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  1. I personally like the metru PLATFORM. by that I mean that I think the sets are alright, but the system is good. for example, I have a metru based toa of air that has full articulation (yes, even shoulders) and still retains the gear function (of which is linked to one arm and has added friction) basically, Its a good platform to start with, then use a variety of mods and changes to get it just the way you want it
  2. nope, Im probably a different person. I just joined here and the ttv message boards within a year of one another (last year for ttv)
  3. very true. and as for the eye, I always thought that the bulb thing was a replacement eye, as if he lost one. but now that I think about it, he does have three in most images. hmmmm...
  4. Im new here, so I only have seen one person several times 1/5
  5. That totally makes sense, and it sounds like something Krekka would do
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