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  1. Meet Fehu, Matoran of Fire and proud warrior! More to see here: https://twitter.com/Nahunicle/status/1124702441403047936
  2. Chef is a Ko-Matoran who dedicated his existence to cooking the fauna and plant-life of Spherus Magna after the Re-Formation. No one is really sure why, considering the Matoran don't really eat things, but he's really passionate about it. Other Matoran have tried to understand his art, but eventually ended failing at both getting the concept and executing it right. They usually just get yelled at and go home with nothing but questions about the grumpy guy. Chef carries a sharpening stick around as well as at least always one electro-blade, which he likes to sharpen whenever he has time. He wears a black powerless Ruru. On top of his regular Matoran pieces, Chef added-up an extra bit of armor to cover him a little more, especially when cooking. Unlike most Ko-Matoran, Chef absolutely dislikes cold environments, saying he hates everything that is frozen. He prefers to wander around the planet to try and create more food-related creations. "It's burnt! You burnt the bloody thing!" -Chef to Macku The build of this Matoran is fairly simple, with very basic articulations and limbs. The top is obviously based on the 2003 Matoran Sets. The bottom is custom but still very basic. The color scheme is White for the most, with touches of Black, to emulate Gordon Ramsay's general look in a kitchen: White jacket, black pants, and with an extra piece of armor on the front to replace the apron. More pictures of this little guy here: (I'm not familiar with Bzpower's gallery thing so uhhh here have this funny link) https://twitter.com/Nahunicle/status/1122493173375410176
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