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  1. I successfully got the smoke smell out of a hand me down leather jacket using my method. That took longer than a week though. I sealed it in a trash bag air tight, and changed the dryer sheets twice a day. But the smell came out. Goodluck on the book!
  2. Drier sheets help. I buy a lot of things from thrift stores. Throwing drier sheets in a conister, box or bag, changing it twice a day for about a week usually gets rid of the cigarette in my experience. I've used it on toys, boardgames, clothes, etc.
  3. Very cool! I used to have two of the yellow ones that I got in a large lot of items. I just kind of assumed they were UK or Canadian variants or something. Now I kind of regret trading the yellow ones I had =(
  4. I stand corrected! Thanks! Very nice collection! Out of curiosity, how were the yellow border "special edition" ones released?
  5. Well done! This is very impressive. Sorry to break it to you though. You're still missing at least one. There is the glatorian 4 issue with the red 2009 in the upper left hand corner. That issue has a few pages that the normal glatorian 4 doesnt have.
  6. My understanding is that the UK is worth slightly more, but it’s been a while since I got my copper hunas.
  7. I doubt it's from a toa mangai. The shadowed one or teridax would have demanded proof that the toa was killed. The mask of a toa sounds like the best way to confirm the kill to me. So I feel like if it was eliminator, he would have taken the mask as proof back to his boss or the one who hired him.
  8. Almost no light through is UK version A lot of light through is US version So it sounds like you have UK.
  9. Hold them up to the light. One is see through, the other stays dark
  10. Please keep me posted! I'd love to see how it all turns out!
  11. Me too... I had high hopes for socketball masks since their moulds look absolutely amazing, but I've been waiting for their custom service to open for years. =,(
  12. I’ve been wanting a yellow ruru, a trans blue g2 mask of water, and trans versions of the mata masks (trans red hau, trans orange/brown kakama, trans clear Akaku, etc). I’m happy to pay any costs you might need for supplies, molds, etc, but can anyone help with these requests?
  13. True, ultimately you’re probably right. They were likely written to purposefully lose to make the visorak seem more impressive by completely one siding the vahki. I’ll have to re-read the story since it’s been a while, but I don’t remember the vahki being particularly strategic there, mostly “we’ll just kill anything that gets in our way”, then when they were losing “retreat!”. That sounds like a normal response, especially for gun happy ex-cops on a power craze, but not a particularly intelligent conversation. This again goes to the comparisons between a local police station trying to take on an army. The visorak just had bigger numbers, more intelligence, better training, and better weapons. Either way, I think we agree that the vahki had no chance and were completely dominated by the visorak.
  14. Theyve always been able to talk they just spoke way too fast to listen to. The power surge fried their brains and slowed down their speech. I think the disintegration blasts were also explained as their safety switches being fried and turned off also. In other words, I think they always had the ability to use full power disintegration blasts, they were just programmed not to. So I'd say the vahkis reasoning skills and tactics were probably fried with the rest of their brains. So I'd say they really weren't a threat since they were just gun happy idiots facing an army (in my opinion).
  15. I agree. What we saw in story, they got decimated pretty easy. I also like the comparison of the visorak horde to an army that has conquered multiple continents. The vahki were basically a single city police force (that couldnt even catch a few untrained, toa who had no idea how to use their powers) and already had most of its cops beaten. The few cops left were hyped on the surge. So the remnants of a police force on a sugar high vs a large scale, well trained army doesnt seem like much of a fight.
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