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  1. Take Action! Submit your EIS comment to the Army Corps about DAPL. Write one here: https://t.co/dao23Hk8R1 @standingrockst

  2. lmao @ the "if you can't beat them, join them" mentality of some of y'all smh

  3. ZUYO 'Fal$e Profit$' ft. Daylyt https://t.co/pZDMMi2oP6

  4. Inauguration this Friday ..

  5. If you become a judge, does that make it okay to be judgmental?

  6. Seventeen five same color t-shirt

  7. RT @GolfWangTM: Lightskin Awareness with Tyler and Taco https://t.co/604jZJfSLj

  8. RT @CurtissKing: Successful people don't believe in failure, they believe in outcomes and results. - Tony Robbins

  9. RT @Snowden: The world's top human rights groups just delivered over one million signatures to Obama. For once, I have no words. https://t.…

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