking, but Im not native english speaking. I live in Israel. I did play the MNOG as a kid, but it was never translated to my hebrew, so I could only understand the visual bits of the story: The lore being told by the stones, Tahu's arrival, the Matoran standing up for themselves, etc. I never knew who Takua was. Everything I knew about Bionicle was from the old catalogs, which they did translate to hebew. Bionicle was widely popular here as well (at least within my school). The movie, luckily, was dubbed in hebew. And bless Mata Nui for that! It was my first time ACTUALLY understanding the story. Actually hearing the dialog. So for me, even now as an adult, this movie is my first window to the Bionicle world, that I could clearly see through. I have special feelings for it, and that's why I can personally forgive Takua's character reversal. I would totally understand other fans not being fond of it though.
  5. Hi there folks. I want to share with you my observations and thoughts about my favorite Bionicle character, Takanuva. In this article, I will discuss the philosophy of character deveopment, and the way that Takanuva's arc is being unfolded in the movie. For my own comfort, Im gonna call Jaller "Jalla", because that's what he's called in the movie. Also, to be more focused, I won't take into account plot and lore details from media that is not the movie, as it was made to mainly stand on it's own. So let's dive right. What is character development? Character development is the process of a character reshaping their beliefes, approaches , ablilities, or perspectives during the course of a story. There are many ways to achive character development. For example: 1. A protagonist could start the story weak and powerless, and get stronger until he can overcome the antagonist. 2. A charachter might be greedy, and during the story let down his friends for profit, but later on learn that his friends are more important than greed, causing him to pay for his friend's expensive surgery. These two examples can be distincted from one another, because while the first one thechnically is character development, the second one is a meaningful character development. That's because every character development comes from a character flaw. In the first example, the character flaw was weakness. However, it was never mentioned that his weakness had any effect on the plot. In contrast, the second example was meaningful because the character's flaw - in this case greed, served to benefit the story by causing an event, in which the character let down his friends. In other words, for a meaningful character development, it is neccesary that the character's flaw will somehow negatively effect the story. After the character reshapes their ideals, the story should demonstrate how their new resolve helps them overcome the main problem. So the process of a character development is: Flaw ----> problem caused by the flaw -----> reshaping of oneself ----> demonstration of resolution. Takua: now, after establishing the principles of character development, I can explain Takua's arc. Flaw: Takua's flaw, as being established very early on, is being irresponsible. The very beginning of the story depicts how Takua has disappeared right before his kohlii match, to research an old totem. Our very introduction to his character paints him as someone who has a weak sense of duty. We are also intoduced to another character, Jalla, who serves the story as the voice of reason for Takua. During the course of the story, he will challenge Takua's resolve time and time again. Takua's character flaw gives contributes to the core problem of the story: Takua declines his duty as the herald of the seventh Toa. Problem caused by the flaw: Makuta threatens Takua in the cave. Because of Takua's lack of dedication and responsibility, he abandons his quest as result of said threats. He's duty comes second to his fear. Walking away from his duty, Takua's path takes him to Onu-koro. Suddenly, the Rahkshi appear and attack the city. Takua witnesses the damage that he has done, reflecting on himself. "What... have I done...", he says to himself outloud. It is in this moment, that he changes his resolution. With determination in his face, instead of running away, he now, as a mere Matoran, orders pewku to go back, and he tries to confront tha rahkshi. He is rescued by Toa Lewa, who sets him back on the path. "Quick speed to Jalla, warn him". Takua, confidently says, "I will". "C'mon Pewku, we gotta find Jalla". Demonstration of resolution: After Takua reunites with Jalla, they arrive at Kini-nui. They are then attacked by all six rahkshi. Jalla, instinctively says "Give me the mask!" and takes it from Takua's hands. Takua, however, has changed. Instead of letting Jalla take the mask, he now says "Jalla, no, we both know tha mask chose me, Im the true herald". Jalla then, proceeds to challenge this resolve. "Are you sure? even now?" The situation is very dangerous. All six rahkshi are after them. The old Takua would have ran away. But the now changed Takua, despite the risk, demonstates his resolve! Confidently, he answers, taking the mask back into his own hands, "Yes! I AM the herald! and I say RUN!". Takua has now fully accepted his own duty. Even while risking his life, he is commited to his own resolve. It is this resolution that let's him understand who he really is. When Takua puts on the mask of life, he is ready, mentally, to become the seventh Toa. As Turaga Vakama says, his journy was not to be on the island of Mata Nui, but in his own heart. As Takanuva, he now had the courage and commitment to face Makuta himself, event sacrificing himself under the gate, before being revived at the end. And that, is why Takua/Takanuva is a well rounded character in this movie. That's it. I hope you enjoyed this article, I definetly enjoyed writing it.
  6. Here's two more: 1. Takanuva didn't carve the rock to be his former mask (kanohi pakari). He just peeled the outer layer to reveal that the internal sculpture of the pakari was there all along. Don't believe me? look at it frame by frame. You can clearly see half of the mask already being there before the beam reaches the rock. 2. in the beginning of "the mask of light", Takua reads the writing on the mask of light, and says the he has never seen this langage before, but then reads the same symbols at ono-koro highway. Many people believe it to be a plot hole. Couldn't be more wrong! These are the same symbols that are used in the matoran language, indeed, but just like latin letters are used throughout many human languages, the symbols being the same does not mean that the words are in matoran. Don't believe me? when Nokama translates the words on the mask, you can clearly hear her saying that are not in english (and for us, english is matoran). So, you can assume that the symbols on the mask are supposed to be read differently than matoran. Now, I know that they in fact do spell something in english, that is an easter egg, but I would argue that even if the symbols are the same, the sound they should make could be different. When Takua tried to read them as if they were regular matoran, all he read was gibberish, and thus him saying - "never seen this language before".
  7. Yes, I believe both of you are right. What a nice little touch. Im so glad LEGO cared about this movie to have subtle details in it.
  8. In the mask of light movie, after Takua transformes, they used some kind of filter on his voice., to make him sound more "pure". It's a neat little detail Im having a lot of fun with.
  9. Title says it all. I never owned any g2 set so I cannot tell for myself.
  10. bs01 or the wiki never explain anything more than "the toa needed those". So, what's their power? how is a golden hau more powerful than the normal great hau? (besides being a cool collectible, that is)
  11. Im talking about the Mata Nui Saga, you can find here: Is there any more media, that covers any part of the Bionicle storyline, that has the movies voice actors telling a story/audiobooks?
  12. Yes, I really do. Despite this movie getting lots of hate, I think its really awesome. First, Im going to acknowledge the fact that it is toned down compared to the other movies. It never feels as dark, or as threatening as the other three. However, a movie can be lighthearted and still be fun. So, Im gonna list the things that I like about the movie: The universe just got a lot bigger: After all these years we spent in the matoran universe, we are suddenly exposed to a new world, with an all new culture. The universe just got a lot bigger with Bara Magna. It's ystem of tribes and glatorians is simply awesome, and unique. The movie does well to introduce this idea: "Back in the day, the villages settled disputes the old-fashioned way, by destroying each other. Very messy. Lot of clean-up.So we came up with a solution." "Not sport, problem solving. Much more honorable than slaughtering each other. And considerably more profitable." - Metus. This line is very subtle, but also very deep. You may also notice a minor detail about their culture: In the matoran universe, when two beings want to greet each other they clash fists (at least that's what I know from the movies, I havn't gotten into all the cannon sources). However, Metus greeted Mata Nui with a hand shake. It such a small detail, but it goes to see that the cultures are different even in subtle ways. Mata Nui's character is awesome: Mata Nui, the great spirit himself, finds himself alone and powerless, a stranger in a new world. He says to click: "Before this day I never needed help from anyone or anything, thank you." He is weak, and almost unable to stand his own. In his fight agains strakk, he trippes over a rock, loses his balance every now and then. He is unaccustomed to his new, small body. There's actually a shot of him trembling in fear! He was saved only by the power of the ignika. after Ackar calles him a friend for the first time, his reaction is "Strange. I have worn many titles, been called a lot of things. but never 'friend'". Before being called a friend, Mata Nui stated that he had to leave the group to fight his own battle. But after being called a friend, Ackar askes him yet again if he will stay, and this time, Mata Nui's answer is "Then, as a friend, I will stay". This is his journy of becoming one of a group, instead of a ruler. He displays this well in his battle agains Tuma, when he sais "Be careful. Arrogance can topple giants. Trust me, I know." Overall, Mata Nui really is the star of 2009/2010 for me, and I find it cool to like him not as a great spirit, but as "only a part". The prototype robot: You can see that the prototype robot was well planned through this movie. In almost everyBe careful. other scene you can locate pieces of the robot somewhere in the frame, beginning to end. As you watch the movie for the first time, you always notice that "hmm, this rock looks like a Bionicle part, strange.. is that just an artistic choise?" until the ending where all the pieces come together. Then, our characters find the labratory. Mata Nui explains that he "saw a ghost" - the plans for a giant robot, much like the one that was his own body. And at the end of the movie, we witness the prototype robot being built, and when seeing this the first time I was so excited. Maybe some of you figured it out during the movie, but for me the revelation that the terrain actually formed another robot was shocking. Also, this is an artistic way of differentiating both worlds: The matoran universe was inside a giant robot, and Bara magna was built on the ruins of one. If you judge this movie as a part of a bigger picture, it really pays off in my opinion. Mata Nui's journy to learn about friendship, the grand scheme of the spirit robots, and the personal story of the villages are all very appealing to me.
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