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  1. I throw a batarang which ties you up. my (bat)mask!
  2. I Fus Ro Dah you off a cliff. My mask.
  3. Pretty cool! Definitely got Akira Kurosawa vibes from this!
  4. My theory was that Teridax somehow survived the battle of Bara Magna, maybe found a Rahkshi shell to house his essence, and somehow defeated the Toa and Matoran. Makuta being a megalomaniac decided to build Hero Factory to appease some deranged desire to view himself as a hero. All the civilian robots may be brainwashed Matoran, and Quaza is either a form of protodermis or a new substance with mind controlling properties. The Heros may be a new form of Vahki or brainwashed Toa controlled by quaza. Quatros from Savage Planet may be Spherus Magna. None of the old Bionicle characters know Makuta was behind their destruction with the only survivor being the Shadowed One who became the Dark Maker and began rebuilding his criminal organization. So basically this theory makes Hero Factory and Makuhero city a product of megalomaniacs psychotic god complex.
  5. I always had this really dark theory that the founder of Hero Factory, Akiyama Makuro, was Makuta Teridax. That would lead to some scary implications for the Hero Factory universe.
  6. https://board.ttvchannel.com/t/toa-hagah-canon-contest-survey-and-final-q-a/59059 heres the latest discussion on them.
  7. Interesting, the patrol leaders thoughts seem to indicate that a command structure was still in place and that the hives were still used as bases. I wonder if the visorak attacked the hives and how hard it was for them to take the hives?
  8. How well organized and effective were the remaining vahki at fighting the visorak? Was there any form of remaining command structure left or were they just focused on killing everything? Did they have any success fighting the visorak? Did the Rahaga try to use them in their fight against the visorak or have any opinion on them?
  9. On a related note several years back I accepted that Bionicle was over and was at peace with it having ended......... a month later G2 leaked. I have the mentality of it never coming back so as to not be crushed by disappointments like Sokodas Ideas project not being approved.
  10. I think I have seen pictures of some of them in storage or in places like the Lego House. Why I will always be careful when kids are around my legos.
  11. Greg denying all these things are true must mean that Hewki x Macku is canon.
  12. These are golden. Hope you find more hidden gems in the archives!
  13. On a similar note did any Vahki survive the Visorak invasion? I think it would be interesting to see some schizophrenic Vahki trying to enforce order in a deserted, abandoned, and overgrown city.
  14. Lego Universe was truly ahead of its time. Imagine if it came out today with the same amount of marketing push and all the new technology and capabilities we have today.
  15. Wow, its been five years since G2 ended. It really feels like yesterday to me, kids who will now be getting into lego would have just been born at this time.
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