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  1. Awa’ Whigs, Awa’ by James Malcom. Poem by Robert Burns.
  2. Nah man I’m saying don’t be a bad sport. Nobody rigged anything. They got rid of an obvious troll, and the people made their decision. As far as design choices, I think it’s perfectly appropriate for her to be hunched because in the story she’s several hundred thousand years old. Don’t beat yourself up man. I’m a stranger on the Internet. No ill will toward you.
  3. Bro, you gotta get over that. Hoseryx was never going to win, and they were perfectly justified to exclude an obvious joke from a contest to determine a character’s canonical appearance. The winner is absolutely fantastic. The hunched-over look of the model, the Mata hands, the Roborider-inspired mask, it’s everything Helryx is described as. Plus it’s drawn in a comic style. And you shouldn’t let popularity detract from your own art, or your not an artist.
  4. MoL might have unintentionally got it right then because Lewa didn’t really follow the grammar structure of treespeak (neither did Matau)
  5. That’s why I like the Irish brogue, especially for treespeak. The randomness of the dialect, the stuntedness of the grammar, it needs something that the normal, articulate diction of a Canadian-American voice can’t capture. The wispy, breathy, rolling semi-Irish accent they used for Lewa in MoL seems like a perfect fit. It adds a kind of charm to it. It’s kind of goofy, but also really endearing, like a cool forest breeze. It was probably either called something offensive like “greenspeak” or really dumb like “the way they talk in Le-Metru.”
  6. We covered Plantlife too. Backwoods. West African. we didn’t get Sonics.
  7. I think your quarrel is with the personality not with the accent. The Irish can be as brash and acid-tongued as anyone. I know it’s kind of gimmicky, but I love it.
  8. Are you talking about Ce-Matoran? I think we covered Ce-Matoran. I like your interpretation of Av-Matoran, but I think I’d add an air of humility and perhaps a genuine goodness, because they’re about as good as good guys come. They’d probably have something resembling an Anglo-American accent, like they all went to Juilliard. Kra-Matoran would be slick, but deep-throated, resonant baritones. Some might also have high-pitched, maniacal voices. I like the Germanic accents.
  9. Magnetism Matoran would naturally have a magnetic personality. They’d be very charismatic and well-spoken, but also sympathetic and maybe even a little charming. Since they like to hang out around magnetic poles, they’d probably have New Zealander or even Nordic accents. Iron Matoran are facetious and gritty. They have a sharp wit and can be seen as the “bad boys” or societal rebels. They often make dirty jokes and can even be disrespectful or aggressive. Since they hang around in mountains and other areas rich in iron, they’d have an Appalachian or Rocky Mountain accent, with a lower-class working man’s accent. They’d all sound like the old prospector, or the blacksmith. (If you’re trying to guess what I’m thinking, look up the tribes on BS01. Think about where they live and what they do, and what are some adjectives you can apply to (element) and people )
  10. Naw. I’m kind of a die-hard on the Canadian voice actors. But I’d imagine Bo-Matoran having more of a “backwoods” vibe. Or even something from sub-Saharan Africa. Cameroon/Ethiopia/Nigeria. Bo-Matoran don’t speak. They listen. Like Le-Matoran, only quieter.
  11. Gravity Matoran are totally down-to-earth. Plain-spoken, humble, worldly. They like to keep things simple.
  12. I like the SoCal surfer accent for Po-Matoran, but I think they’d just be loud. I don’t know about slurred speech. To me it seems like Onu-Matoran would be really quiet. I like the idea of Lightning Matoran being high-energy. But I think they’d also be volatile, and have a propensity to “crack” or “snap.” Psionics Matoran would either be calm and good counselors or really strong-willed.
  13. I like the idea of introverted Ga-Matoran. The movies really played up the feminine grace and warmth, but I think that’s a good thing. Leave the spunk and attitude to Lightning or Psionics.
  14. Right? I think the Ga-Matoran would have an academic air to them. Like a Brahmin, an upper class, educated accent. They use a lot of complex words and say things in very prim-and-proper ways. The Po-Matoran would be loud and boisterous like Pohatu in MoL. Onu-Matoran would be the quiet antisocial ones.
  15. That works. I feel like they’d probably be kind of harsh. Like a little bit prone to offend people.
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