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  1. I was browsing the interwebs today and found this article about the early days of Bionicle: https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/business/2001/08/19/lego-plots-a-comeback/8b0fdf1f-534b-4996-8429-b45ac055d9d6/ Its a fascinating read, as it was written before many of the sets were released. Really gives you a perspective on how the theme was viewed externally.
  2. Only the being's consciousness is taken to the Red Star. The Kestora then build the consciousness a replacement body. https://biosector01.com/wiki/Red_Star I believe it prevented beings with great inner light. Toa would have been able to pass through, but the possibility is unlikely. Look at how much trouble Lesovikk had trying to get into Karzahni from the sea.
  3. I always wondered if the light blue kaukau was the prototype version of Maku's mask (since she was the only tohunga with a kanohi that differs from her disk).
  4. I agree with this opinion here. Matoran is such a unique, fun word that belongs to Bionicle only.
  5. Oof. Thank you for bringing up the images not working. Try this link instead: https://imgur.com/a/PapJ25o
  6. Hello! I have a number of extra masks and two sets that I would like to sell or trade: https://imgur.com/a/PapJ25o The two sets are a Kikanalo and Maxilos. Message me if you're interested in anything here, or even if you're looking for a part I don't have listed. I might not have included it! If you would like to trade with me, here are a list of masks I am currently looking for: Noble Huna: Light Gray, Light Tan, Lime Noble Rau: Orange, Light Gray Noble Matatu: Orange, Light Blue, Tan, Lime Noble Komau: Light Blue, Lime, Copper Noble Mahiki: Light Blue, Tan, Dark Gray Hau Nuva: Silver, Black, Green, Brown Pakari Nuva: Silver, White Kaukau Nuva: Black, White Miru Nuva: Red, Blue, White Kakama Nuva: White Akaku Nuva: Black, Blue Great Kaukau: Light Translucent Blue And ofc any misprints/prototypes, but at this point that kinda goes without saying. Thank you!
  7. Thank you! The treads are a bit whack, but as of right now I am looking to be as accurate as possible. I would have never expected the piece to be DUPLO, thank you!
  8. Not sure if this is the right channel, but for the life of me I can't figure out what tread the Sand Tarakava used. I recently purchased part#: bb0661 "Tread with 28 Treads Medium". This belt fits, but I don't believe it's wide enough. For the instructions I am using Vahki6's excellent instructions: https://www.deviantart.com/vahki6/art/Sand-Tarakava-Instructions-689793205 If someone knows the part number and could give it to me, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  9. Eliminator has already been established to leave the masks of his victims, such as when the Shadowed One picks up the Kanohi Kakama left behind by a dead Mangai.
  10. During the start of the Ignition Trilogy, Hewkii finds a Great Kanohi Suletu lying on the ground where a Toa died. Kongu eventually uses the mask himself, but my question is: Wouldn't it make the most sense if the Kanohi was from a member of the Mangai who was killed by Eliminator? Which of the Mangai would have worn it?
  11. According to Biosector01 concerning the Crystal Serpents: "Artakha did not use viruses to create the Crystal Serpents." So, unfortunately specifying virus doesn't work either. https://biosector01.com/wiki/Crystal_Serpents It might be helpful to find a list of all rahi created without viruses.
  12. It was cool to see him speak physically, and the toilet roll part really got me. In my opinion, I've definitely seen more charismatic TED talks than Faber's but I chalk that down to English not being his first language. Once he got his nerves out of the way, I thought he had some incredibly interesting things to say!
  13. Okay, this seems more reasonable than alot of other crossovers I've seen suggested. Having them set on a completely different planet besides Spherus Magna is at least reasonable. Most of the time when I hear "Let's make Hero Factory part of Bionicle" the suggestions always seem to be placing Makuhero city on Spherus Magna (which I think limits the future possibilities of the Bionicle canon etc.). I am not as opposed to this 'separate planet' notion, especially considering that other civilizations on other planets are canon (Mata Nui observed many developing civilizations during his travels). As long as the canon inclusion of Hero Factory didn't mess with Spherus Magna, I don't see a problem with it. Thank you for elaborating!
  14. I'm also of the opinion that this really isn't necessary. Bionicle has a complete, self contained narrative already, and doesn't really require the addition of another property for completion. I think it's an interesting concept to theorize about, in a similar fashion to G1 and G2's vahi connection, but to ask for official confirmation from Lego seems a bit excessive. Summary: I like the concept, but it shouldn't be official canon.
  15. Nothing about that post in particular. In general, TTV communication often seems very aggressive and childish. For instance, how constructive criticism is handled. I think this is an exciting opportunity for TTV to host these contests, but the manner in which they treat Bionicle fans can often be downright disrespectful. This can go both ways, and there are certainly toxic members of the fanbase who have caused this hostility, but we make the world a better place by behaving better than our adversaries. I don't want to get too much deeper into it, but in summary these contests are handled with a lot of undue guile and animosity which just makes me sad. Hope that explains it a bit.
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