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  1. IC: Bronk (Kini-Nui Temple, Amaja Circle) Bronk had sat there and kept an eye on the circle, not entirely sure what more he could do, though it seemed that whatever Toa Stannis did worked, albeit brought back the torrential rains that pelted the village. Bronk had attempted to place the onyx stone back onto the sands while the diamond one was there, but it seemed to have no effect. Beyond that, the quartermaster and sergeant dared not mess with the stones further and only sought to make sure the diamond one stayed in place. That was when he heard chatter from behind himself. Turning his head around, he noticed a green clad figure which he could not recall interacting with before speaking with Nuju, and not able to help himself, listened in onto their very serious and revealing conversation. He continued to listen in till another voice roused his attention, almost startling the Onu-Matoran as they looked up towards a Toa of Earth whomst they also didn't recognize. "Excuse me, are you Sergeant Bronk? I'm here to let you know that the village of Kini-Koro is being evacuated." Bronk looked up towards the Toa, nodding his head in affirmation to the mention of his name before briefly looking towards Nuju and the other figure as he replied in a quiet whisper. "I understand thet Toa, but whether intentional or not, them two are speakin' bout sum very important matters thet would be more than important tuh share with thuh Commander once I meet with her again." OOC: @Onaku @Gecko Greavesy @Unreliable Narrator
  2. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Even they couldn’t help but feel the sudden gut wrenching effect of gravity being suddenly shifted to such an intense degree as their downwards inertia flipped upwards upon them. With rising bile in their throat, Taua just managed to keep it down as they worked to reorientate themselves, looking back down towards their awaiting foe, who they expected to meet upon a more level playing field. Instead, they saw them rooted, guarded by a cage of branches whose interlocking supports just managed to keep them from collapsing under their own weight and be sent skywards. It was frustrating for a moment, and then exhilarating the next. This was it, this was the moment they sought, to deliver their killing blow. They just needed to execute it, to execute this beast, once and for all, to prove themselves the mightiest upon Zakaz. Suspended over fifty feet up and climbing, Taua warped the gravity around themselves to permit them to fall once more while continuing to pull at Marrow, with the pull starting to decrease at a steady rate. Now falling once more and heading right for the jagged canopy, they raised their greatshield, with the maw opening as a wave of frost and cold bellowed out, freezing the topmost branches and weakening the ones beneath and around it. But that wasn’t enough, they couldn’t risk losing a single moment from these branches halting their descent, watching as the plants quickly started to grow past the frostbitten limbs. Wielding their maulaxe in their other hand, they rammed the head of it against the back of their greatshield, briefly but greatly increasing the immense slab of protosteel’s weight as it was launched forwards at immense speed, crashing and tearing a hole and a path into the canopy. But the greatshield did not go all the way, as its momentum was quickly lost, it being subsumed in the canopy. Falling into the canopy, they were able to freefall for a third of the way through before the branches once more attempted to claim hold of them, with them quickly losing grip upon their maulaxe as they attempted to fend off the brown tide. They couldn’t let themselves be caught now though, they couldn’t let themselves be stopped. Quickly thinking, Taua preemptively gritted their teeth for the strain they were about to feel as they released the upward pull, with another one forming, as gravitonic force enshrouded the Kaita and pulled them downwards with the momentum of a bullet. But it still wasn’t enough. Thrusting their three arms forwards in a diver-like manner, silver shone across the limbs as they thrummed with energy, slicing through the branches like a sword plunging down into flesh. Upon each impact, minute waves shot across the Kaita’s body that caused the already existing fractures to only grow, with a sickening sound of cracks coming from the right side of Taua’s form in particular. With their teeth grinding together, they were just able to keep themselves from roaring out the pain as they felt their bones break from the impacts, their flesh slashed by the branches, their mind strained from the effort. One by one, their eyes grew bloodshot, with the purple pair growing completely silver from the strain, with more of the silver fluid pouring through their teeth and down their chin. It was so much that the voice of Miserix was drowned out as they didn’t know how much longer they could endure. And then, they broke through. They broke through the canopy and were able to lay their strained gaze upon the great beast, their foe, their victory. They had started their descent being over fifty feet in height, and now they were just over their original size but it did not matter. Their twin mouths grew into fierce grins, the teeth stained silver as more of their life blood leaked through. With roaring laughter, they brought it down upon Marrow, they brought all of it down. The weight of the entire world. The average protoderm was a hearty thing, much stronger than a weak, pathetic purely flesh and blood being. Something like that could only handle nine times base gravity, but a protoderm, they were strong enough to take nearly double that and a gravity-aligned protoderm could take three times that. But Taua, they were far behind that limit, and thus, they brought a force down upon the Tahtorak that would make even Drukarus collapsed to their knees; to make them strain against the air in their lungs, the blood in their veins, the flesh of their body, enough to break even them. And to a Tahtorak of such size and weight, Taua was to find out how much was needed to break that. They are Taua, Skakdi Kaita of Conflict. They are the bringer of battle, the purveyor of war, the harbinger of struggle. And they? They are the strongest being upon Zakaz, as they and they alone could hold up the weight of the world, and send it all crashing down upon any who deserved such power. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @NorikSigma @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC: Ko-Pou Guard (Ko-Pou) "Hey there, do you happen to know where Captain Bronk is? I have urgent news for him." One of the Matoran guards looked up towards the Vortixx as they approached, getting into a more attentive stance as they spoke. "Sergeant Bronk isn't at the post at the moment as him and a significant portion of the guard had left to go and assist Kini-Koro with the sudden arrival of the Tahtorak and the torrential rains that seems to surround the creature. I must request you remain here till we get an all clear, unless you are willing to assist the village in its fortifications." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander @Gecko Greavesy
  4. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) With their maulaxe flying into their hand once more, Taua raised up their shield as they deflected the splinters, the wooden slivers easily breaking against the bulwark, with the very few that made it pass only harmlessly glancing against their armor. It was clear that these meager attacks could hardly reach, let alone affect the Kaita, but the same was true vice verse, with them lacking any effective ranged means of attacking. It was placing the two of them into a frustrating stalemate that Taua doubted either of them appreciated. Gazing down, looking upon the sheer and raw destruction the two of them have inflicted upon the landscape, truly it was the carnage of a great battle, but looking upon the beast itself, Taua only snarled at how little they seemed to have harmed the creature. Though they had left the thing with various minor cuts and scrapes, with their eye blasts having singed a good portion of the monster’s chest, it was clear that they were losing… No! They couldn’t lose, they won’t lose. They are Taua, Kaita of Conflict. It is this that they exist to excel at, and yet they couldn’t help but feel themselves slipping, growing more stretched and drained as the fight continued, them getting closer to returning to their diminished components. It was a fate that they loathed above all else, to return to who they were having not even left their mark upon Zakaz, it was a fate that won’t happen. That, they were going to make sure of. What they needed to do is fell the beast, the monster, in a blow so great that it could not possibly survive, and there was only one attack that could ensure such an outcome. They just needed to get into the position to execute it. Launching themselves over towards where Marrow stood, Taua gazed down towards the creature before they allowed gravity to take them once again as they fell down towards the creature greatshield first. While they were falling, they expanded their mind out towards Marrows, readied to launch themselves out of the way of any attack from the creature till the two of them were about to collide, at which point gravity was inverted in a massive column extending outwards and upwards as far as they could manage, making the upwards pull so much that no plant could possible keep the massive weight of the Tahtorak grounded. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @NorikSigma @Kal the Guardian
  5. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) With great effort they pressed against the wooden bulwark and were only left disappointed when the thing simply shaped itself to their efforts, not even splintering. About to press even further, once more the spines came to jab at their lower extremities. Shifting their torso and legs into silver, the jagged wooden spikes easily snapped against the protosteel hard appendages. And before any more could come, gravity quickly flipped for the Kaita as they sent themselves flying skywards, far beyond the reach of the Tahtorak, buoying themselves upon wells of gravity as they gazed downwards, trying to discern a plan, off-handedly pulling for their maulaxe with a focused funnel of gravity. Frustration and annoyance was gripping at them, a foul combo, one they needed to calm down from before they did something truly reckless. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @NorikSigma
  6. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Shifting their greatshield, they blocked the brunt of the javelins with it while the rest shattered against their armored lower legs, though a few still struck past and hit their upper thighs, though none struck lethally. Focusing upon the wall of wood, it was clear that it was not to be so easily destroyed by mere lasers, and so they used the one power they had that could not be denied. Striking against the entire surface of the wooden palisade, the force of gravity was tilted so that it was going perpendicular to the wall, with the direction identified as down being in the direction of Marrow, with them pumping as many G’s into it till the sheer crushing weight of the wood could not hang onto the crumbling stone beneath it. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @NorikSigma
  7. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Taking a step forward, they watched as the debris was launched back at them, a pair of their eyes flashing purple as gravity increased by several degrees, the projectiles not even flying a bio before crashing into the ground. Continuing to march forwards towards the beast, greatshield readied, they fired beam upon beam of frosty blue lasers at the beast, intent on rending through its pitiful bulwark. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @NorikSigma
  8. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Running with leaping bounds and crushing landings, Taua expected to hear the sounds of crushing earth coming from behind them, but the fact that the mental presence of Marrow was not moving confused them. Risking it and peeking over their shoulder, they saw as the beast stood its ground, while following in their wake was a surging mass of roots and vines. Before they could respond, the space in front of them exploded in such a mass of plantlife, it lashing up to meet them as they careened down towards it with force. The beast was trying to trap them again, Taua thought as the roots surged up, with the Kaita ready to freeze and shatter them. And then the first contact to their bare skin was made as the vines extended past their armored lowered legs and up to their thighs and waist. As the roots and stalks spread up to their waist, inching to climb further up their torso, Taua howled in pain. To think that something as insignificant as a plant could inflict such agony was practically unthinkable to the Kaita, and so feeling the full effect was a shock to them as they attempted to struggle free thoughtlessly, wracking pain and irritation only flaring up as they did. In frustration and rage, they unleashed their full fury in an explosion of icey-cold wrath as ice and snow erupted from where they stood, with sub-zero temperatures and frostbite quickly running across the plants and roots as all functions were killed off in an instance. But the cold did not stop at the immediate plants wrapped around them as the chill dug deep into the ground, layering the area immediately surrounding Taua in permafrost as the Kaita turned towards Marrow with fury, a chill in the air around them as frost covered their blister sore legs, the cold numbing the pain. Enough with these shenanigans. Raising up their dominant hand into the air, gravity all around them was inverted, their feet dug deep into the rock beneath them, keeping them thoroughly planted. With gravity inverted, all of the loose rocks, stones, and ice chunks, broken up by Taua’s own steps and the roots of Marrow rose up into the air, till in a dramatic motion, they were all sent careening towards one point, Marrow, with a powerful well of gravity centered upon the riteborn's chest that pulled with so much force that the Kaita was forced to jam their greatshield into the rock in front of them to keep themselves from launching themselves as well. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @NorikSigma
  9. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Annoyance pinged at the Kaita’s mind, with it becoming a growingly common emotion as they kept witnessing the creature’s ability to adapt, learn, and counter their efforts at trying to kill it. Was it that hard, to simply lie down and die? To accept your inevitable fate? It was becoming progressively frustrating...but it will also at least make their guaranteed victory all that sweeter, proving to Zakaz just how strong they really are. Stripped of their maulaxe, the weapon cast off a short distance away, with the tree around its head having grown and sprouted around it, with only the handle sticking out. They were going to need to get that back. Focusing back onto the beast, they easily saw its swinging tail, and gripping their greatshield with all three hands, they braced and absorbed the blow as its surface took a silver sheen and an electrical pulse surged out. From the impact, they were sent sliding back several bios as they grew to around fifty feet in height. Staring down towards the beast before them, greatshield in both hands, stripped of their main weapon, beaten and weary with heavy breaths, they tightened their grip and tensed their muscles...before turning and dashing away from the Tahtorak as fast as they could achieve. Surging with elemental strength, each kick-off had them weighing less than a leaf in the wind while each step was the force of a falling mountain, the earth and stone shattering and crumbling from their steps. But not only was the surface shattered and broken up from their steps alone, as each contact with their boots channeled their element of stone and ice; with the rock beneath being forcefully dragged up while deep wells of frost and ice were embedded, leaving a wake of broken rocks and frosty chunks. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian @NorikSigma
  10. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Though they could very well charge and meet the beast, they held their position, ready for the point of impact as they scoured the beast’s mind, ready to anticipate its actions. But they were a tad too slow. As the axe blade swung, intent on shearing through the shield and into the Tahtorak’s arm, it raised its limb above where Taua could reach as the blade bit into the wood like a hot knife through butter, the backlash washing across their body as they went from nearly ninety feet to just shy of thirty. About to pull back their weapon, the nearly bisected pieces of wood lashed out and regrow themselves around the head of Taua’s maulaxe, the added weight causing the weapon to sag in their grasp. Looking at the clump of wood, they were about to find some use for it when their still active Kraata alerted them to the monster’s goal, to tear them limb from limb. They only grinned, as the Tahtorak grabbed at their limbs, only to feel like it had grasped onto freshly sharpened knives with Taua ripping their limbs from its grasp as they shrunk back down to their original size. Pained wracked their body though, as for a brief moment the silver will seemed resistant to obeying their command, as the creatures fierce grasp momentarily crushed their limbs. That combined with the second wave of backlash caused the hairline fractures across their body, primarily around their right arm, to widen, though not yet completely break thankfully. Grinding their teeth through the pain, they lunged forwards beneath the creature and its grasp as they quickly took a hold of one of its legs and began to lift. At their size, even with their enhanced strength, there would have been no way in the pits for them to have even destabilized Marrow’s stance, but Taua did not need strength if the thing he was lifting weighed nothing. Channeling his element of gravity directly into the Tahtorak, severing its connection, they lifted. What would have been several dozen tons became less than even a feather as they lifted and threw the beast overhead behind them. And just to make sure, they turned around, focusing on it as best they could as they willed it back to the ground, to make sure it couldn’t just break its fall like the last time. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @NorikSigma @Kal the Guardian
  11. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Staring down the creature as it charged towards them, Taua simply grinned as the beast came right to them, seeing the massive wooden shield form as the thing was intent on ramming them. Shifting their feet back to brace against the blow, they gripped their maulaxe with both hands as they channeled their silver will into it, the guillotine-like blade glistening in the sunlight, them ready to bring the weapon crashing and tearing through the meager shield and the limb holding it up behind the bulwark. And just to make sure that no tricks came out of nowhere, Taua called upon their Kraata as the brute’s mind was laid bare to them, ready to react and counter whatever may be thrown their way, but one thing was for sure, their maulaxe was going to taste blood, like the blood beginning to pool in the back of their throat and trickle down their nose. "YES! [Come face/Approach] me [Monster/Fool]!" OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @NorikSigma @Kal the Guardian
  12. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) They grimaced as the creature uncovered their trap without falling for it, with their annoyance and frustration only growing as their spikes seemed ineffectual towards it. About to approach the beast for melee once again, they easily saw as the tree was flung towards them and extended their spare hand forwards as they caught it and suspended in a well of gravity that intercepted the tree and seeds. But as the plants were caught, the seeds exploded from the elemental use of gravity, their foul gas momentarily expelling outwards in a small cloud but being caught and contained by the gravity well once again. Grinning, an idea formed as Taua launched the tree and gaseous cloud back towards the Tahtorak at high speeds, hoping that at least whatever this gas is will be a problem for the thing if not the tree-javelin. As the gas flew towards Marrow, blocking sight between the two beings, Taua focused their gaze as beams of frosty blue laser energy shot forwards to strike the creature through the gaseous cloud to shear and rend its flesh, the Kaita laughing expectantly at what they hoped to see. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @NorikSigma @Kal the Guardian
  13. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Shock and pain washed across the Kaita’s form as they had hoped to unleash all of the energy they had built-up to kill this beast in one glorious blow, only for it to manage to just avoid their attack with Taua left to feel the backlash as their form rapidly shrunk to its original size. Landing, their sharpened boots dug deep into the stone, wedging them in it. The situation was only heightened in alarm as they were flashed by the sudden manifestation of lightvines, the sudden flash of them forcing the Kaita’s six eyes to close. Being blinded was nothing though to them, as their Kraata squirmed and writhed as it quickly began to read the situation for them. What they were told though was dire. They were immobile with their feet stuck, blinded by stupid plants, reduced to their original size, and a tail thicker than their entire torso was careening at them towards the side without their shield. There was so much happening at once and they couldn’t deal with all of it at once, at least with only one mind focusing upon it all. Risking it and not willing to be beaten so easily, they took all their focus away from preventing the drain as they braced and prepared for the impact. In a small bubble around them, gravity diminished slightly as the rock around their feet moved away, freeing them as the right side of their body turned silver, just in time to take the tremendous blow from the Tahtorak’s tail as they were sent flying away from it. Flailing for a brief moment, their eyes harshly returned to focus in time to steady themselves before they made impact with the earth, softly landing as they rose back up to their full height, having grown once more to just shy of ninety feet in height. Breathing heavily, the sore feeling on the right side of their body now moreso as several hairline fractures now lined their bones. Looking towards the monster a fair distance away from them now, they glared at it with loathing for still being alive, something it had no right to be. Done playing around, they roared out furiously in challenge as their feet stomped onto the stone beneath them as the terrain between the Marrow and them shifted. Forming on the left and right of Taua, two surging lines of stone and ice spikes surged forwards towards Marrow, intent on piercing the beast while also forming a central channel clear for the creature to charge at the Kaita down. Just beneath the surface of the channel though were hidden spiked pit traps, perfect for tripping up the dumb brutish creature that Taua continued to see his foe as. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @NorikSigma @Kal the Guardian
  14. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) Seeing the creature fly, Taua grinned, only for their twin smiles to twist into a pair of frowns as the creature managed to break its fall. Grimacing, they felt as roots once more began to twist around their legs. Not letting such meager plantlife to take them, their boots turned silver and surged with energy, easily slicing through the roots as they kicked their feet and crushed the plantlife, their size barely decreasing. Continuing to grimace at the creature, the feeling of the drain was beginning to take hold. Though it was still far off from completely sapping their energy, it was there and present, causing their clock to tick, tick, tick. Beginning to charge forth, their greaves and boots still silver, they leapt upwards, gravity obeying their command now as they went flying into the air high above the Tahtorak, before launching back down towards it through a strong surge of gravity, ready to channel their built up energy through their boots into the beast’s hide and run through it like a bullet. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @NorikSigma @Kal the Guardian
  15. IC: Taua (Zakazian Wastes) As the beast leapt forwards to bring down a truly crushing blow, one that would undoubtedly bring Taua to its knees, the very air around them warbled as the frost at the Kaita’s feet wrapped around itself and planted them onto the ground as gravity failed. Though even with Taua’s size and the innate strength given to him from Krrenchk, it wasn’t quite enough to beat back against the three hundred foot tall monster, but in zero-g, even the mightiest blows will lack any force without something to brace yourself on. Rising up its greatshield, Taua met the Tahtorak’s makeshift club with his shield as he pushed back against it to send them flying away. As contact was made, they attempted to focus the massive aura of zero-g around them into a funnel, one to heightened the force and distance the creature is sent, but their power over gravity seemed to stutter for a brief moment. No matter, they weren’t to be daunted. Seeing the Tahtorak fly through the air, they worked to predict where it was going to land as the ground beneath the monster’s flight grew into a bed of spikes and jagged rocks, perfect for giving it a rather rough, if not lethal, landing. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @NorikSigma @Kal the Guardian
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