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  1. Have you purchased from there before? What was your experience. NOTE: I'm not expecting quality.
  2. I have a wide assortment of kanohi, and I'm looking to fill a few gaps in my Noble Kanohi collection. Do you have any spares? Thanks!
  3. Here: This link should be permanent. Anyone else is welcome to use this one. https://discord.gg/Udj4kP5NSG
  4. We will be using digital 2d animation in a similar vein as Samurai Jack or the Clone Wars cartoon. We do have a number of animators working on the project. Always looking for more, though!
  5. I always found the best way to remove them was just to rotate them in the socket so the flat piece aligned with the joint's wall. then they just fall out.
  6. Our animation team is finishing up concept work now. At this point in time, we're playing things pretty close to the chest. At some point in the future, we intend to release project material—however we feel it would be more constructive to wait for a reveal until we have more of a finished project. The invite link has been repaired. Discord only logs invite links for a certain period of days before resetting. If anyone else tries the link and it's broken, please PM me here or on my instagram and I'll send you an updated one. Hope that helps! -Max
  7. HELP WANTED: Calling all animators, voice actors, artists and more to play a part in a very special creation, The Mangai Project! After three years of brainstorming, designing, building, and writing, I am excited to announce the launch of a new Bionicle community project starring the Toa Mangai! The show will follow Toa Lhikan and his team, the Mangai, as they witness and take part in the fall of Metru Nui. The groundwork for this show has already been laid, from world building to scripts to character designs, and I am very proud of all that we have been able to accomplish on the project so far. However, I have reached a point in development where the project is ready to be shared to allow for the best production quality possible. This is where you come in. If you or anyone you know is interested in acting, animation, art, film, production, or publicity please follow the link to the discord below to learn where you can fit into the project! If you feel you are unable to help with production, please spread the word about #TheMangaiProject – it would mean so much to me. Again, the foundation for this show is already established, and our goal is to have a pilot released within the next six months. Working on this project will be a fantastic opportunity to take your skills to a new level, as well as providing opportunities to meet with other creators in the Bionicle community. I am excited to see this project grow, and I look forward to seeing you on the discord. Discord link: https://discord.gg/2Cva5AJ4 ~ Max Nui, Creator and Executive Producer
  8. Getting some insight into the 7 books would be incredible for sure!
  9. I kept all my canisters after I threw away my Kalmah canister and instantly regretted it.
  10. I've heard alot of community members talk about how they wish Bionicle would have allowed matoran of different elements to have varied genders. As a kid, I never really thought to much about the subject, and I thought the gender exclusivity made the matoran population unique. How do you feel about it? What are your arguments for or against the Great Being's decision to keep certain elements specific genders?
  11. I always thought Onewa's kind of looked like some type of rhino.
  12. I see that the ruru included in the clock isn't the normal "misprint" red mask. Strange.
  13. I regret that a few years ago, I had a number of kraata I threw away because they were stretched like this. I SUPER regret doing it, and it haunts me to this day. I look around every corner, awaiting the day the kraata I shunned finally get the jump on me and take their revenge...
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