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  1. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay) Craning his neck back, Ahuum continued to leer and grin sinisterly towards the camp as they rowed away till eventually he looked back away as he settled back into his seat, a part of him disappointed at how casual the interaction went. "So, we shall continue to explore the shores? Perhaps in hopes of finding where that meager camp came from?" The Nahikl queried, looming over the side of the boat now as their left hand listlessly ran through the water. IC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  2. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay) Sitting curled up in his corner of the boat, Ahuum leaned over and leered with excited interest as the meager camp in the distance was spotted. Grinning wide with a sinister and vaguely manic grin, the Skakdi reached deep into their robes as they pulled out a scroll, it being an ancient and weathered map of the bay. Looking down towards the piece of papyrus, Ahuum began to mark down the location on the map, quickly ascertaining the outposts exact location before leering back towards the camp. "So many Skakdi. So many warm bodies." He murmured under his breath. OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  3. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Settling into the back of the boat, Ahuum sat there with his unsettling self, beginning to murmur and mutter to himself in an unsettling tongue as the boat began to drift away out into the waters of the bay. OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  4. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Grinning, Ahuum's twisted left limb would gently grip their staff as they gently poked at Jojax, smiling. "Ah, this one can see the reef through the coral. Good. Our lady will need that I'm sure." OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  5. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) At T'harrak's retort, Ahuum couldn't help but break into a harsh, chuckling laugh, shuddering as their body was wracked with wretched coughing before they looked back up towards the Skakdi of Crystal. "The closest one of course, or do you wish to scout out the edges of Seprilli for our lady's inevitable invasion." OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  6. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Sitting there in his little spot, his attention split on the two Skakdess with him and the void of a shadow he spied in one of the corners of the boat. But hearing T'harrak address him, even unintentionally, his stiff smile snapped to look over towards her as his lips twisted around the words he spoke. "Perhaps the shore would be for the best, as it is the closest to our lady's domain. And should anything happen, it would be for the best that we are quick to return." OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  7. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Chuckling once more in that hoarse tone of theirs, with a faint wheeze and gasp in their small and brief outburst, they settled down as they nodded their head in some self-important sagely way. "Of course. Of course. It is good to be prepared for a classic Skakdi greeting." Stepping past T'harrak, Ahuum began to approach the boat, unsteadily climbing in, with it looking like a miracle they didn't just fall into the water with their clumsy stagger. Looking up from his seated position, the old Nahikl, at least gracious enough to take up as little space as possible, spoke up to Jorax. Or perhaps T'harrak? Or maybe he was simply asking the air itself. "So then, are we ready to depart dear?" OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  8. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish, Spineless Bay) As T'harrak approached the rinky-dink little vessel that herself and her two companions would be taking, she would notice the distinct lack of the mystic, Ahuum. Till, sensing a feeling of wrongness from behind her, the Skak seemingly materialized out of thin air as far as she could figure and began following, stepping to one side as they followed from behind, their three-legged stumble sounding on the water-logged wooden planks as they spoke with a curious tone. "Intending to strike out against our accommodating neighbors before being told to do so, what would Zanakra think, hrmmm?" They inquired in their prodding way. OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  9. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish, Spineless Bay) A dry chuckle left the old Skak's lips, as if remembering a joke, before them responding to the retort. "With a mind as limited as that, I would think not. But in that case I shall return to my little corner of this fortress and gather what we shall need. I shall be ready at the vessel if you so need me." The Nahikl said before turning his back to the Skakdess and plodding away, disappearing out of sight behind a nearby wall. OOC: @Whisper
  10. IC: Nakihl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) "And I am assuming my own mental map shall not suffice for this, no?" Ahuum asked, wily in his tone. OOC: @Whisper
  11. IC: Nakihl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) "Thank you my lady, for this opportunity to serve." The Nakihl gratefully spoke, bowing their head before turning towards T'harrak, their grin returning to that tight lip smile. "So, what is it we shall require before our joint leave?" OOC: @Whisper
  12. IC: Nakihl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) "Well my lady," Ahuum began to say, bowing his head in as a respectable manner he could managed with his decrepit hunched figure. "I have dwelt upon this region of Zakaz for many a century and have found myself most familiar with its geography. If my services are not needed here within the fort, then mayhaps I offer them for this very important venture, yes?" He finished saying, looking back up, his grin splitting slightly to allow the blackened fangs that hid behind his lips. OOC: @Snelly @Whisper
  13. IC: Nakihl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa) Silent and menacing, the decrepit mystic, lurking in the shadow of the fort, watched with interest and intent upon the proceedings of the fort; from the sarke of Jorax, to the discussion of repairs of T'harrak, to the handing out of a mission from Zanakra. It was after that last bit that the wizen, ancient thing masked in the form of a Skak felt obliged to step out into the light that so hideously sought to illuminate the shadowed inner-lining of his black cloak. With stiff, almost-stumbling, steps, his long twisted black staff thudding onto the packed earth ground, Ahuum approached the trio as he made himself known, his sharp, thin grin hiding his emotions more than it might show it. A step or two away from joining the circle of conversation proper, the hollow, almost clawing, voice of the Nakihl spoke up as their optics lingered intently on each figure, before lingering upon Zanakra. "My lady, is it what I hear that you seek to have those beneath yourself to traverse the perilous bay? To seek out those who may in due time fall against you? In fealty or defeat?" Ahuum asked, his words, though clear, prodding somewhat. OOC: @Snelly @Whisper
  14. Name: Ahuum Breed: Ba-Skakdi Brief Description: Though his origins are shaded and clouded, whether by the depths of time or his own failing and maddened memory, Ahuum claims to have once been a mighty and truly phenomenal example of the Skakdi species. But now, it is clear to anyone that they are merely a meek, meager, and wretched thing of a Skak. Standing in a hunched posture of over 7’, the scrawny, wretched, wire-framed figure stands in all their decrepedness as they stumble and linger throughout life. Truly, they would be a Skakdi who would only be noticed for the ease of being bullied and abused, they do still bear some strength in the shockingly sharp and keen look in their optics and the slight, sharp curve of their tight lipped grin upon their stiff, gaunt face. Wearing a shadowy black cloak that masks much of their form, an innumerable number of ritualistic etchings and tattoos covers Ahuum’s frame, each one written in the ancient Skakdi tongue, bearing countless tales and legends that have now become nigh-indiscernible from the effects of age that have been wrought upon them. These markings and the various trinkets and baubles they carry clearly mark them apart from simply being some old scrooge of a Skak. Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, Ahuum prefers to lurk back behind into either the shadows or crowds wherever he goes. He is a subtle entity, more designed for scheming and slinking about with a vague insidiousness, one that can be noticed with the occasional slip in his silent veneer, letting loose the madness that lurks behind that visage. Though whatever wider goal Ahuum seeks is uncertain to anyone, one thing is clear; they seek to serve. Either as an advisor, scholar, or spiritual seer, Ahuum will gladly and loyally serve any warlord upon their death. Background: Though Ahuum’s past is unknown, as any attempts to pry into it will only lead to the Skak going onto a different retelling each time or simply winding off onto whatever tangent catches his fancy, a few consistencies have been noticed. Though whether any of these should be believed is still another question. The Skak claims that he was once a great powerful Skakdi warlord, one known, feared, and respected all across Zakaz. That is, till in a tragic event, he was left for dead within the Rift, with him barely escaping, scarred and deformed. Wandering the island as a mad vagrant, Ahuum eventually found himself at the fortress of the Nakihl, where he joined the mad congregation. It was there at the fort that Ahuum grew his mind into unfathomable depths of otherworldly knowledge, that which he vehemently refuses to share to any who may wish to know it. Ahuum has even gone on record to claim that he was there when the fort was sacked and that Ahk’rei:Nii was slain, even claiming to have a piece of their head, which he keeps preserved in a jar on his person. Somehow escaping the sacking unscathed, the Skak continued to wander across the Spineless Bay, passing from the employ of one warlord to another, till he has at last settled amongst the warband of Zanakra, now seeking to offer his council to the newly made warlord. Powers - Vision Power of X-Ray: Ahuum' has the vision power of x-ray. This allows Ahuum to see beyond the ordinary, allowing them to see through solid objects to look behind or inside them. Elemental Power of Magnetism: Ahuum, like all Skakdi, has a latent elemental power, his being the elemental power of magnetism. Ahuum is only able to access his elemental power when in physical contact with another Skakdi. In addition, Ahuum’s element grants him an innate sense of direction, allowing him to always know where north is. Equipment - (Items approved by Haman Karn) Touch of Mercy: A plain and simple glove worn over Ahuum’s right hand, it is a surprisingly potent and useful tool. When the glove is in contact with organic protodermic flesh, the wearer of the glove may channel their elemental energy through it into whoever they are in contact with, accelerating the natural healing rate of the subject as well as purging their body of any toxins or poisons. This healing though isn’t a cure-all, as it only accelerates the natural healing rate, meaning bones could reset improperly, wounds could close into nasty scars, and more extreme injuries may simply be too much for the body to recover from. Diseases are also not something this glove could cure. Touch of Malice: Though this singular glove is a seemingly innocuous item, worn over Ahuum’s left hand, it is in reality a deceptively dangerous tool. Across the palm and fingers of the glove are a layer of conductors that are capable of, upon contact with organic protodermic flesh, causing intense flares of pain to surge across the point of contact. With a singular finger, a subject may be inclined to flinch away from the touch or simply cry out, while with a full touch of the palm, a target could be left completely and momentarily paralyzed by the blindingly intense pain. Flaws - Twisting of Mind and Body: Due to Ahuum’s continual practice and seeking of darker knowledge and powers with the occult, horrific effects have blighted the Skakdi with their twisting mad magics. Across his left side, from part-way down his leg, up to his arm, and creeping up his neck, his flesh and frame have twisted and melded together in a horrific manner, now black and looking like it was made from a twisting mass of worms. These deformities have made Ahuum weak in his constitution and the fine motor dexterity of his left side is limited compared to his right. This twisting effect though has also affected his mind, with his conscious desires being filled with a veiled insidiousness, one that lusts for pain and misery to be spread amongst those around them, even those close or loyal to Ahuum and vice versa.
  15. Hello, I was wondering if I could get an invite to the Discord? I'm interested to join in and I'm excited by all this talk of Zakaz.
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