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  1. It exists only in my memory now... but I really wanna revisit it, and none of the things I remember yield me a successful google search. I'll list them in hopes that someone saved it from the void. Here they are: 1. 2D platformer game with sprites. You avoid enemies and obstacles to get through to the end of the level. 2. You play as Toa Mata 2001 and enemies/bosses are Rahi. 3. Toa Mata each can use their mask's ability to progress and levels are build around it. 4.You start off as Tahu and he can shield to avoid getting hit, then Gali has a water level, and then Lewa has to fly and glide from tree to tree over large distances, but then Pohatu has a high-speed track with loops like Sonic the Hedgehod, and then Onua pushes blocks to make paths like a puzzle. Don't remember what Kopaka does, I think scans for invisible traps in the snow? All I remember is that he fights Muaka at the end. 5. After first 6 levels you have 5 more, much harder, and this time with golden masks. Onua is missing though probably unfinished. Does anyone remember anything like it? Thanks
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