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  1. So... It would seem that I've found another one.
  2. All I know about MoD is that they're Bionicle bootlegs that use new molds and were popular in Russia. As for the Iruini Kraata - from what I've heard, they are Metallic Green/Tan or something like that. They were sold only a handful of times and the most recent one sold for over 150$. But don't quote me on that.
  3. I've just remembered - I've got my hands on some Masters of Disaster a.k.a. "russian bionicle" parts and I don't need really them.
  4. I thought about selling it around the amout Iruini Kraatas sell, but I'm not so sure about that.
  5. Hello there. First time posting here, though a small number of you might know about me - I was that guy selling those pink Stormer helmets a while back. I've decided to post here myself because I don't want to overwork the poor @Mask Hunter Lewa :V. I've recently put my Wild Kraata on sale (they're on my Bricklink account if you're interested in checking them out: https://store.bricklink.com/Highbrow98#/terms ) and discovered that one of them doesn't fit any of the existing variants. Previously, I believed that's a Kraata of Slowness, but I was mistaken. It's entirely Medium Blue with a thin layer of silver covering most of the head and tail. Lewa, who lives in the same country, has one like it too. We've done some research and came up with nothing. A user here said that it's propably a Guurahk Kraata, but missing the Sand Blue component of Metallic Blue - resulting in a Silver/Medium Blue variant. As mentioned above, I've decided not to collect Kraata and part with what I have. But I have no idea how much to ask for this misprint. There's no (easily found) record of one like it ever being sold and so far we know of only two existing pieces. So I came here looking for offers. May list it on ebay later, I don't know. This one's mine: And this one's Lewa's, for reference: https://imgur.com/xotLDiZ https://imgur.com/hij3BBp https://imgur.com/2LQlaWz
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