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  1. Welp, I actually did it. I finally managed to do the Toa Mata as human beings! Gali Mata Lewa Mata Kopaka Mata Pohatu Mata Onua Mata Tahu Mata I'm glad of how they all turned out! I might do the left hand and right hand Matoran and maybe the Metrutoran soon, thank you for participating!
  2. I'm liking this, Elaho! Keep it up~! <3
  3. This and The Arrival are so much better than... what we got.
  4. Sorry I'm late, but I made this a day before it turned ten. And yeah, I used what the voice actors of that said movie had acted just before being involved in this abomination of a movie... oh, and Godzilla (who provided his roar for Skopio)'s here too.
  5. Bad news you guys...

    Earlier on this day and just as I posted humanized fanart for the 16th anniversary of BIONICLE: Mask of Light on the /biog/ server on Discord, everyone started to bully me for this... 

    1. Snelly


      I can't imagine why.



    Jokes aside, happy 16 years to Mask of Light!


  7. The time has come, gentlemen. The Four Horsemen hath commenced the 10 year anniversary of a very exceptional but very childish Bionicle movie by Tinseltown Toons and Thereshold Animations that is TODAY!


    And yes I made this poster for no reason, and no I am not sorry.



    But anyways, happy 10 years to Bionicle: The Legend Reborn. What a stuck up movie.

    1. The Hip Historian Iaredios

      The Hip Historian Iaredios

      Love that picture, so saving that. :lol:

      I am actually in debt to this movie and am glad it was a thing. The movie had great potential but was not executed right and it led to it being a let down. But the potential and the subsequent Battle of Bara Magna led me to try and harness the potential of the mythological themes buried under the crud and create A Rude Awakening. This project was made with the intention of continuing the lore for Bionicle after the events of Journey's End while also redoing the lore for Spehrus Magna (as it had a lot of nonsensical problems). After years of slow progress on the video game modification progress, and my increasing detachment from Bionicle, I decided to abandon the project, give the torch over to my friend Toa Imrukii, and take a lot of my ideas for the lore of Spherus Magna and expand upon it in a unique, original fantasy setting for future writing endeavors. So thank you "The Legend Reborn", for making me a possible future author and enhancing my writing ability.

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