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  1. I happened to notice the similarities in design between the Toa of Ice's shield and this symbol derived from New Age Hawaiian mysticism. Of course, this LEGO element existed long before BIONICLE was even conceived, and I doubt the designers intended such a reference. It's fairly well known that Hawaiian, Maori, Fijian, and other Pacific Island vocabulary were used as inspiration for the Bionicle universe. Just thought it was interesting to note the coincidences between the symbol and the Kanohi Akaku, as well as some terms and ideas that seem to describe other characters, items and events in the story.
  2. I'm pretty sure I cut out this article and still have it saved somewhere....
  3. Good Trades: tritoa - (1 trade) neatly packaged, good communication, excellent trader; Bad Trades: none Ongoing Trades: 1 purchase from tritoa
  4. My theory is that the Throwbots/Slizers are the ancestors of the BIONICLE (they throw disks, are based on elements, etc.). The Roboriders were designed to prevent viruses from attacking their world (they failed when faced with the Makuta virus). The BIONICLE universe followed which led to a unification of their world again. This unification begot the Hero Factory city a millenia later. G2 was an alternate time-line born when the Mask of Time was created. And the Great Beings are human kids who play with LEGO and create the legends.
  5. I can't be the first person to have noticed this, the parts being around for 20 years and all, but it took me that long to see it. At first I thought this was one defective mold until I examined the other heads in my collection. If you look at the "temples" on the tohunga head they are not the same cut. Also the angle of the crown detail, when viewed from the top, is slightly skewed on the right side. This is such a small detail I don't think it could have been intentional. Maybe part of the CAD file was accidently shifted before production?
  6. If you look closely you can just make out the tops of the characters in the forehead. The mask also appears a little rougher in the light compared to the rest of the figure, although that could just be a Photoshop filter. What do you think?
  7. Not entirely. Just wanted to get my favorites for the box art and the novelty of having them mint. I've already acquired Torch, Ski and Turbo sealed, with Scuba on the way. Amazon was the last one I needed. Thanks for the encouragement, glad you were able to complete your collection!
  8. Makuta is arguably THE greatest Lego villain because of his nature: the chaos of unsorted Lego parts and the destruction of existing models. He's 2 steps away from being a brick separator, or your younger sibling! Anyone remember the Brickster (Lego Island)? He's Jailbreak Joe with more personality, and wants to steal your bricks! Or how about Ogel (Alpha Team)? His name is Lego spelled backwards, so he must be super evil! Baron Von Baron (Adventurers)? Dastardly name, check. Twirly mustache, check. Monocle, check. Facial scar, check. Hook for a hand, check.
  9. Howdy! I already own the Amazon/Jungle set from the ThrowBots/Slizer line and was hoping to find a MISB for my collection. I should clarify: this is for a set that includes the outer paper-board box and not just the plastic container. I can settle for a box that's open in reasonably like-new shape, but I would prefer the US version (ThrowBots). Please DM me your offers and photos-- thanks!
  10. As far as music that sounds like Bionicle music ... This track sounds like a remix of the Ga-Koro theme from MNOG 2. Actually, a lot of music from Unreal Tournament feels like Bionicle music. There's also these two tracks of music from Descent 3. Kinda mix of tribal and euro dance beats. If we're talking about more rock/pop focused stuff, I always thought Incubus could do a really solid over-the-credits or advertisement music for Bionicle. Especially since they like surfing and using various mixes of instruments.
  11. The 6 Toa Mata should have been the only Toa. The Toa that come after (and before) undermine their destiny of being the ones to vanquish evil and return home. Takanuva single-handedly defeats Makuta while the Toa literally watch from the sidelines without offering assistance. This portrays the Toa Mata as useless. Six Heroes, One Destiny One Hero, One Destiny. Vakama and others have been Toa before, implying that the Toa are replaceable if they fail. It's a story that, whether or not it needed to be told, was one year too long away from the Toa Mata. Jala and others become Toa while the Toa Mata are still Toa, even to the end (no sacrificing of power to become Turaga). This makes Tahu and the others redundant. Mata Nui himself becomes a Toa and christens new Toa, while the Toa that saved him are pushed into the background again. Mata Nui, the guy they were sent to save, defeats Makuta without the help of the Toa Mata. I don't think that having more Toa or new Toa is a bad idea, or that the Toa don't need help once in a while. But the creators presented a creed/legend that was amended every other year. Looking back, it seems that the universe got along just fine without that one team of heroes.
  12. I bought both inks from Anthony's Comicbook art store. The inks are quite large and I don't have a scanner big enough yet to properly fit them. Here's an image of the other page
  13. When LOMN was leaked, man, that was the best thing to happen to me in 2018. I waited years to play that game. I had some hope in 2010 when footage of the game was released on Youtube, but most of my leads were dead ends. Major kudos to Beaverhouse and Litestone for finding and restoring the game. The music, the old graphics, seeing Pohatu ride the Kane-Ra, I was transported back to 2001. Looking forward to Bionicle: Masks of Power 2.0!
  14. Turaga Nokama's trident in yellow. Haven't seen anyone else with one of those, really curious where it's actually from. Got it off Bricklink from a German seller. EDIT: Mystery Solved! The yellow trident was a from a knockoff series called Masker. I framed two original ink comic pages. One is an extra page from the foil version of Comic 8. The other is an alternate page from Comic 4 that features a Matoran (Kapura?) in place of Vakama. Been fortunate to have completed my 2001 Kanohi collection. The rarest masks I own are the Brown Komau and the Yellow prototype Huna. Got really lucky with those having acquired them from the a seller after months (years?) of patience and saving. Recently got the SDCC and Inside Tour (Crew Edition) 2015 masks. I wish Gen 2 had put out more alternate colored masks. I also had a Miru custom chromed for my Wairuha figure.
  15. No listing yet, but someone is planning to sell a few highly sought after Kanohi
  16. I remember the old bio for Makuta amused us with the idea that he was a 3 headed monster. I don't know how many 3 headed, mask-wearing characters there are in Bionicle, but if there were: would they be able to wield multiple powered masks at once? Eg. a character who could shield themselves, see in the dark, and move objects with their mind would be pretty terrifying and super OP. Imagine if Makuta did have 3 heads, and got a hold of the masks of Life, Time and Creation. Bionicle version of Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet right there!
  17. This is the cheapest Pakari Nuva I've seen in a while and it's free shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lego-Bionicle-Toa-Nuva-PAKARI-Mask-43611-Rare-Pearl-Silver-Protodermis-Kanohi/203094183775?hash=item2f495b4f5f:g:6vAAAOSwIftfTX9X They also has the Silver Hau Nuva, Akaku Nuva and Miru Nuva. No Pearl Gold Kraahkan though.
  18. Which 3 unproduced 2001 Kanohi masks do you want most? If there's a specific mask or color not listed as a choice, please mention it in the comments.
  19. I do remember the ad in the back of one of the comics. Paul Hardcastle, who did the music for the 2001 promo album (3 tracks, one of which was "The Bionicle Music" featured heavily in MNOG), had a Bionicle themed track pop up on his remix album Zer01. "Obey The Force" features various familiar sounds recycled throughout and the song ends with garbled dialog "Bionicle... obey the force... the legend is born... the Bionicle has begun". It's pretty clear this may have been intended for the album and got scrapped, or Hardcastle reused the sound samples for his own song as a tribute. This might be a stretch, but... IF Rob Zombie, Woven and Cold had already composed music for the cancelled album there's a chance it shows up in some form or another on their later works as a B-sides or reused chords in another song. Again, just optimism talking. I'm not too familiar with their music, but if Hardcastle did it, they may have as well. This was my biggest disappointment. I didn't care for the Nuva masks when they came out. They were too big and just not the personality of the Toa at all (except Tahu). Then the Toa Metru masks followed this format. The final straw was the ugly rubber masks on the glowy "not faces" of the Toa Ignika.
  20. Oh yeah i remember those in the marketing I had forgotten all about them! Never made the connection between them and the Kal. Probably because I had just assumed it was marketing like the Throwbots and Bionicle 2001 with the "evil eyed menace" following the heroes wherever they go. I do really like that idea of the Kal rising from the protodermis vats after the Toa leave. It explains their silver coloring.
  21. I guess I always saw the Nuva as an "accidental transformation" rather than something that was destined or foreseen by the Turaga. Do the Nuva symbols, or the knowledge of them, ever show up in media taking place before their appearance on Mata Nui? Like, do the Toa Metru encounter a Nuva cube or legend while encountering the Bohrok? I know the Rahkshi and kraata do to some extent, which is why the Turaga would know about them from the slug hunting.
  22. I think the Le-Matoran get a bad rap because they are the only group that, for a couple years, we only READ what they said and could not LISTEN to how they spoke. Between the comics & books, MNOG, and the promo animations there was no voice acting or spoken words. Everything was in word bubbles, subtitles, or a VO narrator. Even the GBA game had garbled dialog ("eepa wappa appa wah!"). So when the Miramax movies came along it was kind of a shock to me how they handled Lewa and Matau. Had the LOMN game been released in 2001 as it was planned, we would have heard the garbled techno-elemental hybrid of the Toa and their people and probably would have thought much differently on their portrayals in later media. Because the Turaga and Matoran have been stuck on Mata Nui for a long long time, their past is forgotten and they have secluded to their own regions and developed unique personalities and trope practices over the years. If they had all lived in one place like Metru Nui, working together and mingling, I don't think their accents and practices would have differed as drastically; so no chute-speak in my book. The most secluded tribes are Le-Koro and Ko-Koro. You have to go looking to find them. Once you have, you have to go through hoops to understand them. While the Le-Matoran sing and rhyme and have a colorful dailect, the Ko-Matoran speak very little or not at all. Even the Turaga reflect this practice, as Matau is a singer of stories and Nuju has Matoro translate his words for him. Their unique languages, or lack thereof, is because of this isolation. With that in mind, Lewa should never have spoken tree-speak. Adopted phrases, maybe, but no broken language. He woke up from a canister like the other Toa, and has not been secluded in the jungle for a thousand years. He can still be jovial like Matau and the jungle birds, just as Kopaka is cold and aloof like his region.
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