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  1. I don't know what to make of it. It doesn't look like it was posted on April Fools Day? If it was, then it was posted very late in the evening. But if this is a G3, then I'll support it to the end. I doubt it's something else, given the reference to "destiny". It's either G3, a personal Bionicle-themed project of Faber's or a cruel joke.
  2. The country would need to be divided into different provinces or wahis, each with a provincial capital (e.g. Ta Metru), and smaller towns (e.g. Ta Koro). The capital could be called Metru Nui, or if built around a Mata Nui style temple, it could be called Kini Metru (meaning Temple City)? If we have Metrus as Provinces or States within a Federal Republic or something, I propose Ko Metru should also provide the Federal Military, to give it something else. The frozen mountains would make a great site for training exercises as well.
  3. A return for Bionicle is possible. If Bionicle returns, they'll need to do a lot less "preaching to the converted". We're going to be interested in a G3 no matter what. They should target kids who don't know what it is. That was a mistake in G2.
  4. Chapter 2: Akreye- Toa of Ice Akreye walked away from her canister without a backward glance. She didn’t know where she was going, she just knew it was no use sitting doing nothing. A blizzard raged around her, clouding her vision, but the cold did not bother her. If anything, it felt like a refreshing breeze to her, even though most other beings would have likely collapsed and frozen to death after a few minutes. On her back she carried a large axe, with a crystal blade so cold to the touch that one might believe it were made of glacial ice. And on her face, she wore a mask with a circular mouthpiece and three slits on either cheek, white in colour like the rest of her armour. She’d been wearing it when she had fallen from the sky. She couldn’t remember anything else. She walked on through the snow, as behind her, her footprints were disappearing under the falling snow. After a few minutes, she managed to see what looked like a cave set into a rock face. Sensing that it wasn’t safe to just walk into a cave alone and unarmed, she drew her axe, and then entered. The cave was small and dark, but Akreye felt it safe to enter, as long as she stayed close to the entrance. Although the cold outside did not bother her, seeing if there was anyone living there who could help her seemed a good idea. “Hello?”, she called out. “I’m lost and wanted to ask directions. Could anyone help me?” The cave was silent, save for the echoes of Akreye’s voice. She was alone. Akreye decided that she should move on in a few minutes or so. But she felt that she needed to sit down and collect her thoughts. So she sat and slumped against one of the cave walls, the wind blowing loudly outside. She sat like this for several minutes, wondering how she’d come to be there. It was purely due to instinct that she had walked out into the blizzard, away from that metal container she’d apparently fallen from the sky in. She wondered where here was, why she was there, and who she was. More than just her name- she wondered who she really was. She just hoped someone would be able to help her before she starved, dehydrated or got killed, and that she would live long enough to know the answers to all the questions going through her mind. She knew she could only stay and rest for a few minutes, as no one appeared to be there with her. After resting she was about to get up, when she heard a noise. It was like the padding of feet, and from the sound she could tell it was a creature of size. She quickly readied her weapon and made toward the exit. But as she got there, she felt a significant force hit her in the belly and fling her into the snow in front of the cave. The thing that had now moved between her and the cave was a powerful tiger-like animal- grey, black and yellow in colour, with angry yellow eyes. The creature let out a loud growl as it looked down at her, as it dropped the carcass of some smaller creature that it had been carrying in its mouth. It seems like the occupant of the cave had simply been out hunting when she had decided to seek shelter there. In shock, Akreye climbed to her feet, gripping her axe with both hands in a stance that would enable her to strike the beast if it came any closer. Letting out a roar, the beast charged her. With all the strength she could muster, Akreye swung her axe at the creature’s head, missing and instead hitting the creature’s shoulder. This however was not enough to stop the creature. It hit Akreye backwards, knocking her back to the ground. Then, it grabbed the Toa of Ice’s legs in its mouth, its teeth sinking in to her lower legs. She clenched her teeth to prevent herself from screaming, as the animal shook its head violently. In these seconds she found it difficult to think, but all she could think to do was hold onto her axe and hope for a miracle. The animal finished shaking her around and threw her to the left hand side, intending to knock her down, kill her with its claws and enjoy its meal. However, it had not seen through the snowstorm the cliff that lay in that direction. As she was flung back, Akreye suddenly saw the cliff that lay in front of her. She swung her ice axe, hoping to use it to cling to the edge. After all, she stood a little chance against the giant predator, which was better than certain death from falling off a cliff that she could not see the bottom of. But she missed her attempt to grapple the cliff. She fell. As she fell, all she could feel was impending death. She just wished she could shield herself from whatever lay below. She had no hopes of it being a soft landing. Akreye braced herself, placing her arms in front of her, hoping against hope that this would somehow save her. Just then, she felt an electrical sensation on her face as her mask seemed to almost come alive. In front of her, she could see a shimmering transparent-white field surrounding her in a ball. Two seconds later, she fell onto a large spike of ice that was as big as her and as sharp as her axeblade. But she simply bounced off of it, and landed into a pile of snow. She saw the shimmering energy disappear, and the strange feeling on her face wore off. Getting up, feeling bruised, shaken and in pain from her previous opponent’s bite, Akreye grunted. She touched her mask gently, realising the power of shielding it possessed. How else could she have survived. She made a flickering smile, as she barely contained a laugh of relief. She had by pure blind chance evaded death. Above her she heard a faint roar from the creature, and then nothing else. It wouldn’t pursue her down here, and would go back to hunting something else. Now on her feet, the Toa of Ice turned left and followed the edge of the mountain range she had fallen from. Night came, and she could see nothing due to the blizzard, but she kept on moving. Continuing in her direction through the night and into the morning of the next day, during which time she managed to crack some ice for water and catch a small animal for food, Akreye came to a point where the mountain range had given way to snowy plains. The snowstorm had passed now, and she could now see a good distance in front of her. Ahead, she saw a beautiful landscape of icy rivers and lakes, their frozen surfaces sparkling in the now visible sunlight. What made matters even better was that about a kilometre in front of her, she saw that some ice had been formed into a high fortified wall- a sign of others who could help her! Eagerly, she pressed on, though she still limped from her earlier bite. The bite was still painful, so she had to move slowly to cope. To add to this, she was tired and badly wanted to collapse and sleep. But she knew she had to keep going. Hobbling on, using her axe as if it were a walking stick, she had managed to walk until she was about six hundred metres away from the apparent settlement before she heard a noise behind her, and felt a cold air on her back. This was not like the cold of the earlier blizzard, which she had no trouble with getting through, but an unnatural cold that sent shivers down even the Ice Toa’s spine. Turning, she saw three black armoured figures wielding deadly weapons following her, about two hundred metres back. As soon as she saw them, they broke into a run and chased her. She knew she couldn’t possibly fight them all off, especially not in her state, so she forced herself to go faster. She knew she had to reach the icy wall in order to survive. When she was around one hundred metres away, she looked over her shoulder. The gap between Akreye and the shadow warriors had closed as had the distance between the Toa and her destination. She had to keep going. Now in earshot of the wall, she cried out for help. “Help! Please! Anyone?” It seemed like someone else had heard her, because she heard a horn blowing from the ice wall, and saw a gate in the wall opening. She saw a couple of small figures armed with spears and shields just inside it. It was a settlement as she thought. “Come on, quickly!” called out one of the guards to her, which Akreye could just about make out. Akreye didn’t bother responding. She just kept running, but eventually her foot hit a piece of ice sticking up out of the snow, and weakened by all she’d been through thus far, fell to the floor. She tried to get up, but couldn’t. Her chasers were just a little way behind her. What was the point of fighting on? Akreye’s three pursuers caught up with her moments later. It was over. Their haunting dark red eyes gazed down on her, as one of them raised it’s crude sword to strike the final blow. Akreye felt helpless. What was the purpose of her life? Why was she here? Who were the people who built the fortress? Were there, by chance, any others like herself? It didn’t matter now. But Akreye raised her axe, just as the creature’s vicious blade smashed down upon it. It was one last act of defiance. Akreye knew not why she made it. It was what seemed natural. It was all she could do. She felt the shadowed monster’s blade pushing down her axe- now the only thing stopping her from leaving the world that was still so strange to her. Nearby, she could hear the sound of clashing blades, and spared a small amount of her focus to see several smaller white armoured beings facing off the other two assailants. Several were being knocked to the floor screaming, before their screams stopped. Akreye instinctively knew what that meant. But those who managed to stand fought on, and she could hear one of the small beings calling on the others to fight on. “For Ko Koro and Artakha!”, he yelled. That courage in his voice awoke a deep emotion within Akreye. The little warrior had the determination to fight on, even as for him the chances of survival seemed remote at best. He had a higher purpose, and not even death could strike fear into him. Whether or not she would ever find out why she was here, she was determined to find out what having such a thing to fight for meant. She couldn’t die. Not yet. She let out a loud yell as she found strength to push her arms that gripped her axe up suddenly, knocking the surprised creature back long enough for her to get up. She then felt a cold energy within her body. She suddenly felt at peace with the world, and with herself. She swung her axe at the creature, knocking it’s head clean off. As it’s lifeless body collapsed into a pile, Akreye looked towards the battle nearby. Another of the fiendish beings had fallen, a sword sticking into it’s armour, and the headless body of the one who killed the monster lying next to it. Two remaining warriors now attempted to fight the final opponent, which let out a chilling groan that made even Akreye shiver. Still feeling the cold- now freezing energy within her, she no longer paid any mind to her injuries, and she ran towards it. The creature turned round and swung it’s sword at her, which would have surely cut the Toa of Ice in two, had it not been for the sword smashing into a shimmering bubble around it’s opponent. The creature looked with surprise and awe at it noticed it’s opponent’s glowing mask. Akreye was unable to exploit the creature’s shock much, as the monster recomposed itself to strike a second time. This time, it’s strike hit and bounced off Akreye’s crystal axe. The toa quickly raised her axe and brought it down again, aiming for the creature’s head. But the strike was deflected by the creature’s sword. Akreye pushed against the creature’s sword hard, using both her hands to steady her axe. The creature was using both as well to prevent her axe from coming down upon it. Just then, Akreye’s enemy issued another loud groan, as it dropped it’s sword, and Akreye brought her axe down upon her adversary’s head, causing it to fall to the ground, eyes and heartstone now dead. Next to her, was one of the small warriors she had fought to save- specifically the one who had fought on fearlessly and who’s cries had encouraged her to get up and fight on. He pulled his sword from the creature’s leg, where he had struck to make the creature drop it’s blade in pain. Akreye looked at him and nodded, now exhausted and beginning to feel the pain of her wounds again, as her elemental power started to fade. At once she felt the world beginning to spin, and she fell to the ground,dropping her axe. The warrior who’d saved her and his companion grabbed her arms, and she could hear them calling for help. But after that, the world faded.
  5. Counting MOCs and excluding vehicles, 187 Bionicles. Excluding MOCs as well, 186.
  6. Nice work. I like the comedy of the Ta Matoran drawing, but at the same time I love the dynamism (if that's the right word) of the Toa of Fire. It even got a notice on the site's homepage, so that's a cool achievement. Wish the same could be said for my fanfiction lol.
  7. Lerahk was my first ever Bionicle set, so as far as sets go, it did see the introduction of some that I still remember fondly. However, I think it was not until 2005 that I got any. With the story, I enjoyed it as one of Bionicle's best years, and as I child I was obsessed with Mask of Light. Having watched it recently as a 20 year old, it is ultimately a decent but not spectacular cheap children's movie. Despite this, to me it was and will always be so much more.
  8. Chapter 1: Nahbor- Toa of Earth What is this place? thought Nahbor, as he scrambled to his feet after the crash. Until a few moments ago, a feeling of falling and tumbling were all he could focus on. He’d have dismissed it as a strange dream except for the massive crater that he was standing in and the open canister that he stood next to. In his hands, the Toa of Earth held a pair of drilling implements, which he had found in the canister that he had fallen from the sky in. On his face was a mask, which he had been wearing for as long as he could remember. Well, that wasn’t very long. He couldn’t remember anything. Nothing about why he was in the canister in the first place, why he was falling, or why he had landed where he did. All he knew was his name- Nahbor. He didn’t know why he knew. He just did. The Toa of Earth walked to the edge of the crater and looked up at the rocky hills and peaks that were in front of him. The landscape in front of him was jagged, dull and barren, with no other beings or life in sight. Leaving the crater, Nahbor climbed up into the hills in front of him, theorising to himself that by climbing up into the hills, he could look around for any sign of where to head. Reaching the top of a hill, Nahbor looked round. The isolated hills he had landed in appeared to go on for a considerable distance to the west. As far as he could see in that direction. To the east, south and north there were also hills, but to the east he could see the glistening blue of an ocean in the distance, that seemed to touch the sky on the distant horizon. To the north he could see the mountains getting taller, and snowier, and to the south he could see the hills disappearing, giving way to an ashen plain, where he could see the fiery glow of what looked like a volcano in the distance. In the hills themselves though, between where he stood and the sea, Nahbor spotted several domes, with smoke rising from the centre of them. There must be others out there, thought Nahbor to himself. He didn’t know why he thought this, but he had an instinct. Knowing that they were a fair way off, and that the sun was beginning to set, he set off in their direction immediately. Proceeding in a straight line towards where he had seen the rising smoke, Nahbor headed over what seemed like a dozen steep slopes to investigate. He couldn’t be far away now. “One or two more to go”, he assured himself. I can’t be far off from there now, and if anyone is there, maybe they’ll help me get directions. As he was about to head up yet another hill, however, a strange noise sounded to the south of his position. It sounded like a trapped beast, crying out in pain. It was so faint that Nahbor simply dismissed it as a figment of his imagination and began to proceed up the hill. Then he heard it again, louder this time, and no less fearful. Nahbor considered for a moment. He could reach the source of the smoke before nightfall if he ignored it. That much he was sure of. The voice on the wind felt so fearful, and without help, something in his heart gave him the urge to follow the source of the noise. But then, he could be alone in this wasteland in the dark for as long as it took for him to find someone. Or for someone to find him. The battle between his heart and mind was a troublesome one, his heart won, and Nahbor changed direction and made haste in the direction of the noise. As Nahbor headed south, the sound of screaming grew louder, and something about the voice told him that the one who it belonged to was in a serious situation. As it became louder and louder, Nahbor realised the source of the screams were directly behind a rock formation that lay in front of him. Cautiously climbing the rock face so that he could peek over and see who was making the sound he had followed, Nahbor tightened his grip on his drilling implements. If he had been wrong, and the voice’s owner was not in need of help, but was rather intent on harming him, he could defend himself. Now peering over the top of the rock, he was surprised to see a small figure, with its legs curled up against its chest, and shaking in fear. The figure looked similar in appearance to him, except about half his size, and like the Toa of Earth, wore pitch black armour and a mask, albeit it was different to the one he wore. The figure appeared to be trapped by a pile of large rocks, with one of its arms trapped underneath one the largest. Touched with pity, Nahbor climbed out from where he was hiding, put down his drills, and gestured to the other being that he meant them no harm, before walking over. “A-Ar-Artakha have mercy!” cried the figure, as it tried to back up from the approaching Nahbor, failing to retreat far due to it’s hand being trapped. “No, no. I’m not here to hurt you. I heard your screams even when I was far away. Who are you? I only mean to help you!”, replied Nahbor, surprised by the figure’s outburst but careful to remain composed. “You’re… not one of them?” asked the trapped being, relaxing a little. “Then who are you?” “My name is Nahbor, I think, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything else about who I am, as I don’t remember all that much”, he responded awkwardly. “You’re… a Toa?” asked Nahbor’s new friend. “Artakha be praised! My name is Onuruu, and I’m the Turaga of Onu Koro. We’ve long awaited your arr-” “I’m not sure who you think I am, but I don’t know who I am myself!” Nahbor was taken aback. What this Onuruu had said was so confusing. What was a Toa, Turaga, or Onu Koro? And when he said ‘we’, Nahbor wondered who else had been anticipating him? It seemed like too much to comprehend. Nahbor felt like Onuruu had taken him for someone else with the same name. “I’d be happy to help you out though?” It was at this point that Onuruu remembered that he was trapped under a pile of rocks. “We’ll get to all of that later”, he said, “But for now we must get back to Onu Koro. You had two seismic drills over there, as the prophecy foretold, so maybe you could use them?” Still bewildered by all this talk of prophecy and the like, Nahbor nodded, and went back for his seismic drills. The tools did not have any switches, buttons or levers that were visible with which to activate them, so he hesitated for a moment, and then looked at Onuruu in his embarrassment. After looking at the tools, the Turaga looked at the Toa. “Use your elemental power”, he said. Onuruu spoke of this as if it should be the most obvious thing in the world, but Nahbor knew not of such things as ‘elemental power’. He felt that he ought to know, but he didn’t. This finally pushed the previously calm Toa over the edge. Nahbor swung his tools to the floor, with a yell of frustration and sadness, the drills making a loud metallic clunk as they hit the floor. “Where are my memories gone?!”, he cried out in agony, as he fell to his knees and wept. Before Onuruu could respond, there was a loud rumble of rocks falling nearby. The Toa looked in the direction from which he had heard the noise. He then looked back at his friend. Turaga Onuruu was dead silent. At that moment, a shadowy creature leapt in front of them, a menacing looking axe in its hand. The creature was slightly shorter than Nahbor, but like him sported black armour and a mask. This fiendish looking thing’s armour and mask had a hellish appearance, with dark, red eyes gazing out from the eye-holes. The very air around the creature smelt metallic and oily, and Nahbor could tell that it’s presence meant trouble. The latter got to his feet, picking up his drills, just in time before the monster pounced. It struck first, its axeblade being blocked by the Toa’s drill. Although deflecting, the strike knocked the Toa’s right arm back against his chest, right before a second swing hit Nahbor in the side. The strike flung him aside, smashing him into the ground. Nahbor staggered up as fast as he could. He aimed to strike back with his drills, but one of the drills missed, while the other was caught in the hand of the assailant. The Toa’s adversary quickly used its axe to smash him in his left leg, and again in his lower abdomen. Groaning, Nahbor flung back, hitting the pile of rocks where Onuruu was trapped. Nahbor was in pain, but he knew that he had to fight on, otherwise both he and his new friend would die. He knew the only way to possibly reclaim his memories was to save Onuruu. He made it to his feet and fought back, managing to land a blow to the creature’s arm, causing it to emit a haunting groan. The groan was not unlike that of a ghost. Nahbor’s opponent struck his hand hard, causing him to drop one of his drills. It was hopeless. All had been for nothing. But Nahbor knew in that moment that he had to give all he had to defend himself and Onuruu. It was in this moment that he felt an energy inside him, that made him feel as if he was at one with the earth around him. Suddenly, the drill that was still in his hand activated. With that, Nahbor charged forward, hitting his enemy in the chest with the whirring drill, causing it to scream in horror, before Nahbor hit it a second time on the head, crushing it’s skull. As Nahbor watched, his opponent collapsed, and Nahbor noticed a dark red light on its chest fade. At once, Nahbor began to calm down, recomposing himself from the battle that he had just fought. As he did this he felt the strange energy fading. His drill stopped whirring, and switched off. Breathing heavily, he turned to Onuruu. “What was that thing?” The Turaga looked back at Nahbor with a concerned expression. “If you can get me to my village, I can show you, but please help me out of this rubble first!” Nahbor complied, picking up his other drill. Harnessing his elemental energy again, he used his drills to destroy the rocks, and helped his friend to his feet. “My village is to the north-east of here”, Onuruu said thankfully. “You may have seen the smoke on your way here. Come on- I’ll take you back with me”. Nahbor nodded, as Onuruu led him away from the creature’s corpse.
  9. Prologue It was in the time before time that the Great Spirit Artakha first came to this island. Before his arrival, we Matoran had turned this glorious paradise into a war-torn wasteland, as our six tribes fought one another for control of the elemental crystals, each of which allowed their users control of its associated element, including the elements of the six regions of our island, as well as the elements of Light and Shadow. A lack of trust between our peoples had led our ancestors to take up arms to control the crystals, as power hungry Turaga wished to dominate the island for their own personal gain. The Great Spirit ended our war, teaching us that one tribe cannot survive without the others. To cement this knowledge in our minds, he wrote us the creed of the three virtues- Unity, Duty and Destiny. Over the years, we came to value these three tenants above all else, and in thanks, we named this island Artakha, in the Great Spirit’s honour. Sadly, all good times must end. For Karzahni, the jealous and insane brother of Artakha used the Shadow Crystal to open the gate to the Realm of Shadows, and with the help of the Shadow Warriors who crossed over from that black world, he fought to depose the Great Spirit. After a long and vicious conflict, we Matoran prevailed. Karzahni and his Shadow Warriors were driven away, exiled to the Realm Of Shadows. After their exile, the Shadow Crystal’s location has been unknown. But this all came at a price, for in the closing moments of the final battle, Karzahni slew Artakha, before finally vanishing from this world. With the death of our protector, we knew it was only a matter of time, be it days, years, decades or centuries, before Karzahni would return to terrorise us once again. But hope was not lost. For shortly after that dreadful day, a prophecy was revealed that one day, six mighty Toa- great heroes representing each of our elements, would appear on the island, and that this will mark the beginning of the end of Karzahni’s threat…
  10. Here's a link to the discussion topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/26401-bionicle-shadows-of-artakha-review/ !
  11. This is where you can discuss Bionicle: Shadows Of Artakha, or offer advice and feedback. Positive or negative, I will happily take it all. Please feel free to follow this topic, if you fancy! Here's a link to the actual thread! http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/26400-bionicle-shadows-of-artakha/
  12. This story is set in a rebooted Bionicle Universe, but draws on inspiration from both Bionicle Generations. New chapters will ideally be added on the 1st day of each month, starting on the 1st August 2018, but due to university I'm going to be more on and off. I'd like to thank my sister Jennifer for her suggestions regarding the editing of the story, many of which were taken on board. Please enjoy! Here's a link to a map of the Island of Artakha (where the story will be set): http://www.bzpower.com/board/uploads/gallery/category_3/gallery_117950_3_67602.png
  13. I think that if G3 comes, and there's no reason to believe it will, but if it does, it needs to be modelled on G1 more closely than G2 was. It should be simplified, but not overly childlike, and perhaps geared to slightly older children than Lego's target audience for G2. Say 9-12 year olds instead of 7-9 year olds? I'd say bringing in some new characters would be a better idea than rehashing the Toa Mata as well. New names, new story and new generation.
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