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  1. Oh wow. The mask of Life... the mask itself looks like it has an image on its face of the robot standing up, with its arms outstretched. I had noticed that this mask resembled a humanoid figure... but didn't make this connection until now. That's cool.
  2. Oh, you are right. Pardon my terminology, I am not very well acquainted with the specifics. Yes, when I referred to "gens 1 and 2," the closest interpretation of this would be "films" 1 and 2 (but also film 3), or more specifically years 1-4 (2001 to 2005). Somewhere I thought I had read something about those three films being grouped into two set collections... (in my mind, I had grouped them into "Mata Nui" and "Metru Nui" distinctively). But alas, I obviously do not know the specifics or the technicalities of the actual sections of set or media releases. Thank you for pointing this out.
  3. Thank you, Toatapio Nuva. You answered all of my questions! This was incredibly helpful. And Master Inika, I had followed Gen1 and Gen2 Bionicle pretty closely when I was younger, but I must've stopped following the story around Gen3. Some of these details you mentioned are really cool to me - in particular the two "suns" closing up in the Legends of Metru Nui - as I did not remember noting this detail back then. Anyways, it is nice to know that these are legit to the story and canon, and really quite cool to see that it was planned since the beginning. Thanks for all of your answers!
  4. I realize that I'm a little late in finding this out, but... Mata Nui was a Robot? I have so many questions! So, the other day I saw a video on youtube of Michael Dorn narrating the full story of Mata Nui (...and, yes, I have known that Dorn starred in the film The Legend Reborn, but apparently I did not look into the plot of the movie enough to know about there being a GIANT ROBOT!), but I heard this video where he explains how Mata Nui was a giant robot, and how a Makuta took over his entire body, and it fell over (and many other details such as its face becoming the island of Mata Nui, and all of the Matoran forgetting about their original purpose of keeping the robot under control). Was this voice narration by Dorn some kind of deleted content that was never actually used in the series? Where did it come from? (I knew about the film they made called The Legend Reborn, but all of this about a giant robot was way over my head.) Is all of this extra stuff about the "Great Beings" and "Spherus Magna" fan fiction, or is it official to the series? And when did this happen in relation to the Bionicle series ending? Are there / were there any lego sets of these so-called "Great Beings" ever sold? This also makes me wonder things like: was this part of the story line created from the beginning, and hidden from the viewers until like 2009? When they mentioned Makuta casting Mata Nui into a "deep slumber" in first generation Bionicle media, did they actually have this storyline in mind the whole time, or was this some last-minute expansion of the story? Is this something anyone could guess? Thanks for reading this. The whole extra story line kinda blew my mind!
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